Mimoco’s Legends of MIMOBOT Series Giveaway: Abraham Lincoln & Elvis Aloha Hawaii [ENDED]


Media Mikes would like to giveaway the following TWO Designer USB Flash Drives from Mimco’s Legends of MIMOBOT series. If you would like to enter for your chance to win one of these great prizes, please leave us a comment below or send us an email indicating what “Legend” you would like to see Mimoco make into a MIMOBOT. This giveaway will remain open until April 19th at Noon, Eastern Time. This is open to all fans of Media Mikes, worldwide!! One entry per person, per household. All other entries will be considered invalid. Media Mikes will randomly select winners. Winners will be alerted via email.

Abraham Lincoln’s MIMOBOT® form leaves the top hat to the imagination and showcases his famous Lincoln chin curtain-styled beard. He sports a bow-tie to accompany his classic mid-19th century theater-going duds. Just like the real thing, Lincoln MIMOBOT allows documents, music, photos, and data to be shared, transported and collected no matter capacity or the color of th

Elvis Aloha from Hawaii MIMOBOT® – Who can deny that outfit?! Styled after the now iconic garb worn at his historic 1973 satellite broadcast concert, Aloha Elvis MIMOBOT is ready for the big show. Red, gold and blue studs adorn Presley’s form-fitting suit, and a lei hangs around his neck, reinforcing the global welcome of his famous Aloha performance. Just looking at his slick coif and snared lip, you can tell that upon insertion to a computer, Elvis will start to croon.

Blu-ray Review “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

Actors: Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rufus Sewell
Directors: Timur Bekmambetov
Rated: R (Restricted)
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: October 23, 2012
Run Time: 105 minutes

Film: 3 out of 5 stars
Extras: 3.5 out of 5 stars

If you are not aware of it, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is actually based on the New York Times Best Selling novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, author of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” (who also wrote this screenplay).  When I heard that the fantastically original book was being turned into a movie, I was thrilled.  Then I found that the people behind it were Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov, I could have done a back flip.  Well, then I saw the film.  It actually pains me to say but it was a little tough to watch. The vampires looked cool but the story was rather lame and empty. I am very generous with my rating since I really want to kick major ass.

The film was wasn’t some B-movie either. It carried a strong $69 million dollar budget and was even filmed in 3D.  The best parts that drew any attention was the stylized action, which was very sparce to begin with. Those scenes also would have looked the best in 3D but we were only able to review this in 2D, so some of the thrill was lost there as well.  I recommend seeing it but this could have been so much cooler.  I mean with a title like “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, it just oozes coolness. Major missed opportunity here. Who knows maybe the 3D adds so much to this film that makes up for the lameness but I doubt it.

Official Premise: “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” explores the secret life of Abraham Lincoln before he became President, and the untold story that shaped our nation. Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton (Dark Shadows) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) bring a fresh and visceral voice to the bloodthirsty lore of the vampire, imagining Lincoln as history’s greatest hunter of the undead.

Fox delivered this release in a Blu-ray + DVD + UV Digital Copy combo pack.  The 2D Blu-ray transfer looks sharp but lacked the edge and depth the the 3D transfer would have delivered on.  The saving grave for the film though is the kick-ass DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround track, which works with the three actual action scenes. The special features are damn impressive as well.  There is an audio commentary with the novelist and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith, which is pretty cool! “The Great Calamity” is a  graphic novel CGI short film, definitely worth checking out! “The Making of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” runs a sweet 75 minutes and is a super in-depth five part making-of documentary.  This covers all aspects of the production from the book-to-screen. Lastly, there is a music video for “Powerless” by Linkin Park and the theatrical trailer.

CD Review “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Soundtrack

Composer: Henry Jackman
Label: Sony Classical
Release Date: July 3, 2012
Tracks: 22
Running Time: 41 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

When you watch the trailer to “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter“, you find yourself with a nerdy smiling peaking out the whole time.  That is what I also found myself doing while listening to this score.  From the moment it starts it is super intense, scary and really thrilling.  Henry Jackman did a really amazing job on this score, easily one of my favorites from the entire year.  His score work is not the most notable featuring the likes of “X-Men: First Class” and “Puss in Boots” but it really packs a punch and delivers.  Honestly each track gets better and better as it progresses.

I am big fan of film scores, always have been.  I feel that the score is really the heart and soul of a film.  Especially for a film like this, if the score isn’t right the film will pay for it.  Jackson did just such an amazing job right from the opening track, which starts slow and gets haunting very quickly, all the way to the last track.  “Vampires”  is also a very interesting track, it really drags you in and doesn’t let go.  “The Horse Stampede” is also such a powerful track, I had to listen to it twice back-to-back. I am a huge fan of Hans Zimmer, who is also a mentor for Jackman,  you can hear his work come through here a little but that is not a bad thing at all.  Learning from the best is what I call that!

I think that this score will not only resonate to horror fans but also action fans as well.  The score also captures the film’s period in some tracks put also puts a modern twist on it with some kick-ass guitar riffs and powerful percussion. The only downside to the album is that it is a little short just coming in over 40 minutes but there still is a lot packed in during that time.  If you enjoyed this stylish horror/action film then you are going to love this album and it really brings the film to life and delivers a very entertaining and thrilling experience. I will definitely be keeping this score on loop for a few weeks easy.

Track Listing:
1. Childhood Tragedy
2. Vampires
3. What Do You Hate?
4. Power Comes from Truth
5. You Are Full of Surprises
6. Mary Todd
7. The Horse Stampede
8. Henry Sturgess
9. Adam
10. Rescue Mission
11. Inauguration
12. All Slave to Something
13. Emancipation
14. Haunted by the Past
15. Battle at Gettysburg
16. Forging Silver
17. 80 Miles
18. The Burning Bridge
19. Not the Only Railroad
20. The Gettysburg Address
21. Late to the Theater

Film Review “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

Starring: Benjamin Walker, Rufus Sewell and Dominic Cooper
Directed by: Timur Bekmambetov
Rated: R
Running time: 1 hour 45 mins
20th Century Fox

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

History tells us that Abraham Lincoln was a great man. What it doesn’t tell us is that, long before he became President he had a little side job. Seems the old rail splitter put that handiness with an axe to good use and killed him some vampires! No, really.

While living with his parents in Indiana young Abe Lincoln (Lux-Haney Jardine) intervenes when a young black friend of his is being beaten. Abe gets a taste of the lash as well for interfering. After his father has words with the man with the whip, he is fired from his job. Later that night young Abe observes an odd sight but dismisses it. When he wakes up he learns that his mother has taken ill. She later dies and Abe realizes what he saw wasn’t imagined. He swears revenge on the man he holds responsible for his mother’s death but, after shooting him in the face is shocked to see the man keep coming at him. Something funny is going on here.

Told with a brilliant 3D canvas, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is one of the most original ideas to ever hit the big screen. What makes the film so good is that it takes its story seriously. This is not a spoof or a comedy. It’s history. When Abe (Walker) learns that his intended victim is a vampire, he enlists the aid of Henry Sturgess (Cooper), a vampire killer who hides secrets of his own. Henry tells Abe that he will help him learn to destroy the undead and begins a training regiment right out of “The Matrix.” Along the way, Abe meets Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who is currently dating Stephen Douglas (an unbilled Alan Tudyk – Pirate Steve from “Dodgeball”). True love blooms and Abe confesses his deeds. However, Mary thinks he’s pulling her leg and dismisses him. Of course, Abe eventually gets his law degree, runs for elected office and embarks on his journey to the White House. And that is where we find him when he learns of a planned vampire takeover of the United States. Not on his watch!

Thanks to a smart screenplay by Seth-Grahame Smith, who also wrote the original novel, the film never disappoints. If you allow yourself to get lost in the story you soon begin to believe that what you’re seeing on screen may have happened. Along with vampires Smith has peppered the film with other historical figures who play roles in the story, including Harriet Tubman and Jefferson Davis. Another plus is that the actors are truly immersed in their performances. No sly wink of the eye to the audience. Walker bears a strong resemblance to Liam Neeson who, ironically, was director Steven Spielberg’s initial choice to play the 16th President in his upcoming bio-flick (since replaced by Daniel-Day Lewis). As played by Walker, Abe is a 19th Century Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent, his mild demeanor a mask for a man of strength. Director Bekmambetov, who helmed not only the vampire flicks “Day Watch” and “Night Watch” but “Wanted,” gets to exhibit his skills as an action director. A scene where Abe fights a gang of vampires while jumping back and forth off of moving horses during a stampede is mind blowing, aided in a great way by the brilliant use of 3D. This is what 3D was made for! Couple the process with the outstanding cinematography of multiple Oscar nominee Caleb Deschanel (father of Zooey and Emily) and you’re on the edge of your seat. To be fair I should also note that, when the action stops, the film slows down noticeably. Towards the end it’s almost like a roller coaster, with occasional stops accompanying one hell of a ride. There is also a major continuity error at the beginning of the film that really bothered me. If you spot it please let me know.


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