Twitch Users Are Making A Decent Living By Live Streaming

Like most people, I always thought Twitch was a platform that is reserved for the gaming community. After all, that’s what the website is most famous for. However, I’ve recently found out that the platform is actually a hub for all things live streaming. Surprisingly, Twitch users are able to make a lot of money for what they do, here’s how. 

Twitch Bits

The basic type of viewer donation that is built into the platform is known as Twitch bits. Users viewing a stream can pay a small (or big) donation toward the livestreamer if they choose to, and Twitch takes a percentage of that amount. Of course, more viewers means more potential for such donations. So, many livestreamers will use StreamOZ to get Twitch followers organically and thus increase their potential revenue. While Twitch bits are available for all Twitch users, some may opt to add a patreon account to receive viewer donations in the form of a premium subscription. 

Affiliate Marketing

As with any platform on the internet, Twitch users make use of affiliate marketing programs to earn extra money. Of course, this again depends on a sizable fanbase, but it also adds the fact the the viewers would need to trust the livestreamer’s opinions enough to purchase something based on their recommendations.

Selling Merchandise

For Twitch users that have a substantial follower count, it is worth it to try selling any type of branded merchandise. However, this does not account for a major portion of their earning because merchandise is usually sold as exclusive and isn’t a permanent offer. 

Sponsorship Deals – Brand Marketing

Once Twitch users gain enough followers, they attract the attention of businesses that are looking to market their brands on Twitch. Many will strike a deal with sponsors, agreeing to promote their product or increase brand awareness for the products in exchange for monetary compensation. As with any type of social media platform, this type of deal is usually the most lucrative way to earn money through social media. The drawback is that the sponsors will control much of the creative process and the specific marketing messages that the users must use to promote their products. Nonetheless, it remains a goal for many Twitch users to be contacted by sponsors and be able to successfully negotiate a highly profitable sponsorship deal. 


Overall, Twitch users are able to earn a hefty paycheck at the end of the month by combining several of the aforementioned methods. It isn’t easy to be successful on Twitch, but once the ball gets rolling, the road to success seems to be simple enough. Twitch users are interested in a variety of topics, and not just sports or gaming, so don’t be discouraged from joining the platform as a livestreamer and trying to earn some money by focusing on the hobbies you are interested in. There is bound to be a community of people on Twitch that share your interests, so go ahead and start livestreaming with no hesitation.  

Easy Email Migration Tool for Everyday Users

Everyone who has been working with the Outlook emailing client for a long time is well acquainted with the PST file format. This is a local copy of mail account that is connected to the MS Outlook client. It stores all messages from the post-box, contacts, appointments, reminders, notes, calendars, as well as other information necessary to restore an account. For example, it may be vital on another PC or after reinstalling the operating system.

It is important that in case of problems with the Internet connection or due to technical problems on the server itself, you will be able to connect to the mail server. Since the OST file becomes inaccessible directly from MS Outlook, it does not have built-in functionality of reading these types of files. For this reason, some users may need to convert data files to .PST format, which can be read without problems by Microsoft email client.

The Outlook Transfer

An easy-to-use convenient Email Conversion Software for Migration to Outlook can be found by visiting where you can browse all the proper information about the developer and functionality. Using this application you can solve the following tasks:

  1. Perform fast migration from IncrediMail, Gmail, The Bat! and other mailing clients to MS Outlook;
  2.  Convert file formats;
  3.  Store files without using additional space.

Additionally, the following features of the service make the usage as convenient as possible:

  • An active Internet connection is not required;
  • To export data to a .PST file, you must have installed Microsoft Outlook;
  • No restrictions on the number and size of files.

How Does It Work?

First, you need to download the installation file of the program from the official website of the developer and follow the instructions of the wizard.

Actually, there is not always a computer or laptop with installed MS Outlook nearby. However, if you purchase an annual license for corporate usage – you will take even more from this tool, as you can use the service and convert files in just a few simple steps, having almost any device with a browser and Internet connection in your office.

About our clients

The company highly appreciates its regular clients providing them with top-level service for MS Outlook. The leading companies and universities including Harvard, Florida National University, National Archives, and many others give their preference to Outlook Transfer. However, every new client is very much welcome to join the group of happy customers.

About the company

GlexSoft is a Canadian company, developing high-quality conversion tools for a wide range of clients. It has an own line of products for popular mailing clients and is open for cooperation.

Do you have any questions regarding email migration? Do not hesitate to reach our experts in comments.