CD Review: Terror “The Twenty Fifth Hour”

“The Twenty Fifth Hour”
Victory Records
Tracks: 14

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Los Angeles hardcore band Terror is back with a brand new full length album titled “The Twenty Fifth Hour”. This is the bands 6th studio album and the follow up to the groups 2013 release “Live by the Code” which was also released via Victory Records.

“The Twenty Fifth Hour” immediately picks up where the bands previous release left off. Vocalist Scott Vogel hits the ground running with lyrics that speak true to the daily struggles that even someone completely removed from the hardcore scene can relate to. Tracks like “No Time For Fools” with its classic hardcore mid section break down to “Blinded By the Lights” which features a crescendoed ending adds to the proverbial icing on the cake to an already excitable track. “Trust No Face” which features an intense guest performance by No Warning vocalist Ben Cook is definitely worth a listen as is the albums closing track “Deep Rooted”.

Terror once again proves why they are easily one of my favorite hardcore bands out there. The band pulls no punches in its approach both lyrically and instrumentally as “The Twenty Fifth Hour” gives you something to think about while also providing you with some killer opportunities to bob your head to the beat. Though the album only clocks in at just over 22 minutes that brief period of time is utilized to its maximum potential.

Track Listing:
The 25th Hour
No Time For Fools
Bad Signs
Feed the Rats
The Solution
Blinded By the Lights
Trust No Face (Feat. Ben Cook)
Mind At War
Sick and Tired
Life Goes On
Both of You
Deep Rooted

Film Review “Pearl Jam Twenty”

Starring: Pearl Jam
Director: Cameron Crowe
Vinyl Films/Tremolo Productions
MPAA Rating:
Running Time: 1 hr 49 minutes

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“Pearl Jam 20” directed by Cameron Crowe tells the story of one of rock more outspoken groups Pearl Jam. This documentary follows the band through its inception nearly 20 years ago. Through new interviews and archival footage you get to see and hear firsthand accounts of the trials and tribulations of one the most popular bands to come out of the 90’s grunge era of music.

Pearl Jam is a band I grew up listening to and I was quite intrigued to hear their complete story. The film does a great job leaving no stone unturned starting with Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament’s previous band Mother Love Bone. Gossard and Ament tell the story of how the passing of their singer led to Eddie Veder coming into the fold and forming a new band. There were a lot of great archival clips that I remember reading about or seeing when they initially happened. I found this very reminiscent. The film was very truthful and the expressions of those in the film proved that. Even when the topic of the controversial Ticketmaster incident was discussed no member shied away. In fact each person provided their perspective of those events based on where they are now. On a personal note I really enjoyed the stories and footage related to the Temple of the Dog album which featured both Pearl jam and members of Sound Garden.

Director Cameron Crowe definitely delivered with this film. The interviews were all very candid and again nothing seemed to be cut or left out. Seeing the members of the band in their natural environment during their interviews brought a real independent feel to this film which almost echoes the bands very being. “Pearl Jam 20” is a must see!