6 Essay Help Websites Every Successful Student Uses

These days, life offers lots of opportunities and chances. At the same time, the world is becoming more and more demanding. There are challenges that affect all spheres. Education is no exception. 

The number of tasks increases every semester. To succeed, students have to work really hard. Academic papers, essays, and tests indeed need time and effort in preparation. 

Besides, some students have part-time jobs or internships. So, they are busy all the time. However, college life is more than sleepless nights spent with books. Is there a way to find a balance between studying, working, and having a personal life? Getting professional assistance is the key. 

This article highlights six essay help websites that are life-saving. 

Check Academic Help Platforms

An outstanding essay requires lots of energy. First, it’s important to come up with a topic that one can relate to. The second step is to gather information and find useful resources that are also trust-worthy. 

Then, students follow the instructions concerning the structure and text size. They formulate their thoughts and find convincing arguments. When the writing is done, there is one last thing to focus on.

Thoughtful editing is essential for any paper. And many students underestimate the role of editing. The biggest mistake you can make as an author is to assume that you wrote the piece well the first time. After all, even a well-written text can be spoiled by unnoticed errors and spelling mistakes. The ability to edit your own text is just as important as the ability to write it. 

There is a set of actions that an author must perform before submitting work or showing it to anyone. The most wide-spread mistakes regard grammar, spelling, and style. 

When students feel that they need help, the easiest way is to turn to https://paperwriter.com/write-my-paper and receive useful tips. Experts are always ready to help with. 

Thanks to this platform, students can:

  • receive better marks and improve their academic performance;
  • make sure every paper meets the requirements;
  • generate the main idea and follow the required structure;
  • finish the homework on time.

Turn to Artificial Intelligence

When students don’t have much time to edit, it is better to turn to an online service based on artificial intelligence. Grammarly helps you to write in English more efficiently. 

It provides recommendations for such categories as the correctness of the paper, its clarity, and general style. You can select the type of English language: American, Canadian, or Australian.

Grammarly is helpful when it comes to analyzing:

  • grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other errors;
  • comprehensibility of the text;
  • vocabulary and its variety.

For each bug, a suggested fix is displayed, along with a rule that describes why you need to fix a certain part. Grammarly is free, but there is also a paid version. It includes a readability check, vocabulary improvement, plagiarism checker, and hints by text genre.

Improve the Readability

Everyone who works with texts understands the role of overloaded sentences. They make the paper less attractive for future readers. That is why it is recommended to shorten some parts and work with the original text. When students want their work to stand out, they try to make it useful and interesting. Hemingway can definitely help with that.

The tool is named after a writer who was famous for his laconic and simple writing style. So, the mission of the service is to help other writers achieve the same goal. Hemingway Editor identifies the complexity of each sentence and suggests which ones should be simplified. The program takes into account the number of words, usage of the passive voice, and the frequency of verbs.

Hemingway “paints” parts of the uploaded text with different colors. Every color has a meaning. Some of them deal with sentences that are quite difficult to read, others are for those parts that have simpler alternatives. The service gives tips on replacing words with better versions. Finally, the editor will count words and give a rating on a scale of “readability”.

Professional Writers Can Assist You

Deadlines represent a huge issue in one’s college life. It’s not easy to meet them when students have difficulties with the subject. Sometimes the topic is so boring that one can’t start writing. When young people aren’t sure that their work will please the professor, they hire personal essay writers. This way students ensure that their papers will meet the highest standards.

Before you start cooperating with a company or a specialist, you should definitely look through the reviews of live users like PaperWriter reviews. And understand for yourself whether you want to cooperate with this service or a specialist. 

Every professor has specific instructions and requirements. An experienced team of specialists will analyze every detail of your task. Thanks to professional assistance, students can improve their academic performance. In the meantime, they concentrate on other assignments that need their attention, too. 

If college students miss lectures and lack knowledge, they feel stress and tension. First, you don’t need to travel somewhere to seek professional assistance. You can simply fill out a small information form on the website, and specialists will immediately start preparing your assignment. 

So, the reasons for ordering help with academic paper writing differ. Some learners are not very good in particular subjects. They want to reduce the level of stress and improve their grades. Others doubt that they will be able to formulate their ideas correctly. Fortunately, specialists will be happy to help you quickly find a way out of the situation. 

Final Thoughts

Why are essays so important nowadays? Schools and universities want their students to develop creative thinking and writing skills. Such tasks help students to share a personal point of view in a clear yet unique way. It is necessary to use precise language, present logical flow, and consistency. 

Essay writing and editing can be a real pleasure thanks to the useful tips from the professionals. With the right guidance, students can express their thoughts without worrying about the grade. If one doesn’t have time or energy to start an essay from scratch, experienced writers are ready to assist with any task.

10 Tips for Successful Employee Recruitment

Employee recruitment is an important stage to bring in talents to any organization. Whether a popular brand is seeking to bring in employees or an organization that is just coming up, it can be a huge task to bring in people who are a fit for the job.

While different companies rely on different strategies to source their talent, some basic tips can be applied to all such strategies on a fundamental level. We have come up with ten comprehensive tips for picking out the best brains for your business. 

Put these on your checklist before you “OK” a candidate for the next stage. Follow these ten tips for an easy and successful employee recruitment process:

  1. Have crisp job descriptions

The first and foremost important thing to do is have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a candidate. Chalk out a clear job description so the candidates can apply only if they match the required skills and qualifications laid down by you. Make sure you don’t consider people that don’t fit the bill right from the get-go, so no time and resources are wasted searching in the wrong direction. All this is only possible when you have a detailed and clear job description for reference. 

  1. Use Social Media platforms

The Internet is a hub for finding people’s truest passions. You can use social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to find candidates who hold a true passion in the field. Using Nuwber can be a great way to get hold of their contact details for proper interviewing. Find your desired candidates, while also having a look at what they’re working on currently!

  1. Use Employee referral programs

Employee referral programs give a lot of insights about the candidate that you typically wouldn’t find elsewhere. When an employee of an existing company is referred to you, it almost certainly guarantees a good candidate as the reputation of the company referring them is one stake! Employee referrals are, thus, a sure-shot way of getting candidates who already have some job experience on their resume.

  1. Read resumes in detail

Many hiring teams make the mistake of not reading through resumes in detail. Read the candidate resumes in detail to see what they are highlighting in their achievements. This can be corroborated at a later stage during interviewing so you can figure out which candidate is truly genuine. You can also direct some questions from their areas of interest, as mentioned in their resume, and build a one-on-one rapport with your would-be employee. 

  1. Interview in an easy-going environment

Sometimes, interviewers tend to be of strict demeanor to be taken seriously. However, an easy-going interview where a little cheek and tongue is present can help bring out the true nature of the candidate on the longer run. Candidates can ease out their nerves and show their true talents in an environment where they are not too stiff.

  1. Look into candidates from previous years

Your company can significantly benefit by referring to candidates from previous years. Even though they were rejected in the past, they are likely to have accumulated some experience, and the company can contact them readily without any investment made in reaching out. Find out what they have worked on in the year and consider if these achievements play a part in their current role at the organization.  

  1. Look for candidates at industry-related events

Any industry-related events and meet-ups that you’re a part of can be a great place to find excellent candidates. These places will bring in candidates who are actually experienced with fieldwork and show an active interest in applying their skills. You can also gauge their personalities in a professional environment, which will speak much more than what you can pick up from a candidate’s behavior in an interview. The next time you’re at an event, remember to keep an eye out for a potential candidate. 

  1. Have candidates interact with some peers in the company

Peer level interactions are another way of getting the cat out of the bag. Assign the task of candidate interaction and briefing to some younger employees who the candidate is more likely to be comfortable with. Some really unique insights can be collected from here, in terms of how candidates for briefing instructions and are open to ideas, even before the actual interviewing can begin!

  1. Make yourself available for interaction

When you expect a candidate to give it their all, you must too! While some company seniors prefer to maintain a distance from trainees and new hires to maintain respect. However, you will be surprised by what you can discover by being available for your trainees. Answer their queries and make them feel welcome to collaborate. Making yourself available for such interactions can help your candidates open up to you and show more interest in the interviewing process. 

  1. Treat candidates with respect

Last but not least; remember to treat your candidates with the same respect that you would like. Creating an environment of respect and harmony is not only professional but also significant to bring out the best from your candidates. As they say, a little bit of respect can go a long way!


Irrespective of the channel you use to source your talent, whether they are from inside the company or absolutely new, these are some pointers you can keep in mind for the screening of your candidates. A clearly defined job description and accurate markers for selection can make the recruitment process infinitely easier! Stop wasting your time in filtration and focus on what kind of a candidate you really want.

It is important to remember that even the most knowledgeable candidates wouldn’t be perfect for the job if they aren’t savvy with the practicality of tasks. Make sure your evaluation metric is comprehensive and open to different personality types that can be extremely productive in the considered job roles. Keep an open mind, and you never know what gems you’ll find on your hiring journey. Happy recruiting!

Another Successful Outing for Kansas City Comic Con

A super reunion and the “Comic Book Men” helped fill the halls of Bartle Hall over the weekend. Kansas City Comic Con, now in it’s third year, saw thousands upon thousands of people pass through the entrance between November 10th-12th.

Fans from all walks of life showed up for the weekend gathering. The “Superman: The Movie” 40th anniversary, which featured a two-hour panel and guests like Margot Kidder, Sarah Douglas, and local Jeff East, was the big draw. The other big draw was a visit by Filmmaker/Podcaster Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and the men behind the AMC show “Comic Book Men.”

There was plenty to do, including lively panels, events on the main floor, and meeting celebrities, animators, creators, cosplayers and othersw. During the hustle and bustle, the MediaMikes crew met fans of the website and garnished new fans with a booth featuring “Superman” memorabilia and a few free promotional items.

In a city full of cons throughout the year, Kansas City Comic Con has sliced out it’s own piece of the year to entertain and reward those in attendance. MediaMikes looks forward to working with and joining Kansas City Comic Con in 2018.

Photos by Dan Lybarger

“Superman” display at the MediaMikes table

Lee Meriwether is all-in for “Justice League”

Ron Burgundy setting up for a live shot

A couple of Supermen taking in the MediaMikes memorabilia display

The “Comic Book Men” enjoying the latest issue of “Good Housekeeping” featuring Deadpool

“It” cosplay is in this year

A “Ghostbusters” and “TMNT” crossover