Win Free Tickets to Advance Miami FL Screening of “Sherlock Gnomes”

Media Mikes is proud to be hosting advance screenings of the new film “Sherlock Gnomes” in Miami, FL! Click below to get tickets, first come first serve! Good luck and like always leave a comment here after you’ve seen the film!


When Gnomeo and Juliet first arrive in the city with their friends and family, their biggest concern is getting their new garden ready for spring. However, they soon discover that someone is kidnapping garden gnomes all over London. When Gnomeo and Juliet return home to find that everyone in their garden is missing there’s only one gnome to call SHERLOCK GNOMES. The famous detective and sworn protector of London’s garden gnomes arrives with his sidekick Watson to investigate the case. The mystery will lead our gnomes on a rollicking adventure where they will meet all new ornaments and explore an undiscovered side of the city.

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Will Vasquez talks about new film “Murder in Miami”

Debuting this week on DVD, “Murder in Miami” has been described as “a sexy, thrilling ode to the classic De Palma films of the ’80s – particularly Body Double.” Media Mikes caught up with the film’s director Will Vasquez to talk about his new film, multi-tasking and his boring early days as a photographer for Playboy.

Mike Smith: Your main character is a photographer. Did you rely on any of your past experiences in creating him?
Will Vasquez: A little of the character and his lifestyle I drew from my past experiences, but I’m not as cool as he is.

MS: While a film director has a flowing canvas to tell his story, a still photographer must do it all in one photo. What was the biggest difference in changing from photographs to film?
WV: Film has it’s challenges, because you have movement and sound to deal with. But it’s much more powerful because film has the ability to mess with your emotions. For me, in some ways, I felt liberated when I transitioned from photography. In a photograph, you’re imprisoned in a single frame, where everything has to be perfect. If you really dissect Hollywood movies, you will find errors in some shots, but because the frame changes, the audience doesn’t have a chance to notice them, because they are paying more attention to the story.

MS: You not only wrote and directed “Murder in Miami,” you served as your own cinematographer and editor. Is this because you felt that, as the film’s creator, you knew exactly the look and tone your were looking for?
WV: I love the entire creative process of making movies, and I like to be hands on. Being involved with all the aspects of filmmaking is why I got into this business, and what drives me. The only drawback is that you have to carry the entire film in your head for a couple of years. It feels great when you finally complete the final edit, and you can purge your mind.

MS: Is there a sense of embarrassment on the photographer’s part when shooting photos for publications like “Playboy?”
WV: No, because photographers are there to do a job. At the end of the day, you have to deliver three different looks from your model and do a lot of coverage of each look. You’re not thinking about anything else other than getting the best shots, so you’re eyes are always scanning the frame checking the model’s hair, her pose, that her tummy is flat, that she has pretty fingers and her hands don’t look like claws, even that her feet look pretty. Because every shot has to be perfect.

MS: Do you have a favorite “Playboy” model? Or a least favorite?
WV: I worked with a lot of great models, but my favorite has to be Cynthia Kaye.

MS: Is there anyone you would have liked to have photographed but didn’t?
WV: I would have loved to have photographed Jenny McCarthy. She recently appeared in “Playboy” again and looks better than ever. I think that she really represents the classic “Playboy” girl next door. She’s beautiful, cool, funny, intelligent, and likes to have sex.

Win Family Four Pack of Tickets to See Disney Junior’s Choo Choo Soul LIVE in Miami, FL [ENDED]


ALL ABOARD!!! Calling all parents who have kids that love Disney Junior and the fantastic music of Choo Choo Soul. If you live in Miami, Florida and would like to attend a live show Genevieve and DC on Saturday October 26th, you came to the right place since Media Mikes are giving about a family four pack of tickets. If you would like to enter for your chance to win this great prize, please leave us a comment below or send us an email with your favorite Choo Choo Soul song. This giveaway will remain open until October 25th at Noon, Eastern Time. This is open to our readers in the state of FL or those looking forward to traveling. Tickets will not be mailed but will be picked of at the event. One entry per person, per household. All other entries will be considered invalid. Media Mikes will randomly select winners. Winners will be alerted via email.

Choo Choo Soul will be performing LIVE at South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center as part of the Family Series on Saturday, October 26 at 11am. Tickets are $10. To purchase tickets visit or call the Box Office at 786-573-5300. The Center is located at 10950 SW 211 Street, Cutler Bay.

Featuring the musical adventures of singer/train station manager Genevieve Goings and dancing/beatboxing engineer DC, Choo Choo Soul takes kids to the jungle, the sea and magical locales while performing songs from classic Disney films including “When You Wish Upon A Star,” “Hakuna Matata,” and many more! Kids should come dressed as their favorite Disney character for the costume contest.

Lisa Hochstein reflects on being in “The Real Housewives of Miami”

Lisa Hochstein is known best for her role in Bravo’s hit reality TV series “The Real Housewives of Miami”. She joined the show in its second season and has been a fan-favorite very quickly. Lisa is currently shooting the show’s third season but took out sometime to chat with Media Mikes about being on the show and shared some tips to exercising and staying in shape.

Mike Gencarelli: You joined “The Real Housewives of Miami” during its second season. What was your highlight of being on the show?
Lisa Hochstein: I would have say just having a new experience in my life. It has been a life-changer. My life is a lot different that it way the year before. It consumes you in your life being a part of this cast and the show. You are really being open and letting all of America and even the world into your life, your home, your personal struggles and your triumphs.  But is also really nice to be able to relate to a lot of different people. I have been told that I have touched people in different ways. That is what life is all about giving back, helping out and making a difference is someones life.

MG: You quickly became a fan favorite on the show, can you reflect on the fan base that you have developed?
LH: It is incredible. I am very flattered. I wasn’t sure how the world was going to take me. People either love you or hate you. People tend to judge me based on my appearance, how I look and the way I dress. But once they get to know me, they truly get to know who I am. I can only be who I am. I never pretend. I wear my heart on my sleeve. And people really took to that.

MG: Since it is a reality show; do you ever find it hard to deal with the drama it entails?
LH:  Yeah! Definitely working on a show like “The Real Housewives of Miami” there is always some kind of drama. That is a given. We aren’t always each others cup of tea and that is why we butt heads sometimes. Everyone’s personality is unique and different. When people have these strong personalities you are bound to butt heads.

MG: Were you ever a fan of any of the “The Real Housewife” show before and now after becoming one of the housewives?
LH: Yeah of course. I think that it is everyone’s guilty pleasure watching “The Real Housewife” shows. My understanding was that you want to watch it because of the glits and the glam and see how everyone is living. The luxury of it all is very appealing. Now I am a part of the franchise and it is a wonderful family to be apart of.

MG: How do you feel about your husband, Dr. Leonard Hochstein, being called the “Boob God”?
LH: He is the number #1 plastic surgeon in the country. No, I don’t mind. I think it is actually very accurate. He does more breast implants than any one surgeon in the entire country. He really truly is the boob god. Someone on Fox News has dubbed him that and since then everyone has followed the trend and it is who he has become. So for anyone in the country if they want to do their boobs, they immediately think “Hey I want to see the boob god”. It has been great for business and you can’t get a booking with him for a while in fact. So yes he does see many breasts but it doesn’t bother me. It is his job and it is what he does.

MG: Tell us about some the causes/charities you support?
LH: We love to support The Humane Society. We also love to support The Make-A-Wish Foundation, which is such a great one for children that have life threatening illness. We are able to raise money to get them the wish of their dreams. We will continue to always support these charities. The two things that I feel are the most innocent in life are animals and children, so I definitely have a soft spot for those two causes.

MG: Can you share with us your tips to exercising and staying in shape?
LH: Summer is coming up. So everyone is trying to get into top shape for the summer. In Miami, we have to be in shape all year round [laughs]. One of my favorite things to do right now is juicing. Vegetable juicing with a little touches of fruit to add that sweetness. It has transformed my skin and given me such energy. I don’t even need coffee anymore. It completely turns back the clock on your body. I have only been juicing for about two months now but it has been amazing. I do it in conjunction with my regular exercise and routine. I work out four times a week with circuit training and 45 minutes of cardio a day. Now that I am juicing, I find that I don’t have to do much cardio. The juicing is sort of like spring cleaning. So that is my number health tip for right now! I recommend it for everyone!

MG: What do you enjoy most about living in Miami?
LH: Oh my God! There is no question, we are in the best place to live in the world. We have the most beautiful beaches. We have some amazing nightlife. We have some of the best restaurants in the world and are only getting better. We have some of the best shopping. There is no store that you cannot find in Miami. Any major flag store that is worth going to is here. We have comedy, plays, concerts, sport games. It is one of these cities that you will always have something to do and never be bored.