Kristina Anapau talks about her work on Season 5 of “True Blood”

Kristina Anapau has appeared in films like Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”. She also appeared as Maurella in season 5 of HBO’s “True Blood”. Media Mikes had a chance to ask Kristina about her work on “True Blood” and what we can expect next.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you get involved with “True Blood”?
Kristina Anapau: I auditioned for Alan Ball and the True Blood producers. I did the scene once, they said thank you, and I left. It was apparently a ‘Thank you, that was exactly what we were looking for’ because I got the call that I had booked the role just a few hours later. As an actor, you always tend to feel that a quick audition with no discussion or adjustments means that they don’t like you or that you are not right for the role, but it is often times exactly the opposite.

MG: How was it joining an already established cast in season five?
KA: I feel very privileged to have worked with the actors I have worked with thusfar. Chris Bauer is an incredibly generous actor and human being. I learn something new from him every time we work together and with every conversation we have. I adore working with Anna [Paquin], she is tremendously talented and focused. She has a magnetism that pulls you in—she is really beautiful inside and out. The True Blood cast is phenomenal—incredibly talented actors on set and absolutely wonderful people off. It is such a pleasure to come to work.

MG: Tell us about your character Maurella and what do you ejnoy about playing her most?
KA: Maurella is a seductress from the faerie dimension who has a passion for Andy Bellefleur. She is 500 years old, although she only claims to be 300;) She is on her way to becoming an elder of the fairies, and is called in to help Sookie and Jason gain clarity surrounding their parents death . I enjoy everything about Maurella. Being able to shoot balls of light out of my hands, read peoples minds, and orgasmically give birth to quadruplets after a one week gestation period? What’s not to love?

MG: Can we expect you past for season six?
KA: We are a pretty secretive operation…don’t think I can give hints away as to where the storyline may be headed by answering that:)

MG: What other projects do you have upcoming?
KA: I just shot a really great episode of NBC’s Grimm that will be airing on September 10th. Sighting, a film I am very excited about, will be out later in the year. It’s a fantastic project. And early next year another film I am very proud of, BlackJacks, will be released.

Interview with Kristina Klebe

Kristina Klebe is most known for her role in Rob Zombie’s Halloween playing the role of Lynda made originally played by P.J. Soles. Kristina recently was featured on an episode of “CSI: Miami”. Kristina currently has six movies either completed or in production, one called “BreadCrumbs” in which she is producing as well. Movie Mikes had the chance to ask Kristina a few questions about her career.

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Mike Gencarelli: You speak four languages: English, German, French and Italian, how did you acquire that skill?
Kristina Klebe: My family is European – so I grew up with many languages around me. Then I decided to learn them in school as well and do exchanges that my college provided to help me learn them better =)

Mike Gencarelli: Can you tell me about your on-line interview series “Acting In Horror”?
Kristina Klebe: My friend and fellow actress Claire Winters and I re-connected about half a year ago – she was started a website called Brains of Minerva and I wanted to write an article for her about acting in horror because I felt horror is underrated among up and coming actors in the sense of how beneficial it can be to break into the industry… However, I have a background in documentary work and she and I decided it would actually be more fun to do a video piece and interview all these really cool people… So far we’ve interviewed Katt Shea, Paul Solet and Dileep Rao. A lot of actors and directors start in horror movies and prove themselves to the industry that way and then move on – and some don’t move on – we’re trying to show all the paths out there and how horror is a common denominator in them.

Mike Gencarelli: How was it working on the remake of “Halloween”, did you feel any pressure about remake such a classic film?
Kristina Klebe: I loved working on Halloween – it was one of my best experiences in the business to date… So many talented people. But truly working with Rob was the biggest gift. I didn’t feel any pressure because I had no idea about the original Halloween series (yes, you can hate me, call me stupid, ignorant etc) =) But I never watched horror movies and had no idea about this incredible underground fan base that exists for the genre. I’m glad, however, that I didn’t know about it because I just did what I thought was right for the character and what I would have done on any other job: figure out who my character is, what her role in the piece is, what music she listens to (slayer of course!) and be in the moment.

MG: How was it working with Rob Zombie? Do you keep in touch with any of the cast?
KK: I loved working with Rob – he’s a very smart guy who weighs his words, which makes him enigmatic and therefore interesting =) he’s also a great director who knows what he wants but also let’s his actors play, which is genius… to find that balance. I saw Malcolm recently on the set of CSI:Miami and Scout at a convention in Germany… and I keep in touch with Ken Foree because we worked on another film together.

MG: What have been the most difficult production you have worked on?
KK: There was only one production (a play in NYC) in my entire career that was slightly difficult because the director was a complete jerk and would constantly berate me and pick on me in front of the cast. That was the one and only bad experience I’ve ever had doing what I love… And I have stuck to my guns about never working with that director again even though I was asked to… He can go #$(*# himself 😉

MG: How was it working with Spike Lee in “She Hate Me”? Did you get to meet the late Ossie Davis?
KK: I got to meet Spike and hug Spike and say a few words to him — but other than that, I wouldn’t say it was much of a “working” experience. She Hate Me was the first movie I was ever cast in and the part was pretty small and eventually ended up on the cutting room floor. And although I was in the scene where Ossie Davis played the judge, I never got to meet him. I do remember he was an incredible actor to watch though. And that was years before knowing he played Jack/JFK in Bubba Hotep. Actually the best part of working on that film was meeting and hanging with Anthony Mackie and QTip on set.

MG: We recently just interviewed Michael Berryman and he mentioned about “Stingy Jack”, tell me about the film and what it was like working we so many famous actors?
KK: Hmmm.. we haven’t shot the film yet so I didn’t get to work with anyone yet! I’m attached to it though and excited to get going =)

MG: Tell me about what else you have planned for the future?
KK: I just shot an awesome film – it’s difficult to explain because it’s a secret for now — you’ll know when it comes out though, believe me… it’s gonna be ridiculous… one hint: I play a historical character … and it’s slapstick comedy

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