Interview with Billy Blair

Photo by Tyler Mason
Photo by Tyler Mason

Billy Blair is co-starring in two of this years most exciting action films, “Jonah Hex” and “Machete”.  Besides acting Billy is also involved with music and is currently working with two bands.  Movie Mikes had a chance to talk to Billy to discuss his upcoming roles and his love for movies.

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Mike Gencarelli: Tell me about your role in “Jonah Hex”?
Billy Blair: I am one of Turnbull’s gang members, played by John Malkovich.  I am pretty much side by side with Michael Fassbender in the film.  Michael is the nicest guy and really talented.  So, pretty much that is my role I am a gang member.

Mike Gencarelli:
What was it like working on the set, any cool stories?
Billy Blair: Yeah I got a good one.  During the shoot, Malkovich is a method actor, so he was in character the whole time.  As far as everyone else, they are all on queue and really nice.  Josh Brolin and I kinda hit it off.  Brolin was walking to the set and passed me and some stunt guys while getting ready to do this dynamite scene.  So he walks by and farts really loud and I turned to him and said “Hey! Is that the dynamite for the scene” and he started laughing and he was way cool.  I didn’t get to see Megan Fox though, since originally she didn’t have a big part until the re-shoots.  They shot her scenes a week prior to me showing up.  Maybe I will get to see her though in “Jonah Hex 2”.

Mike Gencarelli: You also are in the upcoming “Machete”, tell us about your role as Von’s Henchmen?
Billy Blair: Oh yeah! Von is played by Don Johnson and I am his henchmen in the movie.  I thank Robert Rodriguez because during the re-shoots he gave me a bigger part.  I got a lot of action in this film.  Don Johnson was way cool.  It surprised me a lot that because people already knew me by name when I walked on set, but then again my character’s name was Billy [laughs].  Here is a funny story both characters in “Machete” and “Jonah Hex” my name is Billy.  I said, “Wow, I am playing myself twice”.

MG: That shoot must have been a lot of fun right?
BB: I loved working on this movie.  Rodriguez is such a kind and generous guy.  He never shows a sweat.  He is smooth all the way, totally professional.  Every actor has a wish to work with one director and that was my wish man!  It was unbelievable.  It was shot in Austin, Texas and it so was HOT!

MG: Were you familiar with the “Grindhouse” fake trailer before you worked on this?
BB: When my agent submitted me, I became more aware of it.  I said maybe I need to watch this trailer real quick.  I had to do my homework catch up and see what it was all about.  I really dug it and I am happy to be about of the movie.

MG:  Did you always want to become an actor?
BB: Well, I started off as a musician.  In the mid 90’s I wanted to get into acting.  I went to college here in Texas for theater and drama.  After that I just started picking up independent films.  I almost stopped acting though because my agent at the time was horrible and kept screwing me.  I focused on my music instead but in 2008, I got a call from my agent, Joseph Chavez, and he sent me off on an audition.  At first I didn’t take it seriously but I went for it anyway.  The audition was a Joe’s Crab Shack commercial and sure enough I got it and it is nationwide man!!  It is on YouTube, I play a devil.  After that I got “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”, “Jonah Hex”, “Mongolian Death Worm”, and “Machete”.  It is like a snowball effect.  Now I am back into acting and I love it.

MG: What does the future hold in store for you?
BB: I am just waiting on some projects I have been submitted for but I am not sure if I should say the name.  Well I can say that it is a pirate movie and I am just waiting at this point.  I also play in a band and I am always touring. The band is called Messer.  I actually also have another band I am working with called also White Collar Ghetto.  Messer is a mainstream hard rock and White Collar Ghetto is more heavier.  You can check them both out on Myspace. So that is what I am doing now.

Check out Billy’s bands, Messer and White Collar Ghetto
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  1. Billy was my favorite bartender at sugar shack on lower greenville in dallas. Glad to see he is doing so well!

  2. Anybody ever notice the resemblance to Johnny Depp? I thought it was Depp in Machete until I got a proper look – their facial bone structure is very similar…

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