Teaser for our Exclusive Video Interview with Drew Struzan

We are obviously huge fans of movies here at MovieMikes.com but the directors, actors and other crew always get the recognition. But how about the guy that creates those amazing posters. MovieMikes had a chance to schedule an exclusive sit down interview with legendary poster artist Drew Struzan to discuss his work, his upcoming documentary and his new book.

Not only did we get to interview Drew Struzan, we filmed the whole thing, thanks to our West Side correspondent, Jon Donahue and his crew. While we are hard at work editing and polishing up the interview. Check out our teaser to get a taste of what is to come. The interview will be posted on Sept.14th, which is also the launch of Drew Struzan’s new book.

Also check out Drew Struzan’s website to see some of his amazing work.

You can also click here to purchase Drew’s new book “The Art of Drew Struzan” and his other books.

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