The Americas Cake Fair to help raise awareness, stock supplies at  Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida as demand rises


Two sweet story opportunities this week:
The Americas Cake Fair to help raise awareness, stock supplies at 
Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida as demand rises
With a huge influx of new residents from Puerto Rico expected in the coming months and the Thanksgiving / holidays approaching, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida (SHFBCF)’s need for food donations is rapidly increasing. The Americas Cake Fair is conducting two community outreach initiatives to help raise awareness for SHFBCF’s services and stock supplies of local emergency food pantries. Both events provide excellent visuals and interview opportunities.
Wednesday, October 4, 10:30 AM – A Baker Inspires Others
The Founder & CEO of Satin Fine Foods, Inc. & The Americas Cake Fair is meeting with students enrolled in the Second Harvest Culinary Training Program, which provides qualified, at-risk and economically disadvantaged adults with the culinary and life skills training needed to pursue a sustainable career in the food industry. Kevin O’Reilly will share his inspiring business story, from humble beginnings working in his family’s bakery in Ireland to creating a “better-tasting mousetrap” (Satin Ice) to establishing one of the largest fondant manufacturing companies in the world.
Where: SHFBCF Main Facility, 411 Mercy Drive, Orlando, FL 32805
Saturday, October 7, 2:00-4:30 PM – Drive-Through Food Drive at the Ace
Central Floridians can support their community and donate non-perishable, unexpired food items in exchange for ticket vouchers to The Americas Cake Fair. A donation of 10 food items entitles each consumer to one ticket voucher, with a limit of four vouchers (40 food items donated) per household. Vouchers can be redeemed at the Cake Fair registration window at the Orange County Convention Center, West Concourse, October 13-15, 2017. Vouchers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last. Participants can simply drive into the large surface “car park” at Ace Cafe Orlando, stay in their cars, and volunteers will exchange ticket vouchers for donations, right through car windows; or they can park and enjoy a visit to the Ace.
Where: 100 W Livingston St, Orlando, FL 32801, corner Livingston & Garland

The Americas Cake Fair Returns to Orlando on October 13-15, 2017! Tickets on Sale Now!

Event Coverage: The Americas Cake & Sugarcraft Fair, Hosted by Satin Ice

“An event to bring together hobbyists, teachers, bakers, cake artists and housewives, alike.”

Welcome to the Americas Cake & Sugarcraft Fair hosted by Satin Ice. The Orange County Convention Center hosted this lavish event and it was a great place for it. The layout was open and welcoming. It was a different type of tradeshow that welcomed all types of people connected to cake. Those of us who love to bake on the weekends with our kids could find some fun cookie cutters and edible glitter to make baking at home exciting. Those who bake wedding cakes for a living and are on the lookout for new ways to ship their wares or find a new stand to put there amazing cakes on, could find them here too. This one event managed to bring the Americas’ love of cake and meld it with some of the most talented cake makers from across the land.

On top of Kevin O’Reilly’s incredibly easy to navigate event, there were some of the most talented celebrity cake makers and chefs on hand to share their knowledge and talent with the crowd. The ‘Cake Maker to the Stars’ Mich Turner was on hand to share her passion for structure, refined opulence and detail. Roland Mesnier was there to share some of his incredible memories of his 25+ years of cooking and baking in the White House under 5 different Presidents of the United States. Food Network’s judge on the new series, “Cake Wars,” Ron Ben-Israel was on hand to share how his dance background helps him create incredible cakes with movement and beauty.

Friday night brought a completely different fashion show than we have ever been to before. CakeCentral presented the Sugar Arts Fashion Show and Cocktail party. The show included almost all edible fashions walking down the runway. There were incredible gowns, skirts, belly dancer costumes and more. The fashions were made from edible ingredients such as isomalt jewels, wafer paper, gum balls, dark and milk chocolate, gum paste and a new gelatin-based material known as Flexique. It was mind-blowing to see some of the edible items that really truly looked as if it was fabric and moved like typical clothing. The show favorite was by far the incredible Neo-Victorian fashion created by Cake-decorator, Joseph Cumm. It was a masterpiece dipped in a variety of chocolates. Sidney Galpern’s flower-inspired creation was a beautiful, glittery work of art. The amount of time that went into each unique piece was communicated throughout the show.

Here’s to having this incredible event come back to Orlando for years to come! Happy Baking!

Mich Turner and Ron Ben-Israel

Roland Mesnier

Interview with Shadows Fall’s Brian Fair

Brian Fair is the lead singer of the metal group Shadows Fall. The band has released 6 full length studios and is set to release their as yet titled 7th album sometime in 2012. Media Mikes had a chance to talk with Brian about the upcoming album and the bands tour plans for this year.

Adam Lawton: What can you tell us about the upcoming album?
Brian Fair: The band always tries to cover a good amount of ground with each record and we have a wide variety of influences. I feel this album is a further extension of us. We are getting more comfortable with putting all those influences into great songs. There are songs on the album that are on the real heavy side, some that are more classic metal and some that are full on thrash tunes. We try to cover a variety of styles without sounding schizophrenic.

AL: Do you guys have an album name and release date set?
BF: Everything is still being wrapped up. We have just started getting the mixes. Until everything is really mastered and finalized all of our release dates are just hopeful. Everything is best case scenario. (Laughs) It’s looking like by early May we should have the album out.

AL: Did you guys take any different approaches to the recording process this time around?
BF: Yes. It was a real different approach. We recorded with Adam D. of Killswitch Engage for the first time. That was a new experience in general bringing him in. Adam was involved from the demoing stages. He wasn’t helping us write or anything but he helped with the structuring and editing of the tracks. It was cool to have him involved and suggesting different twists and turns. With Adam on board we could step back and look at the songs as a whole. He was very easy to work with. Adam is like a comedian so it was really fun working with him even though we were there for hours at a time.

AL: How do you guys go about the writing process for your material?
BF: Usually Matt or Jon will have sort of a frame work of riffs that they are working on. They will put together a general song structure. From there we start jamming on it and add each of our own tweaks and suggestions. We will make a rough recording and then take it from there. Some songs fall together within the first few practices. Some take shape over the course of a month or so. The last song on the new record we wrote on the spot in the studio. That has never really happened before so it was kind of cool. Once there is a general idea for the song is when I start writing lyrics. I usually don’t get to that point until the music is about 80 percent there. Once I see where the songs going I can start to add lyrics.

AL: Can you tell us about the upcoming Australian tour?
 BF: It’s going to be sick! This will be our third time doing the Sound Waves festival. It’s always unbelievable. This year the line features bands like Slipknot, System of a Down and Hatebreed. It’s going to be like summer camp. We also will be doing some off dates while we are there with Machine Head and Chimaira. I can’t wait.

AL: Are you going to be playing any songs from the upcoming album during those shows?
BF: We have one new song that will be in the set. We have really only had time to rehearse that one new track. We were thinking about slipping in another one but we are only playing short festival sets. We don’t want to spend a lot of time playing songs people don’t know yet but, we do want there to be a preview of what’s to come.

AL: Are there any plans in the process for more shows in the states?
BF: Yes. When we get back we will have a lot of set up and promo type stuff for the new album going on. We then will be taking a break from shows until about mid-April when we have some shows booked in Mexico City with Anthrax. Right after that we will be starting our own tour. Everything will start to be announced in the coming weeks after things have been confirmed.