Concert Review: Kittie “I’ve Failed You Tour 2011” Syracuse, NY

Kittie “I’ve Failed You Tour 2011”
Date: Thursday, August 25th 2011
Venue: The Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Kittie brought their growling vocals and rumbling rhythm section to the historic Lost Horizon venue in Syracuse, NY on what turned into an extremely hot night for the Canadian band. Opening up the show were local bands Kill the Maestro, Armed with Valor, and Capricorn Black followed by the tours direct support bands Diamond Plate and Dirge Within. Even though crowd numbers seemed to vary throughout the course of the night which was probably due to the extreme temperatures inside the club and or combined with the kick off of the NY State Fair happening just a few miles away Kittie put on a stellar show proving to the fans in attendance that they had in fact come to the right place.

I had some reservations about attending the show at The Lost Horizon solely on the fact that the club really isn’t the nicest or most fan friendly place to watch a show. However I was very surprised on arrival as the club seemed to have received a face lift both inside and out. The choice of opening bands was fitting and those who played most notably Armed with Valor and Dirge Within did a great job entertaining the crowd and fighting through the heat. Kittie played an extremely tight set which included songs of their newest album “I’ve Failed You” as well as fan favorites such as “Spit” and “Funeral for Yesterday”. The girls did not disappoint and even though you could tell they were suffering some from the heat they fought through and really brought it to the Syracuse crowd. A big thank you goes out to the band as well as Neil and Bill who were responsible for making this coverage possible.

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Set List:
1.) I’ve Failed you
2.) My Plague
3.) Looks So Pretty
4.) Oracle
5.) Spit
6.) Never Again
7.) Cut Throat
8.) Wiaw
9.) Sorrow
10.) Flower
11.) Pussy Sugar
12.) Empires (Part 2)
13.) Funeral For Yesterday
14.) What Have I Done?
15.) Forgive & Forget
16.) We Are The Lamb

Kittie “I’ve Failed You” CD Review

“I’ve Failed You”
Entertainment One
Producer: Siegfried Meier
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 4 out of 5

“I’ve Failed You” is Canadian based Kittie’s 6th full length studio album.The all female band enlisted producer Siegfried Meier and his Beach Road Studios located in Goderich, Ontario to record the album which features 11 new tracks . The album’s first single “We Are The Lamb” features Morgan Lander’s signature scratchy growling vocals combined with sister Mercedes’s rhythmic double bass drum patterns, the thunderous bass lines of Ivy Vujic and a flashy guitar solo provided by lead guitarist Tara McLeod for a single that is nothing but in your face metal.

Being a fan of Kittie since 2001, I was really looking forward to hearing what the girls had recorded for the new album “I’ve Failed You”. Needless to say upon my first listen the album blew me away just with its sheer energy and straight forward drive. Tracks such as “What I have Done”, “Never Come Home” and “Time Never Heals” real showcase what the band is capable of musically. While the track “Empires (Part 1)” break new ground for the band.

“I’ve Failed You” is a must have for Kittie and metal fans alike! This album has everything you could ever ask for in a metal album and then some!

Track Listing:
1.) I’ve Failed You
2.) We Are The Lamb
3.) Whisper of Death
4.) What Have I Done
5.) Empires (Part 1)
6.) Empires (Part 2)
7.) Come Undone
8.) Already Dead
9.) Never Come Home
10.) Ugly
11.) Time Never Heals