Interview with Kittie’s Mercedes Lander

Mercedes Lander is one of the founding members of the all female Canadian heavy metal group Kittie. The bands 6th studio album “I’ve Failed You” will be released on August 30th via E One Records. Mercedes took time before the bands show in Syracuse, NY to talk with Media Mikes about the new album as well as what it was like touring with the Insane Clown Posse.

Adam Lawton: What can you tell us about the new album “I’ve Failed You”?
Mercedes Lander: “I’ve Failed You” was basically written over a 3 month period starting in January and ending around April. We took about 3 weeks to record the album which went really smoothly. The record is super personal. Us as a band and as people have really gone through a lot since out last album “In the Black” A lot of life changing experiences took place and I think this album touches on each of those.

AL: This album seems to definitely have a more angry/edgy feel to it can you tell us about that?
ML:  I wouldn’t call it angry. I would call it maybe a little bit more remorseful to be honest. The album maybe angry sounding and our last album was a really heavy album but as the band progresses and as we become better musicians and song writers the music tends to get a little more extreme. All around the album is definitely heavier.

AL: Other than being more personal how do you feel “I’ve Failed You” compares to your previous releases?
ML: I don’t think there really is any comparison. When we go in to write albums I don’t think we have it in our minds to try and top the previous album. We are just writing music and I think everything we have ever written is different. I think we have a lot of different influences that we all wear on our sleeves. What seems to end up happening is that with the last album we spent two years on the road touring and playing every night which has allowed us to get tighter as a band and as a unit so it’s been a natural progression.

AL: “I’ve Failed You” seems to be a much more musical album and features some very prominent guitar solos. Can you tell us about that?
ML: “In The Black” featured guitar solos as well and we kind of look at that as the foundation of what our recording should be. With “I’ve Failed You” we are building on that foundation. Riff wise the songs on the new record are much more complex.

AL: Do you have a favorite track off the new album?
ML: I have a lot! “We are the Lamb” is one of my favorite songs as well as “Time Never Heals”. It’s funny because I still haven’t memorized all the new song titles. When we are working in the studio we have working titles for the songs so it takes me some time to get them all down by name.

AL: How has this tour compared to portions of the last where you toured with Insane Clown Posse?
ML: That is like apples and oranges and you just can’t compare that. People don’t really understand why we did that tour but it makes perfect sense to me. We got to play to people that had nothing to do with the metal scene what so ever and we crushed every night. We sold a ton of merchandise and CD’s and we made a lot of new fans as well. If I wanted to sit and play to the same people all the time it’s eventually going to start to suck. We did three support tours on the last run and I think that did a lot for the band.

AL: Can you give us any updates on the Poisoned Black clothing line you and your sister/band mate were involved in?
ML: We really don’t know what’s been going on with that as we have been really busy so are time has been somewhat limited.

For more info on Kittie you can go to and be sure to check our album review of “I’ve Failed You” as well as our review of the bands Syracuse, NY show.

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