CD Review: Starset “Transmissions”

Razor & Tie
Producer: Rob Graves
Tracks: 14

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Transmissions” is the debut release from the Columbus, Ohio based rock band Starset. The album features 14 immense tracks which fill the listener’s ears time and time again with something new. Produce by Rob Graves (Red, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster) and released via Razor & Tie “Transmissions” is a unique experience the runs the gambit of musical styles.

The album starts off with a somewhat cryptic and distorted message which instantly sets the stage for what’s in store with the preceding tracks. From there the track “Down With The Fallen” kicks off and shows it’s self as one of the albums stronger tracks. Former Downplay vocalist Dustin Bates does a nice job blending the transitions between the melodic and overdriven vocals which define the groups sound. As the album progresses listeners are bombarded with distorted guitars and catchy choruses that with ease get stuck in your head.

The album’s first single “My Demons” is a perfect example of this and also another personal highlight. Though I felt some of the album was a bit overdone it wasn’t enough to completely lose my attention or make me skip ahead to the track. If you’re a fan of rock music with orchestral arrangements and a variety of spacey samples then you will certainly want to check out “Transmissions

Track Listing:
1.) First Light
2.) Down With The Fallen
3.) Halo
4.) Carnivore
5.) Telescope
6.) It Has Begun
7.) My Demons
8.) Antigravity
9.) Dark On Me
10.) Let It Die
11.) The Future Is Now
12.) Point of No Return
13.) Rise and Fall
14.) Let It Die (Maniac Agenda Remix)


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