Tips On How To Stay Updated in Pop Culture 

If you are into pop culture, then there’s no running from it. Indeed, pop culture is the center of the current generation. People call it trivial or too mainstream. But they do not understand the whole picture and they are just looking on one part only.

As you become aware of what is happening around you, you determine the context and begin to live in the moment.

Pop culture is a great strategy to keep you updated and your brand relevant. Here are some tips on how to stay informed in pop culture:

Stay Longer on Social Media

One of the quickest and easiest ways to gather information is through social media. Thus, to be on the trend, you must invest your time and stay longer on various social media pages. For example, if you play the situs poker online, try to visit as well their Facebook page.  

It is crucial to know how various social media platforms appeal to age groups. For example, Facebook has the most number of users. However, millennials are moving away from it. Thus, only the older generations are staying to use it.

In real life, most of the teenagers get their pop culture update on Snapchat, Youtube, and Instagram. You can also get most of the news update on Twitter and not on Facebook.

Sign up for Newsletters

As you wake up each morning, you can check your emails. You can have enough information from spending a few seconds at your email digest each morning.

In a similar note, many media outlets create an option for pushing that notification that enables alerts whenever a story is shared or posted.

You can use your best discretion or you can subscribe to it. For example, subscribe to the email list of situs poker online.One to two emails per day will not hurt your morning routine.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are the baselines of pop culture. Often times, these are the source of the topic of pop culture. Today, you can find podcasts on various topics. For example, you can listen to murder mysteries, life advice, or romantic comedies. In most produced podcasts, topics tend to be well-researched.

Indeed, podcasts are not for everyone. If you are not used in learning through an auditory device, then it may be hard for you to follow it.

Participate Actively on Forums

The majority of the websites have forums. This is a great way to find out what’s relevant to your interests. Just a tip, do not exert all your efforts on the meandering conversations because you may miss the gist of the conversation.

To keep up with the forums, it is best to get over your fears with regards to the post. Participate actively in the conversations. There are forums that allow anonymous users where you can participate. This is good if you are to shy to introduce your identity.

Share your Interests and Listen to the Advice of People

Lastly, not all information must come from the internet. You can also ask your coworkers or housemates. Sometimes, it is easier to gather information from your friends and loved ones. Thus, it is best to establish open communication and listen to each other.

CD Review: Teenage Bottlerocket “Stay Rad”

“Stay Rad”

Teenage Bottlerocket

Fat Wreck Chords

Producer: Andrew Berlin

Tracks: 14

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Formed in Wyoming in 2000, Teenage Bottlerocket were rad when they released their debut album, “Another Way”, in 2003 and almost two decades – as the title of this eighth studio album suggests – they remain just as rad. Following on from 2017’s “Stealing The Covers” these 14 short, snappy and stylish punk songs are centered around the songwriting chops of guitarists/vocalists Ray Carlisle and Kody Templeman and overflow with Teenage Bottlerocket’s typical mix of humor and poignancy, silliness and melancholy.  “Stay Rad” is being released via Fat Wreck Chords and was produced by Andrew Berlin and is the first album of original material that the band – completed with bassist Miguel Chen and drummer Darren Chewka following the death of former drummer and Ray’s twin brother Brandon in 2015.

When you think of Wyoming you don’t often think of punk rock however since the early 2000’s Teenage Bottlerocket have been trying their darnedest to change that. The band’s latest release “Stay Rad” is a fast past 14 track rocker reminiscent of early Ramones albums. Songs like the albums opener “You Don’t Get the Joke” and “Anti-Social Media” hit society right between the eyes with their tongue and cheek lyrics about the need to fit in and social media addiction while tracks like “Everything to Me” and “Little Kid” go deeper emotionally discussing the bond between father and son and the loss of a loved one. While the subject matter varies in seriousness one thing that is consistent is the band’s blistering pace. The albums fourteen tracks clock in at just over thirty minutes wasting no time with drawn out interludes or repetitiveness

From beginning to end “Stay Rad” offers listeners a high energy, fast paced album that is really enjoyable. Even the albums more serious moments are set to catchy beats which do a great job balancing things out while not taking away from the sons meaning. The guys in Teenage Bottlerocket really brought it with their latest offering so do yourself a favor and pickup a copy.

Track Listing:

1.) You Don’t Get the Joke

2.) Death Kart

3.) Everything to Me

4.) I Wanna Be a Dog

5.) Night of Knuckleheads

6.) Creature From the Black Metal Lagoon

7.) Anti-Social media

8.) Wild Hair (Across My Ass)

9.) The First Time That I Did Acid Was The Last Time That I Did Acid

10.) I Want to Kill Clint Carlin

11.) I’ll Kill You Tomorrow

12.) Stupid Song

13.) Little Kid

14.) I Never Knew


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Film Review “If I Stay”

Starring: Chloe Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley
Directed by: R.J. Cutler
Rated: PG 13
Running time: 1 hour 46 mins
Warner Brothers

Our Score: 1 out of 5 stars

Before you begin to think of me as an unfeeling dolt, let me say in my defense that I love a good romantic drama. I’ve been known to bawl my eyes out during certain films, among them “Ghost,” “Forrest Gump” and “Sophie’s Choice.” The only way “If I Stay” could make me cry would be if I had to watch it again.

Mia (Moretz), her little brother and their parents have decided to go for a drive. It’s a snow day…no school and what better than to bundle the family up in the car and head down the highway. Sadly, this is not a wise idea. A horrible accident ensues. Mia finds herself walking the halls of the local hospital, soon realizing that she is having an out of body experience. She watches as her friends and family deal with the horrible news and as a team of doctors operate on her. During the operation one of the nurses leans over and whispers to Mia that it will be up to her. Her will is what will determine if she lives or dies. And, I would hope, the quality of the medical attention she is receiving.
A film that probably read better as a book, “If I Stay” attempts to stuff too many events into a short time period. The story is told via flashbacks, so we get glimpses into Mia’s life interspliced with shots of her and her family in the hospital. We get to witness her meeting hot schoolmate Adam (Blackley), a musician whose anger at the way life has treated him is channeled through his music. Mia also loves music. Classical music. She can sit down and knock out a tune on a cello like no one you’ve ever heard before. The two begin dating, using music as a common ground to build a relationship on. Mia’s dad had been part of a punk rock band called Nasty Bruises, so he readily approves of Adam. Of course, when not discussing music the two lovebirds quibble with each other. But then they make up. Then they quibble. Again, they make up. Do you see a pattern here?

What kills this film is the script. First off, the dialogue is horrible (a pregnant women, spying a container of Chinese food, quips “I’m having dim sum for a twosome!” Ha ha! There is even a snippet of dialogue which could have been taken, almost verbatim, from the film “Carrie.” We later learn that Mia has an audition in San Francisco (the film is based in Portland, Oregon) and is driven down by her grandfather (Stacey Keach). Apparently he drives her home also, which means he must have had a spaceship since it’s an almost eleven hour drive between the two cities. Realism goes out the door when Mia is shown studying and listening to classical music through headphones. Later she takes them off and in a few minutes she is removing the album she was listening to from a 1970s style turntable. But what really angered me about this film was a scene when Adam is stopped by the nurses from visiting Mia in the Intensive Care Unit, being told it’s only for immediate family members. He is so persistent in his attempts that eventually he is led away by three security guards. However, 20 mins later half of the cast, including people we haven’t even been introduced to yet (remember…flashbacks) start filing into Mia’s room. Did the ICU Nazi go home?

The cast does its best with what it has to work with. Adam and the band begin to gain momentum, even though, in the four different concert shots, they apparently only know one song. But hey, that’s show-biz. I’d like to tell you how the film ends, but I won’t for two reasons:

  1. 1. It wouldn’t be right for me to ruin the ending.
  2. If you still want to see this film after you’ve read this, then you might as well see the whole thing. If “I” had to “STAY” until the end then so do you.