CD Review: Revocation “Great Is Our Sin”

“Great Is Our Sin”
Metal Blade Records
Producer: Zeuss

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

“Great Is Our Sin” is the 6th studio album released by the Boston, MA metal band Revocation. This is the bands second release via Metal Blade records and it features 10 new tracks which were produced by the one and only Zuess. “Great Is Our Sin” is also the first album from the band to feature 3 Inches of Blood drummer Ash Pearson who joined the band in 2015.

If you thought you loved Revocation before, you know nothing until you hear this album. The band is on top of their A game in every sense. Standout tracks include, “Arbiters of the Apocalypse”, “Monolithic Ignorance”, “Communion”, and the more melodic “Cleaving Giants of Ice.” As if there wasn’t enough mind-blowing guitar work, the album even features legendary guitarist Marty Friedman guest shredding on “The Exaltation.” The album also brings back producer Zeuss who previously worked with the band on the “Teratogenesis” EP and their last release, 2014’s “Deathless”.

Long time fans won’t be too surprised by the album’s content, but improvements in songwriting and production can still be heard. Newcomers should absolutely check out this album as it has everything. From thick riffs and blistering guitar solos to lightning fast precise drumming which is topped off by front man Dave Davidson’s signature growls. If you had any concerns about original drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne being replaced, do not fret (pun intended), Ash Pearson is a perfect fit for the band as his style further extenuates what Revocation is presenting with this new album. Revocation never disappoint as they seems to only get more fine-tuned (pun also intended) with each release. “Great Is Our Sin” is a staple in Revocation’s catalog and a must listen for any metal head.

Track Listing:
1) Arbiters of the Apocalypse
2) Theatre of Horror
3) Monolithic Ignorance
4) Crumbling Imperium
5) Communion
6) The Exaltation
7) Profanum Vulgus
8) Copernican Heresy
9) Only the Spineless Survive
10) Cleaving Giants of Ice

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CD Review: Revocation “Revocation”

Relapse Records
Tracks: 10

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Boston, Mass. natives Revocation are back with a brand new full length album titled “Revocation” The album which is being released via Relapse Records is the follow up release to the bands 2012 EP titled “Teratogenesis”. “Revocation” features 10 brand new tracks that were produced by Peter Rucho. Probably the bands most ambitious release yet “Revocation” fires on all cylinders and delivers nothing but death metal goodness over the course of the albums 10 tracks.

The albums opening track “The Hive” goes straight for the jugular both instrumentally and lyrically. “Arch Fiend” continues the albums break neck pace and features a really cool acoustic interlude which was the perfect transitions to the songs outro solo. The song “Fracked” was a person favorite of mine as it featured some interesting note choices and the lyrics seemed to poke fun at the often controversial subject of fracking. As the album works its way to a close you are blasted with the track “Invidious” which features several blazing banjo iriffs. Yes that’s right death metal banjo music! These little sections are what make this album really fun and unpredictable as you just never know what may be around the next corner. The album ends on a thunderous high note with the song “A Visitation”. Great instrumentation and vocals make this a solid track to end on as definitely made me want more.

If you are just finding out about the band or have been a fan for some time now be sure to get this album either in the standard format or the special edition format which features a cover of Metallica’s “Dyers Eve”

Track Listing:
1.) The Hive
2.) Scattering the Flock
3.) Arch Fiend
4.) Numbing Agents
5.) Fracked
6.) The Gift You Gave
7.) Invidious
8.) Spastic
9.) Entomed by Wealth
10.) A Visitation


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