CD Review: HIM “Tears on Tape”

“Tears on Tape”
Rise Above Records
Producer: Hiili Hiilesmaa
Tracks: 13

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Lead singer Ville Valo and the other members of the popular Finnish rock band HIM are back with their 8th full-length studio album titled “Tears on Tape. The album features 13 brand new tracks by the love metal band which burst on to the music scene in the late 90’s thanks in part to the help of “Jackass” star Bam Margera. “Tears on Tape” was produce by Hiili Hiilesmaa and is the first release by the band since signing to Rise Above Records. The album is the follow up release to the bands 2010 album titled “Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice”.

HIM has always been one of those bands that lay low in their off time and pretty much keeps things under wraps until they are good and ready. Then suddenly things explode! The band’s latest release “Tears on Tape” is a throwback to early HIM albums such as “Razorblade Romance”. The album has a much more streamlined approach while still capturing the dark and foreboding undertones fans have come to expect from the bands albums. Songs such as “I Will Be The End of You” and “All Lips Go Blue” blast out your speakers rocking your senses from start to finish while more subtle tracks like “Tears on Tape” and “Drawn & Quartered” do a great job of showcasing Valo’s unique vocal styling’s.

Both long time listeners and more casual fans of the band will easily be able to pick this album up and find something if not everything to like. From piano laced love songs to distorted rock tracks HIM’s “Tears on Tape” has it all. The album is available in a number of different formats including digital download, Limited Edition CD/DVD and Standard editions. Be sure to get out and grab one on your preferred media choice.

Track Listing:
1.) Unleash the Red
2.) All Lips Go Blue
3.) Love Without Tears
4.) I Will Be The End of You
5.) Tears on Tape
6.) Into the Night
7.) Hearts at War
8.) Trapped in Autumn
9.) No Love
10.) Drawn & Quartered
11.) Lucifer’s Chorale
12.) W.L.S.T.D.
13.) Kiss the Void


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