CD Review: Imminent Sonic Destruction “Recurring Themes”

Imminent Sonic Destruction
“Recurring Themes”
Producer: Roy Z
Tracks: 9

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“Recurring Themes” is the latest release from the Detroit based progressive/metal band Imminent Sonic Destruction. The bands line up consists of Tony Piccoli – Lead Vocals/ Guitars, Pat DeLeon Drums/Percussion, Scott Thompson – Guitars/Vocals, Pete Hopersberger – Keyboards/Vocals and Bryan Paxton – Bass/Vocals. Together they are independently releasing their new album which features 9 original tracks produced by Roy Z (Halford, Bruce Dickinson).

Prior to listening to the new album from Imminent Sonic Destruction I was a little worried that I would be spending the next hour or so trying to digest another progressive rock album. An album without label backing worried me even further. Despite my preconceived notions I forged ahead and was greatly surprised by the power and diversity found on “Recurring Themes”. Vocalist Tony Piccoli does a great job blending melodic harmonies and guttural growling over the top of some really great instrumentation. Tracks like “Breaking Through” and “Here, It’s Over” really showcase the band as a collective crushing unit. Though there are a couple tracks that run past the 10 minute mark the arrangements of those songs are put together in a way that keep the listener on track.

The band along with producer Roy.Z did a good job at making a really solid album that I feel will stand out above a lot of others in the progressive/rock, metal genre. If you are a fan of bands like Strapping Young Lad and Meshuggah you surely want to check out the latest release from the Motor City’s Imminent Sonic Destruction

Track Listing:
1.) Driving Home
2.) Monster
3.) With Death, The Story Ends
4.) Breaking Through
5.) Temple
6.) Here, It’s Over
7.) Sick
8.) The Remembering
9.) Raven