The Latest in Cryptocurrency Trading Methods

Cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new phenomenon to a lot of people. Very few people all over the world can wrap their heads around this concept, but the interest is growing and will soon enough be household knowledge. Before then, those already experienced in this industry need to continue enlightening those that are not to dispel the skepticism inherent in a lot of people. Apart from the very many uses digital currencies promises or prospects to provide, there is the part of trading and making profits or losses. New ways of trading, including using crypto trading bot have emerged over time. We will go through some of the latest trading methods.


There are two ways you can approach cryptocurrency trading. the first one is to speculate on particular coins and either short or long sell them. If you think the price will go up, you buy and wait, then sell when the price reaches your target. If you project the price will go down, you sell and wait for it to go down then you can buy at a lower price. The difference in each case between the two points of transactions is your profit. You should know, however, that if the price goes against your prediction, you make a loss. You need to identify a reliable broker to make such trades. The broker takes a fixed percentage of your trading volume.

Building a Portfolio

The second method is building a portfolio, much the same way you would buy stocks from different companies and keep them for a given period. With stocks, you can earn dividends at the end of a trading period, but with cryptocurrencies, you will have to wait and sell them when the price is higher than you bought them. This strategy requires patience as it is long term. You should identify coins that look promising and have a mix in your portfolio. Mixing different digital currencies reduces your risk. If you are patient enough to build a large and diversified portfolio, you will have a higher chance of making a profit in the long run.

Using Advanced Trading Bots

You can start with a minimal investment then grow your way up. A good starting point would be about just $500. The secret is to keep buying a few coins now and then and grow your portfolio. Many inexperienced traders just buy and leave the coins lying on the exchanges waiting to cash on them when the price goes up. However, the trick is to keep a consistent growth of your portfolio, and releasing some every once in a while. You can use advanced trading bots to do this task for you instead of utilizing a lot of time trying to read the markets.


Compounding is a secret of growing your wealth, but very few people are patient to reach their goals. This process involves reinvesting your profits to hit a particular set goal. If you can hold on and not be tempted to withdraw your investment, you can make it big with cryptocurrencies. 

Interview with The Crystal Method’s Ken Jordan

Ken Jordan is one half of the musical team know as The Crystal Method. The group recently appeared in the documentary film “Re:Generation” and is currently working on a new EP. Media Mikes had a chance to talk with Ken recently about the groups products.

Adam Lawton: How did you first get involved with being in “Re:Generation”?
Ken Jordan: Sometime after the Coachella Festival last year we started talking about the idea. We like to jump on any opportunity that shows what we do and helps get our music out to people who might not normally discover it. The chance to be in what looked to be a really good film was very appealing to us. We were comfortable with doing the collaboration as R&B, Funk and Soul has always been a major influence to us. We were very excited to work in those genres. Working with Martha Reeves was really exciting for us.

AL: Was it hard working with the camera around all the time?
KJ: You get your little microphone attached to you and after awhile you forget about it. They were as un-intrusive as they could be. Eventually we got comfortable with them. We weren’t acting or anything so we just focused on making a good song.

AL: Did you find working on the different material changed your writing style at all?
KJ: It was different working with Martha in that way. We had originally thought we needed to deliver the song with completed lyrics and Martha would sing those. However she was not interested in doing that. We were sort of late to deliver the lyrics as we wanted to travel around Detroit and let the lyrics take on a shape of their own. We sprung them on her at the last minute which caused a little bit of conflict. Really all she wanted to do was protect Detroit and didn’t want to sing anything she wasn’t comfortable with. Over all it was a really easy process working with her. I think if we had to do it again we would work out all the lyrics ahead of time with Martha. I do think though that the way things worked out was for the best.

AL: What did you enjoy most about working on the project?
KJ: The whole experience of getting to know Detroit was great. Some of the things we saw during that time we will never forget. When they were tearing down the Ford Theater some of the crew got chunks of the black facade and we all signed each others chunk. We all have a nice souvenir from that. Getting to know Detroit through Martha’s eyes is something we will always keep with us.

AL: Can you tell us about your upcoming EP release?
KJ: The new EP is going to be titled “Sling the Decks” and it should be out this spring. We currently have one tracked titled and are working on the others. We also are working on a single that incorporates elements from a rock super group. That project is still in the early stages but it will be out this year as well.


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