Definitive OZZY OSBOURNE Vinyl Box Set ‘See You On The Other Side’ Out November 29




For the first time in his solo career, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy®-winning singer and songwriter OZZY OSBOURNE will be celebrated with the first-ever definitive vinyl collection of all his original solo material. Due out Friday, November 29 on Sony Legacy, fans can pre-order the box set here. Watch a clip about the set here with special guest star Zakk Wylde. The box set is titled SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE and includes: 

VINYL:173 songs total on 16 albums, each of which is 150-gramhand-pressed multi-colored splatter vinyl, making each pressing unique. Many of the albums are previously unavailableor are currently out of print on vinyl. 

The collection also includes Flippin’ The B Sidea new collection of non-album tracks, which has never been pressed to vinyl. In addition, Black Rain, Down to Earth and Scream have never been pressed in the U.S., while No More Tears was remastered from the original flat analog album masters and is offered as a two-LP set which will allow the album’s songs to be uncompressed for the very first time ever on vinyl. (Full list of albums is below.)

ART: 10 newly designed 24″X36″ posters (including some never-before-seen images) each accompany the 10 studio albums released between 1981-2010. 

AR: Twelve AR (Augmented Reality) experiences will be included throughout the package. Additional details will be announced in the coming weeks.

SIGNED CERTIFICATE: Each collection features an individually numbered vellum certificate of authenticity hand-signed by OZZY. 

If you are a fan of Ozzy, this is definitely a smart choice. You get not only the entire collection but a ton of great bonus content. When you have big box sets like tis you would consider them a gamble but it is a smart bet for sure. I can also see this being a popular purchase come holiday season. Speaking of a gamble, You can visit the SmartBettingGuide for other smart bets and great deals.

“This one’s the most elaborate collection so far,” OZZY says. “It’s very well thought-out and well put together. It’s got everything in there that you possibly could want and some surprises along the way. The sound of a vinyl record is different, and I do believe that vinyl sounds better.”

The full list of vinyl (all of which contain the original track-listings) is as follows: 

Blizzard Of Ozz, 1980
Mr. Crowley (EP), 45 RPM 1980
Diary Of A Madman,1981
Bark At The Moon, 1983
The Ultimate Sin, 1986
Tribute (2 LPs), 1987
No Rest For The Wicked, 1988
Just Say Ozzy (EP), 1990
No More Tears, 1991
Live & Loud (3 LPs), 1993
Ozzmosis (2 LPs), 1995
Down To Earth, 2001
Live At Budokan, (2 LPs) 2002
Black Rain (2 LPs), 2007
Scream (2 LPs), 2010

Bonus features include:

Flippin’ The B Side
(a new collection of non-LP tracks)

Side A
“You Looking At Me Looking At You
Originally from the “Crazy Train” UK 7″ single, released 1980

“One Up The B Side”
Originally from “Bark At The Moon” 7″ single,released 1983

Originally from “Bark At The Moon,” 7″ single,released 1983

Originally a hidden track from the “No Rest For The Wicked” US CD and cassette release, released 1988

“The Liar”
Originally from the “Miracle Man” UK 12″ single, released 1988

“Don’t Blame Me”
Originally from the “Mama I’m Coming Home” UK 7″ single, released 1991

Side B
“Party With The Animals”
Originally from the “Mama I’m Coming Home” US CD single, released 1992

“Living With The Enemy”
Originally from the “Perry Mason” UK CD single, released 1995

“Voodoo Dancer”
Originally from the “I Just Want You” UK CD single, released 1996

“Back On Earth”
Originally from “The Ozzman Cometh” compilation, released 1997

“No Place For Angels”
Originally from the “Gets Me Through” CD single, released 2001

“Walk On Water”
Originally released on “Prince Of Darkness,” released 2005

Flexi Disc, 7″ (45 RPM)
Unreleased version of “See You On The Other Side” (Demo)

Metallica…And Justice For All (Remastered) Definitive Re-Release Out Nov. 2




SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 – Today Metallica commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of their breakthrough fourth album …And Justice For All with the announcement of its definitive reissue, out November 2nd on the band’s own Blackened Recordings.

The re-release of …And Justice For All has been remastered for the most advanced sound quality, as overseen by Greg Fidelman, and will be available in multiple digital and physical configurations. Pre-orders begin today at where fans can see the full package details and track listing. Pre-orders of all configurations will receive an instant download of “Dyers Eve (Remastered),” while pre-orders of the expanded and deluxe editions will receive an additional instant download of “Eye of the Beholder (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England – October 10th, 1988).”

The …And Justice For All reissue will be available physically as a Standard Double 180 gram LP, Standard CD, 3 CD Expanded Edition, Cassette, Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set and digitally as a Standard album (available to stream and download), an Expanded Edition (available for download only), and a Digital Deluxe Box Set (available for streaming and download). The Expanded Edition will include previously unreleased demos, rough mixes, previously unreleased live tracks, and an expanded booklet of never-before-seen Ross Halfin photos. The one-pressing-only Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set will include the remastered double 180g LP, a “One” picture disc, 3 LPs featuring their iconic performance from Seattle in 1989 remixed by Greg Fidelman, 11 CDs, 4 DVDs, a set of four patches, a Pushead print, a tour laminate, lyric sheets, a download card for all material in the set, and a deluxe 120-page book with never-before-seen photos and never-before told stories from the people who were there.

Click HERE to watch Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett unbox the reissue.

…And Justice For All was originally released—despite what the internet might tell you— September 7th, 1988, on Elektra Records. Certified 8x Platinum in the United States, …And Justice For All marked a series of firsts for Metallica: The first full length Metallica recording to feature bassist Jason Newsted, the first Metallica album to crack the U.S. Top 10 where it peaked at #6, the band’s first video and top 40 single (“One”), their debut performance on the Grammy Awards, as well as their first Grammy loss (Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrumental for …And Justice for All), and first Grammy win (Best Metal Performance for “One”). It also received more widespread critical acclaim than any of its predecessors, with Rolling Stone hailing the album as “a marvel of precisely channeled aggression,” Spin calling it “a gem of a double record,” and ultimately placing in the Village Voice annual Pazz & Jop critics poll of the year’s best reviewed albums.

Playstation 4 Video Game Review “Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition”

Platform: Playstation 4
Edition: Standard
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Rated: Mature
Release Date: January 28, 2014

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Going back to a few years ago, I saw that another “Tomb Raider” was coming out and I definitely rolled my eyes a little. This series was definitely lost its appeal for me and probably many others as well. Well then this amazing new cinematic reboot adventure was released and Lara Croft’s status of queen of video games was rightfully restored. I mean this game was such an improvement over the last in the series and just blew me away. So I thought to myself when I saw about the “Definitive Edition” being released, if it was really going to be worth the upgrade from PS3 to PS4…well, holy cow it feels and looks like a whole new game!

Official Premise: The cinematic action-adventure that forced Lara Croft to grow from an inexperienced young woman into a hardened survivor has been re-built, featuring an obsessively detailed Lara and a stunningly lifelike world. To survive her first adventure and uncover the island’s deadly secret, Lara must endure high-octane combat, customize her weapons and gear, and overcome grueling environments.

First of all, with PS4 you are talking about the game displaying in 1080p Blu ray quality. The game itself isn’t just much crisper looking, the entire game was basically re-engineered with more powerful physics and lighting engines. The visual detail is actually mind-blowing. When I was playing this game on PS3, I thought it looked fantastic. But now going back to PS3, it notice so many difference that I am just more and more impressive with the next-gen version. This game is just beautiful and have never looked better…even on PC.

One of the aspects that really blew me away was the fact that the head and face of Lara Croft were completely rebuilt. It looks like two different people now. The skin is so much more realistic and vibrant. Even to the point that when it gets hot in the environment, Lara sweats. I mean that is just outstanding to me. There is just this overall important in the richness of the colors. I did not think at all that this game could improve as much as a it did. Plus the Definitive Edition allows voice and gesture control (if you have the camera add-on). You can ask for map or name a weapon to equip.

The Definitive Edition also includes all the released DLC for this game like the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, six outfits for Lara, a digital mini art book, and the digital comic “The Beginning, weapon attachments, multiplayer maps etc. The multiplayer still isn’t super impressive but either way I am more concerned about the single player mode for this game. If you have never played this game, where have you been? I highly recommend this game since it is just such an improvement on PS4 and honestly one of the main reasons, I even purchased the system to be honest.

DVD Review “The Definitive Document Of The Dead”

Actors: George A. Romero, Tom Savini, Roy Frumkes
Directors: Roy Frumkes
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Studio: Synapse Films
DVD Release Date: November 13, 2012
Run Time: 102 minutes

Film: 4 out of 5 stars
Extras: 3 out of 5 stars

When “The Document of the Dead” was first released in 1985, the documentary by filmmaker Roy Frumkes focused purely on the production of the 1978 film “Dawn of the Dead”. “The Definitive Document Of The Dead” expands more on Romero’s career including work on “Land of the Dead”, “Diary of the Dead” and “Survival of the Dead”. There is a disclaimer in the beginning stating that this film was film over 32 years and the film’s vision has changed over the years. Fans of “Dawn of the Dead” and Romero should already known about this film and respect that Roy Frumkes is a life-long fan of his work. The film as a documentary isn’t Shakespeare but I feel that it does give Romero the credit that he deserves and never seems to get. Synapse Film released a DVD of this film going back almost 15 years now. So this is a welcomed revisit and packaged with a new “Definitive” cut. Also if you are a mega-big fan of this film, there is an Exclusive Limited Edition Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack limited to just over 1,000 copies on the Synapse Website. So that would be the ticket for hardcore fans, if it is even still available at the time of writing this.

“The Document Of The Dead” primary focus is “Dawn of the Dead” and it covers everything from pre-production, production and post-production. Frumkes was there shooting during the production and includes some very intimate interviews with Romero, (producer) Richard Rubinstein, special effects artist/actor/stuntman Tom Savivi, as well as several cast and crew members. I also liked how the film comes around through time and we get to see Frumkes and Romero reunited and reflecting on the film over time specifically during a segment on “Two Evil Eyes”, which showcased on a detailed special effects segment. The new interviews included in this are also a real treat.  Being a horror fan myself “Dawn of the Dead” is so iconic and this is a perfect companion piece to the film itself. This “Defintive” cut really dives further into his career and the film/series over the years…especially with spin-off like “Night of the Giving Head”. Trust me if your a guy, you need to watch this!

Official Premise: “George A. Romero, director of the original Night of the Living Dead, is one of the horror genre’s most celebrated filmmakers. Roy Frumkes amazing 1978 documentary Document Of The Dead was an intimate look at Romero’s creative process, with an outstanding collection of interviews, effects demonstrations (courtesy of make-up artist, Tom Savini) and behind-the-scenes footage from the classic horror film, Dawn of the Dead. This newly re-edited and re-mastered 2012 version of the award-winning documentary contains all-new exclusive material including additional interviews with Romero’s family and friends, candid on-set footage from Two Evil Eyes, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, Survival of the Dead and Many More Surprises! the Definitive Document of the Dead is a loving portrait of a horror legend, and a must-see for any hardcore horror fan!”

The DVD special features are a little bit of a let down since it is missing quite a bit of extras from the previous release. The only extra included on this release is an all-new 2012 audio commentary track with Roy Frumkes. It is fantastic to get a chance to hear a new perspective on the film from the director. I would have also like to had the previous audio commentary with director Frumkes, cinematographer Reeves Lehmann, and narrator Nicole Potter included as well, as well as the twenty minute interview segment from “Two Evil Eyes” with Adrienne Barbeau, George Romero, and Tom Savini. Still though if you already own “The Document of the Dead” DVD you have that already. This is the “Definitive” release with a longer cut doc and a new commentary, so it is all worth it in that sense.

Book Review “Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss”

Author(s): Rian Hughes, Imogene Foss
Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Titan Books
Release Date: September 6, 2011

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

When it comes to anything science fiction…sign me up. I have always been a fan of the genre ever since my family used to take me to the Sci-Fi Diner in MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) in Walt Disney World. There was always just something about the out-of-this-world design that really drew me in. Chris Foss is known for his work in this area with creating some of our times “coolest” sci-fi art.  The book is a beautiful visual journey through his work. Though it if you are looking for supporting text to provide insight into each piece you will be disappointed.

Foss’s unique and groundbreaking science fiction art dramatically raises the bar in the 70’s-80’s. It is known for its realism and invention mixed with his science fiction twist. The art you will find within this definitive work ranging from his trademark battle-weary spacecraft to his dramatic alien landscapes. If you ever read any science fiction novels in the 70’s-80’s, then you are familiar with his novel artwork for sure. I just love his ideas and his creations. I just would have like more background on each image.

This volume features Foss’ work for books by Isaac Asimov, Doc Smith, Arthur C. Clarke, A. E. van Vogt and Philip K. Dick, and film design for Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick. Titan Books did a great job of releasing a very sweet looking book overall. The images on the pages are so crisp and colorful that it literally draws you to the page. If you are fan of Foss, you will enjoy being able to view many rare and classic images that have never been seen or reprinted before.

Book Review “Watching the Watchmen: The Definitive Companion to the Ultimate Graphic Novel”

Author: Dave Gibbons, Chip Kidd, Mike Essl
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Titan Books
Release Date: October 21, 2008

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

I have been a huge “Watchmen” fan dating back to the original graphic novels. When the film came out, which I LOVED, I felt like it literally jumped off the pages of the novel. This is the ultimate visual companion to the amazing graphic novels. You know that this book is going to get some love since it is authored by award-winning artist of the “Watchmen” series Dave Gibbons. We get a chance to dive into his profound personal archives. It is really a must own for all fans of the series, no questions.

It is really rare that you are given this candid of a look into new material. I mean you feel like you are sitting looking through Gibbons’ personal diary. Fans of this series you are going to flip out with the reveal of never-published pages, original character designs, page thumbnails, sketcher, alternate posters, covers and rare portfolio art. The detail in the image are just so crystal clear and high quality. It is the kind of book that you are going to look through and then read it completely and then look through it again.

This book had a lot of love put into it and you can tell. With a series like “Watchmen” it has a very loyal fan base and it’s obvious that Gibbons is a really big fan himself. Props need to also go to Chip Kidd and Mike Essl for some amazing design in this book as well. Props should go to Titans Books for continuing supporting this series and releasing book after amazing book keeping this series alive and continuing to deliver new and exciting release to their fans.