Tomb Raider – Lara Croft Reborn

The name Lara Croft comes with a preset level of expectations and most people have an idea about what to expect from it. With the launch of the trailer for the movie, interested viewers have a lot to look forward to in terms of actors, action, adventure, suspense and many more things. We have collected some quick facts related to the upcoming movie.

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Big Movie Calls for Big Actors

The lead role is played by Alicia Vikander. Other important roles have been played by fine actors including Walton Goggins, Kristin Scott Thomas, Hannah John Kamen, and Dominic West.


Other people associated with the movie are:

  • Direction: Roar Utahug
  • Production: Gary Barber and Graham King
  • Cinematography: George Richmond
  • Screenplay: Alastair Siddons and Geneva Robertson Dworet.


The Adventurous Plot of Tomb Raider

The little Lara Croft is always intrigued by the disappearance of her father, whom she sees everywhere. Some years later, the young girl (played by Alicia Vikander) sets off on the journey to a place where she expects to find some evidence of her father. She goes to a mythical land for the search and the villain, played by Walton Goggins crosses her path. The immoral organisation called Trinity has big plans to make a mass genocide happen across the world with some rare powers. Lara needs to prevent this from happening and stop the evil people. The videography and cinematography work is stunning and breathtakingly beautiful. The trailer has the famous track Survivor playing in the background. It is a new modified version of the original by Destiny’s Child.


What the Industry Biggies Have To Say

It is undebatable that people are looking forward to watching the movie with great interest. Some famous figures in Hollywood were asked to share their views. Some believe that Alicia Vikander will have to deliver a strong performance. Her performance will be compared to the former Lara Croft actor for sure, so there are huge hopes. Not to forget, that she has won an Oscar. Many believe that the movie is going to be very different from the previous Tomb Raider movie. The trailer does not have any tombs and it is feared to be just average. All the shooting work happened super slow. To the contrary, many people are excited about the new theme or things that the movie will bring with itself. It might not be bad to change the course of the theme.

The audience is very right in expecting a great movie, considering the background and reputation attached to the Tomb Raider name, which is almost like a brand. Go ahead to watch the movie and till then enjoy the slots and video games.

Playstation 4 Video Game Review “Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition”

Platform: Playstation 4
Edition: Standard
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Rated: Mature
Release Date: January 28, 2014

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Going back to a few years ago, I saw that another “Tomb Raider” was coming out and I definitely rolled my eyes a little. This series was definitely lost its appeal for me and probably many others as well. Well then this amazing new cinematic reboot adventure was released and Lara Croft’s status of queen of video games was rightfully restored. I mean this game was such an improvement over the last in the series and just blew me away. So I thought to myself when I saw about the “Definitive Edition” being released, if it was really going to be worth the upgrade from PS3 to PS4…well, holy cow it feels and looks like a whole new game!

Official Premise: The cinematic action-adventure that forced Lara Croft to grow from an inexperienced young woman into a hardened survivor has been re-built, featuring an obsessively detailed Lara and a stunningly lifelike world. To survive her first adventure and uncover the island’s deadly secret, Lara must endure high-octane combat, customize her weapons and gear, and overcome grueling environments.

First of all, with PS4 you are talking about the game displaying in 1080p Blu ray quality. The game itself isn’t just much crisper looking, the entire game was basically re-engineered with more powerful physics and lighting engines. The visual detail is actually mind-blowing. When I was playing this game on PS3, I thought it looked fantastic. But now going back to PS3, it notice so many difference that I am just more and more impressive with the next-gen version. This game is just beautiful and have never looked better…even on PC.

One of the aspects that really blew me away was the fact that the head and face of Lara Croft were completely rebuilt. It looks like two different people now. The skin is so much more realistic and vibrant. Even to the point that when it gets hot in the environment, Lara sweats. I mean that is just outstanding to me. There is just this overall important in the richness of the colors. I did not think at all that this game could improve as much as a it did. Plus the Definitive Edition allows voice and gesture control (if you have the camera add-on). You can ask for map or name a weapon to equip.

The Definitive Edition also includes all the released DLC for this game like the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, six outfits for Lara, a digital mini art book, and the digital comic “The Beginning, weapon attachments, multiplayer maps etc. The multiplayer still isn’t super impressive but either way I am more concerned about the single player mode for this game. If you have never played this game, where have you been? I highly recommend this game since it is just such an improvement on PS4 and honestly one of the main reasons, I even purchased the system to be honest.