Queensrÿche Launch “Building the Empire”, a New Album – Pre-order via Pledgemusic

Band Offering Fans Various Unique Experiences In Conjunction With Pre-Order Including An Opportunity For Accredited Investors To Purchase A Stake In Queensrÿche Corporation

Eddie Jackson, Todd LaTorre, Parker Lundgren, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton to Release New Album via Century Media in Spring 2015

(November 4th, 2014 – New York, NY) – A newly revitalized Queensrÿche have partnered with PledgeMusic.com for a new album pre-order campaign entitled Building The Empire. Eddie Jackson, Todd LaTorre, Parker Lundgren, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton will offer fans various unique experiences to bring them closer to the band than ever before. The band is offering everything from limited edition vinyl and merchandise to the actual instruments played on the upcoming album and a chance to hang with the band in their hometown of Seattle. The album pre-order as well as all of these other items and experiences can be found at www.pledgemusic.com/queensryche.

“For the first time in the history of Queensrÿche, we are doing something we have never done before,” states bassist Eddie Jackson. In conjunction with the PledgeMusic.com pre-order, Queensrÿche has created an opportunity for accredited investors to purchase a stake in Queensrÿche Holdings, LLC. This stake will allow select investors that meet certain financial requirements to share in all of the profits the band makes moving forward. This opportunity is being offered on a limited basis; interested parties should go www.queensrycheofficial.com/investment for more information and to begin the investor accreditation process.

Queensrÿche has recently begun writing music for their new album that is slated for release in Spring 2015. This release marks the band’s second album with Century Media as well as the second album with new vocalist Todd LaTorre. This release will be the follow up to their self-titled 2013 release which debuted on Billboard’s Top 200 chart landing at #23 and selling 13,659 copies its first week. That album received critical acclaim including Billboard magazine’s review stating: “From the moment Rockenfield’s drums and Wilton and Parker Lundgren’s guitars go on the attack in “Where Dreams Go to Die,” the traditional Queensrÿche sound is back. The hooks are arresting, and the rhythm section packs unmitigated fire power.” Sites such as Metal Underground proclaimed: “The band has brought back much of the direction that made it one of the most revered in progressive/power metal history,” and BraveWords.com exclaims: “This self-titled slab of faith-restoring metal boasts the return of the almighty riff, twin guitar leads, and brazen in-your-face melodies.”

Queensrÿche first burst onto the music scene in 1982 with the release of their self-titled 4 song EP Queensrÿche. They very quickly gained international recognition and performed to sold out audiences around the world. With the follow up first full-length album “The Warning” in 1984, and the ground breaking 1986 release of “Rage For Order”, Queensrÿche continued to prove their worldwide dominance as one of the most respected and creative bands of the 80’s. In 1988 the band turned out yet another monumental album “Operation: Mindcrime”, which would go on to become one of the TOP 10 best selling concepts records of all time, and set the stage for continued sold out performances around the world. With the release of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful “Empire” in 1991, the band earned multiple Grammy Award nominations and won the MTV “viewer’s choice” award for the #1 chart topping hit “Silent Lucidity”. During the next ten years, the band continued to release albums and tour the world to sold-out audiences. Queensrÿche has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and have continued to break new ground and push their creative process.

Queensrÿche is Todd La Torre (vocals), Michael Wilton (guitars), Parker Lundgren (guitars), Eddie Jackson (bass) and Scott Rockenfield (drums).





Book Review “Halo: The Art of Building Worlds – The Great Journey”

Author: Martin Robinson
Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Titan Books
Release Date: October 18, 2011

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

When it comes to “Halo”, it is one of the most beloved franchises by its very expressive fans.  This book right away has a big shoes to fill.  The book is not only visually amazing but it also covers over a decade of “Halo” ranging from “Halo: Combat Evolved” to “Halo: Reach” to even “Halo: Legends”.  It is a great celebration of the art from the franchise. The book covers everything from characters to landscapes to weapons and includes with sketches and concepts art by many acclaimed artists such as Ashley Wood, Alex Chu, and Frank Capezzuto.

The book features seven chapters spawned over almost 200 pages.  The first is about the “Architects of the Past”.  This chapter focuses on a lot of landscape concept art and includes some never before seen art concepts. Since “Halo” takes place in space, the created for this have endless possibilities and it is great to be able to catch some of that in this images. The second is called “We are Their Instrument” and focuses on the baddies in the game ranging from the Elites to the Jackals to the Hunters.  The third is called the “Tools of Conquest”. This chapter focuses on the vehicles and space crafts used throughout the series. It is something that usually doesn’t get to be enjoyed as much in the game itself. The fourth is called “A Monument To All Your Sings” and focuses on the creatures in the series like “The Flood”.  The fifth is a “Welcome to the Corps” and focuses on the soldiers and weapons in the game from UNSC to ODST to Spartans.  This is easily one of my favorites. The sixth is called “Folks Need Heroes” and focuses on the Spartans kicking some ass in different situations.  The seventh is called “Homeworlds” is the “pretty” chapter focusing on various landscapes and locations.

The book features an introduction from “the face of Halo,” Frank O’Connor.  It is short but sweet and definitely reaches out to “Halo” fans and would get them pumped for this book.  The idea of “Halo” itself just screams “give me an art book”.  There is so much amazing design that goes into the characters, landscapes, weapons and just the “Halo” universe itself.  This book is a true must for “Halo” fans awaiting the next addition to this fantastic series.