Alt-Rock Icons COLD Release New Music Video for Standout Anthem “Quiet Now”

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Music fans around the world all agree, it’s a little too “Quiet Now”. With bands losing their ability to bring live shows to fans, arts events coming to a complete standstill, and it feeling nearly silent as people remain safe inside their homes, now more than ever, it’s important for musicians to keep the music alive.
Gold-certified alt-rock icons COLD are doing just that with their heartfelt new track, “Quiet Now” – one of the standout anthems found on their latest Billboard-charting album and Napalm Records debut, The Things We Can’t Stop, out now. Coming at a time that loss is keenly felt and silence is at its most deafening, today, the band has revealed the haunting new visual for the track in the form of a brand new music video that will leave viewers with chills. 
As reflected in the video, vocalist Scooter Ward has stated that “Quiet Now” was initially inspired by the profound silence a person senses around them during or after a deep loss. The song was originally dedicated to a Cold Army member who had experienced such loss – but has taken on more meaning during these trying times.
Scooter Ward adds:
“I had written the song, “Quiet Now,” for a Cold Army member and dear friend, who had dealt with the loss of a family member during the recording of our new album. A photo was sent to me, of him and his father holding hands while his father was in the hospital… that photograph is what inspired the song. I knew the concept for the video needed to express the intense emotion of the song.
I contacted Patrick Huven from Ghost Motel and filmmaker Alex Schroer to direct and produce the video. I had previously watched their video for a song called “Hush” that they had created and loved the eeriness of it and their aesthetic. Patrick and I got together on the concept for the video being a mother mourning the loss of her child in solitude. We felt nothing could be more painful… the silence of it all. Not hearing the little sounds of a loved one who is no longer there.
However, the only problem was that he lives in Germany, and the distance would be an obstacle. We ended up shooting the story for the video in Germany and then my part here in the states. I reached out to our dear friend and amazing photographer, Dave Jackson, to film and direct my solo part. We filmed it in his studio in Wisconsin. The end result of the two merging together ended up being seamless and powerful.
With our world now being on lockdown and everyone experiencing their own levels of solitude, and a bit of silence, and with music being the conduit that holds us together, we felt now was the time to release the song. People are going through serious loss because of this on many levels, and music sometimes helps during these moments. Our hopes are that a song can maybe help people feel not so alone in it all. Our hopes are that with music, perseverance, and the determination that is within us to overcome, things can be somewhat back to normal again soon.
We love you all. Stay healthy and follow the guidelines to ensure your safety. Our hearts are with you.”
Cure the silence and watch the new music video
for “Quiet Now” HERE
While online, keep the music playing and check out Breaking Benjamin’s emotive new track, “Far Away”, featuring Scooter Ward. Breaking Benjamin vocalist Benjamin Burnley recently stated in an Instagram post that in his youth, he was inspired by Ward, who brought “Far Away” to what it needed to be. See for yourself and check out the “Far Away” music video HERE.
The past year has been transcendent for COLD – peaking with the successful release of The Things We Can’t Stop, subsequent singles “Shine”, “Without You”, “The Devil We Know” and “Run”, and a North American comeback tour boasting several sold out shows. Billboard said it best: “Cold is heating up for a new era…”
Stay tuned for more news in the world of COLD, coming soon!
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Concert Review: The Gaslight Anthem “Get Hurt Fall Tour” Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY

“Get Hurt Fall Tour”
The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me! Twopointeight
Date: Wednesday, September 17th 2014
Venue: Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

The Gaslight Anthem brought their unique brand of rock to the intimate Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY on September 17th where they performed to a sold out crowd. The New Jersey based band is currently out on the road in support of their new album titled “Get Hurt”. Also on the bill for the evening was Against Me! and Twopointeight. The night much like the venue was packed full of great music that electrified the audience from the very start.

As the venue quickly neared capacity for the nights sold out show the band Twopointeight promptly took the stage. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden the 4 piece band played a mixture of punk infused rock that was two parts Bruce Springsteen and two parts Joe Strummer. Vocalist/guitarist Fredrik Georg Eriksson commanded the audience’s attention while he and his group blasted through a fast paced 20 minute set. Next up was Against Me! who continue their relentless line of touring in support of the groups “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” album. Though the bands set was only 45 minutes Laura Jane and the boys packed as much goodness as they could into that time frame. The set was a perfect mixture of new and old with the biggest applauses coming during songs like “I Was a Teenage Anarchist”, “Thrash Unreal” and “True Trans Soul Rebel”. Despite being on the road since January the group still sounded strong and appeared full of energy which the crowd seemed to really enjoy.

The Gaslight Anthem would take the stage to close out the night with an ambitious 2 hr set packed full of TGA classics along with tracks off the group’s newest album “Get Hurt” which was released in August. In between songs front man Brian Fallon playfully interacted with the capacity crowd which acted as the icing on cake. Set highlights included the upbeat “45”, “Helter Skeleton” and “Blue Dahlia”. The band closed out the night with a 4 song encore that included some of the group’s most popular tracks however noticeably missing was the bands cover of The Who classic “Baba O’Riley” which the band has been using recently to end the night. The band will be out on the road both in the States and in Europe through November so if you haven’t already made plans to catch one of the shows I strongly urge you to do so as you won’t want to miss out on a great night of music.

Against Me! Set List:
1.) Pints of Guinness Will Make You Strong
2.) Unconditional Love
3.) New Wave
4.) Walking is Still Honest
5.) Cliché Guevara
6.) FuckMyLife666
7.) Don’t Lose Touch
8.) I Was a Teenage Anarchist
9.) How Low
10.) Transgender Dysphoria Blues
11.) Thrash Unreal
12.) Black Me Out
13.) Paralytic States
14.) True Trans Soul Rebel

The Gaslight Anthem Set List:
1.) Stay Vicious
2.) Biloxi Parish
3.) 1,000 Years
4.) 45
5.) We Came to Dance
6.) Helter Skeleton
7.) Old Haunts
8.) Have Mercy
9.) Rollin’ and Tumblin’
10.) High Lonesome
11.) Underneath the Ground
12.) Howl
13.) Red Violins
14.) Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
15.) Blue Dahlia
16.) Get Hurt
17.) Great Expectations
18.) Mae
19.) Dark Places
20.) 1930
21.) Handwritten
22.) Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts
23.) The ’59 Sound