CD Review: Sevendust “Kill the Flaw”

Kill_the_Flaw_by_Sevendust“Kill the Flaw”
Asylum/7Bros. Records
Produced by: Sevendust
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Southern hard rockers Sevendust are back with a brand new album titled “Kill the Flaw”. This will be the bands 11th studio album which coincidentally features 11 new tracks which were not only performed by the band but also produced by the group as well.

Sevendust continue in the tradition of their previous releases with “Kill the Flaw”. The album which will be the group’s third release in the corresponding number of years is spattered with the band signature sound which has been pounding eardrums since the late 90’s. While the album features familiar tones and textures it embellishes on those taking the listener and the band to new levels. Tracks like the albums opener/lead single “Thank You” which perfectly sets the stage for the subsequent track’s it blends the bands melodic yet raw style they are known for while songs like “Letters” with its catchy rhythmic choruses and the acoustic guitar tinged “Chop” both seem destine to be staples in the bands always impressive live show.

“Kill the Flaw” doesn’t reinvent the wheel but instead it capitalizes on the strengths Sevendust are known for. Lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon sounds stronger than ever as does the rest of the band consisting of Clint Lowery, Morgan Rose, Vince Hornsby and John Connolly. Together on “Kill the Flaw” the band proves that even after 20+ years in the music business you can still remain fresh and consistently put out solid records year after year. The album will be available Oct. 2nd via Asylum/7Bros. Records and is currently available for pre-order through the bands website

Track Listing:
1.) Thank You
2.) Death Dance
3.) Forget
4.) Letters
5.) Cease and Desist
6.) Not Today
7.) Chop
8.) Kill the Flaw
9.) Silly Beast
10.) Peace and Destruction
11.) Torched

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