CD Review “Sofia the First: Songs From Enchancia”

sofia-cd-2“Sofia the First: Songs From Enchancia”
Label: Disney
Tracks: 19
Release Date: January 28, 2014

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Having a 20 month old daughter, our family is quite the fan of “Sofia the First“. She has been watching the show since she was 8 months old and stops everything she is doing when it comes on. We also have first “Sofia the First” CD in our record player non-stop and she loves the music (as do I). “Sofia The First: Songs from Enchancia” includes 15 songs from from the first season of the Disney Junior TV Series. The album also includes a bonus song, “Be Who You Wanna Be”, which was a big summer hit and features Jake from “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”) and four karaoke instrumental tracks for kids to sing-along to. If you are a fan of this show then this CD is a must have. My daughter has had it on loop since we received it and I have a feeling we are going to burn it out quickly!

Season one has brought us so many great songs including “Good Little Witch” and “Bring My Best Friend Back” (which is such a great duet). I also love that there are three tracks with classic Disney princesses included as well. “The Love We Share” features Ariel, “Ride of Your Lives” features Jasmine and “Make it Right” features Belle. I love all three of these tracks and so glad that they made it onto this CD. Disney has a gold mine with this show and I love how they try and blend in classic Disney characters as well without being cheesy or overwhelming! Can I suggest a duet with Rapunzel next? My daughter will flip out! One track that I realized was missing was the holiday special song “Wassailia”. I can’t wait to see what season two holds for this show.  I am sure the music is going to be so great and I look forward for Disney Junior to release future song collections in the coming months!

Track Listing:
1. Sisters and Brothers (Sofia)
2. Merroway Cove (Sven, Oona and Sofia)
3. The Love We Share (Ariel and Sofia)
4. Bigger Is Better (Amber)
5. (You Can Always) Count On Baileywick (Cast)
6. Make It Right (Belle and Sofia)
7. Good Little Witch (Ballad) (Sofia)
8. Good Little Witch (Lucinda and Sofia)
9. The Ride of Your Lives (Jasmine, Sofia and Amber)
10. A Recipe for Adventure (Aunt Tilly and Sofia)
11. Bring My Best Friend Back (Clover and Sofia)
12. The Simple Life (Cast)
13. Make Way for Miss Nettle (Miss Nettle)
14. Enchancia (Ruby, Jade and Sofia)
15. Be Who You Wanna Be (Jake and Sofia)
16. Merroway Cove (Instrumental)
17. Bigger Is Better (Instrumental)
18. Good Little Witch (Instrumental)
19. A Recipe for Adventure (Instrumental)

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