Natalie Nylon talks about new album “Star Crossed Lovers”

Natalie Nylon is a singer/songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, PA.  Natalie has had music featured on both “American Horror Story” and “The Real L World” and recently released her second full length album titled “Star Crossed Lovers”. Media Mikes recently spoke with Natalie about the music from those shows and also what it was like working on the new album.

Adam Lawton: What can you tell us about your new album “Star Crossed Lovers”?
Natalie Nylon: The album is kind of a reflection of my life over the past few years. A lot of things went on like I had gotten engaged and then later broke of the engagement which left a lot of things for me to   deal. There ended up being are a lot of personal things on this album compared to my previous one.

AL: Did you take any different approaches to how you worked on this album compared to previous releases?
NN: When I wrote my first album I was going out to clubs a lot and that made me want to write mostly dance songs. When I sat down and wrote the second album it was just me on my own. I would sit down with a guitar or in front of a piano with my ideas. When I had a handful of songs laid out I would take them to my producer and we would develop them together. It was a lot more writing on my part this time around.

AL: Where do you tend to start when writing a song?
NN: I think it’s different for every song I write. Sometimes I just start with a thought a phrase and build off of that. What seems to happen most of the time is that I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea or melody. Those seem to be the ones I like the best. Everything tends to be a little different as to whether the melody or lyrics come first.

AL: Are you planning on shooting a video for any of the songs of the new album?
NN: That is what I have planned next. I actually shot two videos already however I was just not happy with them. It’s hard when you have a creative idea and you’re working with people maybe for the first and time and things don’t turn out how you would like. You kind of have to have the right ingredients and the right people to make things work. If one thing’s off it can impact your vision.

AL: Can you give us any hints as to what the new video might look like?Star Crossed Lovers
NN: I am trying to decide between two songs right now. People have been pushing for me to do “XXX” which was featured on “American Horror Story” and “The Real L Word”. So it’s between that song which is off my first album and “Dry River” which is off my new album. I don’t want to give away anything just yet as we are working on it as we speak.

AL: What was your response when the networks asked to use your song? And were you a fan of the shows prior to having music on them?
NN: I was shocked! I got a call from my producer telling me they wanted to use the song and I was just on the floor. It has always been a dream of mine to have one of my songs appear in a film or television show. It’s just one of those things that I didn’t expect to happen. I really just couldn’t believe it. I knew of both of the shows however I don’t tend to watch much television. I have checked them out now that my music has been in them but I haven’t seen all the episodes or anything.

AL: Do you have any plans to tour in support of the new album?
NN: I have been playing local shows in and around NY, PA and NJ but when it comes to touring I have been looking for someone to jump on board with or to get on a festival. We have been discussing doing a tour but being an independent artist is really hard. You have to be prepared to pay for everything yourself. (Laughs)


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