Eddie Jackson talks about the future of Queensrÿche and their new album

Eddie Jackson is the bassist and a founding member of the progressive metal group Queensrÿche. In the past year, the group parted ways with original singer Geoff Tate and brought in former Crimson Glory front man Todd La Torre to fill the vacant spot. The band sounds better than ever and Media Mikes had the chance to talk with Eddie recently about the split and the group’s upcoming album.

Adam Lawton: Can you clear up any misconceptions from the past year about the two different versions of Queensrÿche going around?
Eddie Jackson: There are currently two bands out there. Geoff has his version of the band and Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield and I have our own version of the band. We are just focusing on us and moving forward. We want to keep doing what we are doing and that is playing music and performing live. The transition away from Geoff as the lead singer was something that Michael, Scotty and I felt needed to happen.

AL: How has the band been received since the change was made?
EJ: Fans have been enjoying it and have really embraced Todd. We have enjoyed welcoming him in to our family. Fans have been very receptive and have enjoyed hearing some of the older material that we are now able to perform. With Todd’s vocal style he is able to sing and perform stuff from albums like “Rage For Order” and “Operation Mind Crime”. Things are going really great. We think it’s been great having fans connect with Todd.

AL: What has it been like revisiting that older material in a live setting?
EJ: It’s interesting. One of Todd’s favorite albums is “The Warning”. Going back and playing some of that stuff has been really fun. It may have taken us a few practices to relearn some of that older material but it’s refreshing. We have been having a lot of fun with everything.

AL:Can you give us an update on the new album?AL: What led to the band signing recently with Century Media Records?
EJ: It was kind of a mutual thing between the band and Century Media. We collectively sat down and we both wanted to create a new relationship. So far they have been a class act and we are very happy to be working with them.

EJ: The new album will be released on June 11th. We are all looking forward to having the fans check it out. Things are pretty much completed but we are still tweaking some things here and there. It has been nice working with James “Jimbo” Barton again. We have a great relationship with him from the past and we wanted to put out an album that captured the style of our previous albums. James was a blast and our first day back together was like no time had passed.

AL: What type of creative process did you take towards the new album?
EJ: We all sort of came in with our own pieces. There may have been a song or two that was already written but for the most part it was a collective effort. Todd is a great musician that not only sings but he plays drums and guitar. We all just threw out ideas and began working on the ones that we thought were the best and fit our style the most. When you can sit down and talk through what you are going to be working on it makes things a lot easier. We haven’t been able to do something like that in quite awhile.

AL: Can you tell us about the first single off the album?
EJ: The song is titled “Redemption” and it was released a few weeks ago. Stylistically this felt like the first song that we should release. This song was the one that we all thought would most identify with what the band is doing now.

AL: What types of tour plans are in the works to support the new album?
EJ: We have some US dates in the works right now. We also will be performing over in Europe and are working to get to a few other countries. We are going to be very busy this year and we are looking forward to it.

24 Replies to “Eddie Jackson talks about the future of Queensrÿche and their new album”

  1. I was only 14-15 yrs old when i started to listen to Queensryche – Warning and instantly fell in love with the music, sound, everything. I had seen the Rage For Order tour w/ Ozzy Osbourne, yes it was awesome… I’ve been a Fan ever since but, when Queensryche split ways w/ Geoff Tate, it was devastating! i have tried and tried to like the new Queensryche w/ Todd La Torre . It’s just not the same. Todd La Torre is a great vocalist/musician… For me – I fell in love with Geoff Tate as the lead Vocalist in Queensryche so now, I just listen to the original Queensryche .

  2. For me…this break up….kinda feels like your parents are getting divorced. My heart is still broken, but the band really has not been the same since Chris DeGarmo left (in my opinion). I truly feel it is sacrilegious for anyone BUT Geoff Tate to perform Rage for Order or Operation Mindcrime. I’m sure this Todd guy is wonderful but I can’t get myself to listen to any of the “new” stuff. Looks like I will be able to give all of my undivided attention to my other most favorite band on this planet m/ UP THE IRONS!

  3. I’m on the THIS QR bandwagon now. GT has become quite a d-bag. I can still listen to the old stuff on cd, but now can hear it again with a fresh voice. THIS is the real QR.

  4. I’m sorry, but there is no Queensryche without Geoff Tate. Very few bands are able to pull off a switch in lead singers – AC/DC being one of those few exceptions. I’ve listened to the new material with Todd, and it just isn’t the same. I’ll stick with Geoff Tate thank you, and if he has his own version of Queenryche then that’s the one I’m going to follow/listen to/see concerts of.

  5. this is like when ozzy got the boot from sabbath…. tony went on with the sab name different singers…. oz played sab songs….. i do think tate acted like a spoiled brat though….

  6. How can I find anything about this version of Queensryche. If you google, only Geoff’s team comes up. I am a fan of the original band in it’s entirity (is that a word)… I would like to follow both versions.

  7. i agree with Pamela ,ill give the new lead a listen and if your not as good ,ill drop you ,fast .i believe it was a mistake to let Geoff go .so you guys better bring it .

  8. I am a huge fan, but something happened when Chris DeGarmo left, in all honesty, I think the band should have ended there. In my eyes Chris was Queensryche. He was the creative force that made Queensryche the band we all fell in love with. To say I was shocked when I read that Geoff was unceremoniously FIRED is an understatement.

    I don’t really see how Scott, Eddie and Michael can go on using the name? Their version is nothing more than a tribute band, a nostalgia act at best. Let’s face it, the identity of the band is gone. Chris was the visonary that essentially “made” Queensryche and Geoff is the face and voice of the band. I’m sorry if this offends any of the fans, but Chris’ departure was like a gunshot to the head and Geoff’s firing was plugging the plug.

  9. The current Queensrÿche with Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson is the original Queensrÿche if any. In what camp are there most original members? Yeah, thought so! AND Todd La Torre is able to perform their old stuff which GT doesn’t want to and is not capable of.

  10. Reading all this really shows what true fans none of you are. I have been a fan since like 1982 and love Queensryche. I agree that when Chris left the band Queensryche hasn’t put out a good cd since. Now as for Mark saying he doesn’t understand how Scott, Eddie, and Michael could use the name I will inform you that Geoff tate wasn’t even a member of the band when they started. The original members are the 3 that is left with Chris. Not Geoff. He was hired just as a studio musician because he was in another band. When things went will with their first recording and got a record deal that’s when they asked Geoff to join the band. And also you say a tribute band? That would surely be Geoff’s version as he is having guest musicians. Truth be told too Geoff has sucked for as long time and his solo crap sucks bad. He has just about ruined the name Queensryche with what they have been putting out just to make him happy. And he was stealing money from the rest of the band and was an asshole. I have seen this in person and it is a shame because he is in my top 5 singers of all time but he needs to get his voice back and take care of it and lose the ego and treat fans with appreciation. Todd coming from one of my favorite bands of all time to join another one of my favorite bands of all time is an easy thing for me to love. They are going to be playing all the old queensryche that I love and that Geoff couldn’t sing anymore. I am glad the guys put the band first and are starting to take care of the name. Geoff needs to give it up and just go by his name and still do his thing. Queensryche was and still is more then just Geoff Tate. Better without him at this point of his career.

  11. Sorry, no Geoff Tate, no Queensryche. I understand you’re one of the founding members, but I have this argument with people all the time… the lead vocals is the voice to the fans. The voice is the most distinct instrument in a band. You can pick guys like Sting, Rod Stewart, etc… out of millions of voices right off the bat because of their uniqueness. What made Queensryche great was the bands heavy music with Geoffs soothing vocals, that recipe created something that was not contrite but instead very unique during a time that metal was transitioning to grunge… they seemed to fit right in the cuff perfectly.

    But I’m sorry, not Geoff Tate, no Queensryche… Just like watching Journey with an asian singer doesn’t do anything for me… I’m used to cutoff sleeved Steve Perry, anything else is toss-off.

  12. It seems GT has become quite the douche nozzle and his voice is really sucking these days anyway so it’s not like they lost the Operation Mindcrime Geoff Tate. No great loss if you ask me. The band made a good move by letting him go.

  13. I’ve listened to Queensryche since the 1982 EP broke the scene & set the music world on it’s ass! yes Geoff was a great singer key word was. I challange any fan to find me and body of work involving Geoff after Empire that was worth a damn, and don’t forget that the biggest hit on that album was written by who? Chris! now the rest of the works are the works by Geoff so what do you have? A disrespectful, arrogant, selfcentered, singer. sad but true my friends if you need proof watch Geoff’s comments to the crowd of rocklahoma when he tells them they suck. rocklahoma is a music festival with many bands so good chance many were not in attendance to see the Ryche, but after being told they suck how many fans do you think they pulled into queensryche nation I don’t care who you are you don’t disrespect your fans that way. The new line-up is awesome Todd LaTorre grew up a fan just like us and lost intrest just like us/or me for that matter after empire. Chris,Whip, scott, & eddie were a band before Geoff so it is only fitting that Whip, Scott, & Eddie carry on the tradition that is Queensryche. as for comparing this band to bands like Journey, foreigner who replaced the lead singer to go on stage and make $ period. Is way off base,This band is recording New material that rocks I might add check it out no one said you have to like it but if you listen I bet you will. so in conclusion Whip,Scott,Eddie, along with Parker&Todd are the ONLY QUEENSRYCHE! thank you guys 4 bringing us your true fans. Your Music. ROCK & ROLL

  14. I have been a huge Queensryche fan since the early 80’s; it is in my opinion that when Chris left the band, I would agree that it never was the same after that. I have seen this band live over 45 times though out the years and still to this day support them 100%. I have meet all the members and I have to say that Geoff Tate has disappointed me many times and his “blown up ego” has destroyed this band. I know I will still go to see him play, but I support Eddie, Scott and Michael over Tate any day of the week and wishing them the very best with there futures. Let’s face it… Tate has been losing his voice for many years and is on his last leg, his live performances show it with the older tunes.

  15. I dont care about ego’s , inner turmoil, who was in the band first ( they haden’t even put out a release without Geoff) .
    They should have sat down with Geoff and gave him a ultimatum . Let us contribute more or you’re fired. Instead they go on since 97-98 not liking the writing but saying nothing for 13-14 year ? Yea right ! Then fire him behind his back at a show in Brazil . Pussies !

    These guys are in their early to mid 50’s w/ about 10 yrs left . You dont replace the face and voice of Queensryche now. Geoff was the leader of this band . Eddie & Wilton always sat on stage off to the back with no smiles or eye contact with the fans their whole career. Thats a fact !
    As far as the voice goes, most singers start to lose their instrument alittle with age and life !
    Oh boy the clone singer that looks like a troll can hit every note while copying Geoff from the first two releases . Who cares . I’m sure there are better musicians that could play circles around Eddie , Wilton, and Scott . But do we replace them too ? Geoff does a good enough job . And I, like most, at the first few soldout shows of this tour agree, we are sticking with Geoff…..

  16. I listen to ANY of the Music with G. Tate now with a wince now, I agree that after Mr. DeGarmo left the band it hasn’t been the same, & I was at the Tempe, AZ show with TLT on vocals & even with 2/3 of the band intact it is not the same. I Wish them the best of Luck with their new Endeavors with Todd, & you got to give Geoff a break he didn’t exactly take care of that beautiful voice he used to have by smoking n’ such, but ANY 80s band out there giving a performance is going to show signs of wear & tear. Let alone just being older. As for being a D-Bag? I don’t know. I’ve met Geoff more than once & he always showed me his Respect as a fan & supporter of the group, when he was a member, as with the other band members although I personally don’t agree with P. Lundren being in the band. Mike Stone was A LOT more personable than PL & in my OWN opinion fit better within the Queensryche framework. So, like others I’m sure, I’ve shifted my attention to another group that is still out there playing live, working on new material & being a Band of equals & friends at the same time. It is just disheartening that this had to happen to an American group & to see & hear the aftermath it has caused amongst us…, it is pretty sad to say the most.

  17. Are you guys mental? Geoff Tate is a douchetard that can’t even sing any more. I am glad he’s gone.

  18. I can appreciate anyone having their doubts about how this band can continue without Geoff. I had my own. Then I went to their concert in Tempe and I was completely blown away. I arrived in time to hear their sound check. I was very eager to hear Todd for myself and the moment he began to sing I was an instant believer. After the sound check I went back stage to meet the guys and they were gracious, professional, happy and didn’t say one negative word about Geoff. I was so pumped for the concert because all I got was a little taste of what Todd could do. When the concert started Todd silenced ALL of the doubters. He was solid from beginning to end. I remember thinking…”every person on planet earth needs to see these guys perform because what I was witnessing was truly special. I respect what Geoff did in the earlier days of Queensryche. I will always love and appreciate his contributions. Moving forward and embracing the new direction of the band doesn’t take away what he did one bit. The last time I purchased a Queensryche album was Tribe and despite my best effort I could not force myself to like it. I have listened to Geoff’s latest work and it is more of the same….BLAH. My next purchase will be on June 11th when the new album is released. I would encourage any of you that have doubts to reserve your judgement until you see this new line up LIVE. 90% or more of the doubters will embrace the change.

  19. Bruce and Maiden…………. Rob and Preist………..Ozzy and Sabbath……….. Robbie and Take That………. They’ve all done the singular thing. They’ve all done the ” I wanna do something else “thing……………………I wish that Geoff would just get on and do his own project and leave Queensryche behind for the forseeable future.
    Just get on with it Geoff, stop all this mucking about with the lives of the fans.
    Give it a few years then see.
    Life is too short.

  20. I totally agree with Scott on everything he said. GT is the tribute band and not a very good one. He had brought other people in to write instead of letting the band members do it and only play what he wanted to. Gt was a hell of a singer, but not anymore and Todd kicks ass so the Queensryche Official is my choice. The other version is well Geoff Tate solo band hanging on the coattails of Queensryche. Chris was a master and a creative force for sure and it would be awesome to have him come back even if it was to do a couple of tour dates as a guest player. I think I can say for every fan out there that to go to a QR show and be surprised by the appearence of Chris DeGarmo, that would be so awesome and remebered forevevr. Come on Chris, for old times sake? Geoff is gone now .

  21. I knew Geoff, Chris, Scott, Michael and Eddie when they began their journey. Each and everyone of them are talented individuals. As the years went on our ways were parted. As they became KNOWN, I had run into Mr. Tate at a club in Seattle, he acted like he didn’t even know me. With that said, yes Chris leaving was a devastating change to all. All by now should let that go. Parker stepped in and we all should be proud of the remaining members. I wish the best for each of them, but I never have forgotten how Geoff acted as if he did not know me. From the beginning, I knew if they made it big, he would be the only one that would become ARROGANT. The rest, from what I see, have stayed grounded. When I saw a performance with woman all over the stage.. UMMMM.. HMMMM… WHO THE HELLS IDEA WAS THAT!!!!! This band will be able to perform old material that many fans have been wanting to hear, and Geoff could no longer sing. Furthermore, how in the HELL, can you trust a co worker that steals from you… I wish Todd, Scott, Michael, Eddie and Parker the best of luck.. FOR THEY ARE QUEENSRYCHE………

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