Kristen Hager talks about playing Nora on SyFy’s “Being Human”

Kristen Hager is known best for playing Nora on SyFy’s “Being Human”.  Season two really gave her a chance to explore the dark side of her character as she became a wolf.  Kristen had a chance to chat with Media Mikes to discuss her character and season two’s finale.

Mike Gencarelli: Can you reflect on your character Nora during the first two seasons of “Being Human”?
Kristen Hager: It has been a great journey so far. I have loved it. In season 1 she is just a nurse and a normal human being. She is dating a guy with some commitment issues which coincide with a full moon. By the end of season 1 my character ends up being scratched. Season 2 has been Nora dealing with her new infliction. She is grappling with being a werewolf and everything that comes with that. Nora starts to think that this is something she wants however over time she begins to realize that it may be too much for her.

MG: What do you like most about your character being a wolf?
KH: It is different from a lot of the other things I have done. Not a lot of women have played a

female werewolf on television. That it’s self has been really exciting. Nora becomes a strong and very independent woman. This is ideal when you are a female. It’s been a fun adventure getting to play out all these scenarios that the writers create. I think we have done a really good job doing things that have not been done before.

MG: What was the initial make-up process like?
KH: I think the first time you see Nora change is the only time you see her full transformation. I was super nervous about filming that scene. Sam Huntington is a good friend and told me ahead of time about the process. I knew there were going to be a lot of prosthetics. I really didn’t have to do much of the prosthetic stuff. When they do the snout transformation they put these dots on your face and do a CGI transformation. The real challenge is the physicality of it. You have to act as though your body is being ripped apart. In the car scene where I first change there were certain spots I had to hit. They say action and you just go for it and see what happens.

MG: Do you have a favorite episode from season 2?
KH: My favorite episodes were the first couple from this season. I love all of the Nora and Josh stuff. I like working with Sam. I think those scenes are so well done. I like episode 2 from this season. Nora is just coming to terms with

her disease and there are a lot of lovely scenes in that episode.

MG: Do you think there is any hope in saving Nora and Josh’s relationship?
KH: I really hope so! That is really the main thing I am hoping for out of season 3.

MG: Do you have any sneak peeks into season 3?
KH: I don’t. Your guess at this point is as good as mine. I know the writers are working on the episodes but other than that I have no idea. I am really excited to find out. We are scheduled to start shooting in mid June so I hope to have some idea of what’s going on soon.


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