Dusan Dukic talks about playing Reaper in SyFy’s “Being Human”

Dusan Dukic is known best for playing Reaper in season 2 of SyFy’s “Being Human”.  Dusan took out some time to chat with Media Mikes about the role and his reflection on season 2.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us how you got involved with “Being Human” season two?
Dusan Dukic: I got a call from my agent to audition for a part called the Reaper in Being Human season 2. On the original casting breakdown it stated that it was a character that would recur for 3 episodes. I said I would do it, not knowing what would be the outcome, as I thought at first that the role would not be so heavily involved in the season. I was wrong and it was pleasantly surprising that I got to partake in such an exciting and interesting journey playing the Reaper.

MG: There is little known about the reaper, how did you prepare for the role?
DD: There is very little known about the Reaper, and when your character’s name is the Reaper, it seemed a very daunting role to play. However, Adam Kane and I had lengthy and extremely helpful conversations giving me great insight into the character, who he is, what purpose he serves and what is the precise connection to Sally.  Yes the Reaper exists in Sally’s mind, but to her he is completely real. The most important question to me was, why did she create him and why does she need him.

MG: How was it working with Meagan Rath?
DD: Working with Meaghan was absolutely fantastic.  She is very connected to her role, and she is extremely generous as an actress. She also has a great sense of humor.  It was a pleasure.

MG: What did you enjoy most about season two? Favorite episode?
DD: My favorite episode and what I most enjoyed in season 2 was “Dream Reaper”.  The episode was a blast to shoot, from the new décor, to the purple fashion invasion. It was a chance for the audience to see a different side of the Reaper. From my point of view he really was trying to help Sally, and I think he really cares for her well being in his own special way. I’m still getting so many wonderful comments by the fans  @dusandukic on how much they enjoyed the episode. I’ve never had the chance to wear so much purple in my life before.  I think, however, that Reapers prefer black.

MG: Can you reflect on the fantastic season two finale?
DD: The season finale was full of adrenaline and action. By the end of the episode all of the story lines are left hanging in the balance. We have no idea of what will happen to all of the characters. It was a rush to watch.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Sally in “limbo” next season. I’m curious to see what it looks like and what happens there.

MG: Any word if the reaper is coming back for season three?
DD: Will the Reaper be back for season 3? We will have to wait and see. That rhymed by the way.

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