Dichen Lachman talks about playing Suren on Syfy’s “Being Human”

Dichen Lachman appeared in season two of Syfy’s “Being Human” playing the role of Suren. Dichen is also known for her role in the TV series “Dollhouse”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Dichen about her role in “Being Human” and what she has planned next.

Mike Gencarelli: What did you enjoy most about working on “Being Human”?
Dichen Lachman: I think playing a vampire is one of those things that are very appealing as an actor. You get to explore the shadows. You also get to dress up and go into that fantastical world. It’s such a gift.

MG: How did you prepare for your role on the show?
DL: The make-up and effects help you get into character a lot. What I did was I discovered a specific dialect that Suren spoke in. I worked with an incredible dialect coach. With the creators of the show we discussed how Suren should sound. That was probably the most challenging thing. In the end we were able to find something that everyone liked. You can tell I sound quite different playing that character.

MG: What was the best part for you working with Sam Witwer?
DL: He is great! Sam is so funny as are all of the cast members. They are great actors. It’s very refreshing to work and have fun at the same time. It’s amazing that they are able to snap back in and out of working so quickly.

MG: Do you have a favorite episode that you worked on?
DL: I loved doing the flashback stuff. It’s very rare that someone like me gets to do something like that. I don’t get to play people from the 1920’s and 30’s. It just doesn’t happen. For me to be in that world was remarkable. The costumes and set designs were so good. I was really excited to be able to do that.

MG: have there been any talks about doing flashback scenes in the upcoming season?
DL: I am not sure. I think it might depend on my availability and where they want to take the story. I would go back to Montreal to work with those guys in a heartbeat. Everyone involved with that show is great.

MG: How does this show compare to another show you have worked on “Dollhouse”?
DL: It’s hard to compare them. They are both sort of in that fantasy world. You are still dealing with real world issues but in a roundabout way. For me the only real difference was that I was working in another country. People were speaking French. I remember working on a scene and turning around and everyone had just left. I didn’t know what was happening. They had called lunch in French and I had no idea. It was strange to be on a set where for the most part everyone was speaking French. It was a total trip at first but I got used to it. It was strange but awesome.

MG: Can you tell us about your upcoming pilot “Last Resort”?
DL: “Last Resort” is very exciting! I think people are going to like it and I hope it gets picked up. I may be doing a film called “Too Late” which I hope will start shooting in May. I also am in post production for a film I produced titled “Lust for Love” which stars Fran Kranz from “Cabin in the Woods”. It is a very busy time but it is good and totally worth it.

MG: Do you have any plans to do more producing in the future?
DL: I think so. The world is changing and people are getting content in more ways than ever. Things have been going this way for some time now. I think more now than ever the internet and television are converging. We just have to start making our own things. It’s inevitable. I am still going to be working on other projects an auditioning. It’s important for us as actors to make things our fans want to see. It’s getting increasingly harder to make studio films that are going to make lots of money. Films have to be a 3 dimensional fire fest to get people to go to the cinema.

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