CD Review: The Cult “Choice of Weapon”

The Cult
“Choice of Weapon”
Producer: Chris Gross/Bob Rock
Cooking Vinyl
Tracks: 14

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

“Choice of Weapon” is the latest release from the British rock band The Cult. The album is the bands ninth studio album and is the follow up to the 2007 album “Born into This”. “Choice of Weapon” is being released via Cooking Vinyl and features 10 brand new tracks produced by Chris Gross and Bob Rock.

After being pushed from its originally scheduled 2011 release date The Cult’s “Choice of Weapon” is finally here! Each of the 14 songs on the album are perfectly crafted and feature lush musical arrangements making this album a really great listen. Singer Ian Astbury’s Jim Morrison esc vocals provide an eerie yet beautiful feel to the multi layered instrumentation. The albums opening track “Honey from a Knife” is a straight forward rocker that sets the stage beautifully for what is to come. Tracks such as “The Night in the City Forever” and “Wilderness Now” take you on a soothing sonic journey where you can almost envision what is being described in the lyrics.

This album was surely worth the wait. The band sounds phenomenal and producers Chris Gross and Bob Rock did a great job capturing the energy of the band and I think each of the 14 tracks really showcases everyone efforts. I did find that the album took a few listens through before it really grabbed hold but once it did it didn’t let go. I found myself putting the album on repeat as the tracks never seemed to get old or tiresome. Both diehard and casual Cult listeners will enjoy this album.

Track Listing:
1.) Honey from a Knife
2.) Elemental Light
3.) The Wolf
4.) Life>Death
5.) For the Animals
6.) Amnesia
7.) Wilderness Now
8.) Lucifer
9.) A Pale Horse
10.) The Night in the City Forever
11.) Every Man and Woman is a Star
12.) Embers
13.) Until the Light Takes us Away
14.) Siberia

To order your copy of “Choice of Weapon” head over to or the Apples iTunes store.

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