Grapefruit: Season I & Season II Book Review

Grapefruit: Season II – The Wrath of Chaos & Confusion recently came out, which is a continuation of the previous story from Grapefruit: Season I – The Wrath of Love. In Grapefruit: Season I, the hero character Virtuous takes on a handful of tasks in order to win over the respect of King Vincent, who is the King of Milford Sound. Virtuous wanted to do it because if she performed well, she would be able to be in a romantic relationship with his son, Prince Victor. She was doing well with all the past challenges, such as fighting the evil witch Immoral’s minions, Dark Fiends, an evil troll, and a bunch of other demonic forces while achieving confidence and figuring out how enchanted she really is. Apparently, the magical grapefruit that Immoral gave Virtuous regenerated the hero character’s body and made her youthful again.

As the story progresses, Virtuous realizes that she is enchanted and has special abilities. Everything seemed to go well while she was performing all the challenges that King Vincent requested until she got to the final challenge, also known as the Vessel of Vindication. During her journey to the vessel, she had to battle the gigantic monstrous

beetles. Unfortunately, when she finally makes it into the Vessel of Vindication, she is swallowed alive by the talking serpent.

The story picks up in Grapefruit: Season II and the author of this series, Tyrone Evans Clark (also known as Tyy Renaiⓢⓢance), gives the readers a shocking revelation. Prince Victor was tricked by his godmother Cassandra, who is close friends with his father, King Vincent. Vincent was also part of this conspiracy. Cassandra and Vincent discover that no one survives the Vessel of Vindication. They were hoping that the serpent destroyed Virtuous and Victor would have no other choice, but to marry Princess Sarah. Later in the story, Virtuous survives the wrath of a serpent, but she finds out that she is invisible and nobody can see her. The hero character is also pushed into the spiritual plane’s dimension. Victor takes constant trips to the vessel, hoping that Virtuous will emerge or even come out alive, but unfortunately she never shows up.

As we continue in the story of Grapefruit: Season II, Victor is placed under a spell that Sarah conjures up. At this point, Victor had no other choice but to marry the princess. On the wedding day, the spell breaks and the prince declines to marry Sarah. This upsets the princess and forces her to show her true form as the demented Snail Princess. Everyone was so disappointed with Sarah because it was very clear at this point that they were all tricked and manipulated by her. The Prince runs out of the wedding ceremony and heads to South Auckland by horse to find his true love Virtuous. Overall, Grapefruit: Season I and Season II are both good reads. You can tell from how part two ended that there will be a part 3 for sure. I’m looking forward to getting more details about these complex characters. I hope King Vincent and his son Prince Victor’s relationship improves because everyone deserves love. You can’t help it when it comes down to where your heart belongs. Hopefully, Victor and Virtuous can finally get their happy ending that all of us hope for.