Britany Nola talks about being Playboy’s Miss November 2012

Britany Nola is a music blogger and actress. She is also Playboy’s Miss November 2012 and recently co-starred in the film “American Ecstasy”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Britany about her photo shoot for Playboy and also her love of music.

Mike Gencarelli: What made you want to pursue modeling?
Britany Nola: When I was in high school I started taking some college level classes on the weekends. I met and became friends with a girl who was a model and she suggested I give it a try. I went to a modeling agency and after meeting with them they signed me. Modeling wasn’t something that I had a desire to do. It was just something I tried and ended up liking so I stuck with it.

MG: What has been the highlight of being crowned Playboy’s Miss November 2012
BN: It was quite different because you get a bit more recognition. In the fashion world you’re mostly known by people within the industry. With this you’re seen by a variety of people.

MG: What was it like meeting Hugh Hefner for the first time?
BN: He is very sweet and intelligence. Hugh has great taste in movies. When I first met him he came down with two of his girlfriends and he was just really kind. You don’t really know what to expect but it was great.

MG: Can you tell us about the idea behind the theme of your photo shoot?
BN: The set was made up of all vintage pieces from the 60’s/70’s. We shot the centerfold first and they had placed records all around me. Jane Berkin is one of my greatest idols so I asked if they had one of her records to put in the shoot and they did. That made me feel better and I was ready to shoot. Having that record and the look of the set with all the white was just really cool.

MG: Can you tell us anything about your role in the film “American Ecstasy”?
BN: That film was directed by Jonathan Leder and is a black and white art piece. I play an exotic dancer who falls in love and then her lover disappears. The film tracks the downfall of losing that person. We shot the film in Tampa, FL.

BN: Can you tell us about your work as a music blogger?
MG: The person I blog for contacted me last year to see if I would do an interview for his blog. After talking back and forth for awhile he said he liked the way I wrote and asked if I would be interested in writing something for him. We have never met in person as he lives in Australia but we have a great Skype relationship. Whenever I have a problem or am not feeling too good I call him. He is my cheerleader. It’s a cool and modern relationship.

MG: What do you have planned next?
BN: I am going to start taking some acting classes to sharpen up my skills some. I am going to keep modeling and see where that takes me but I really would like to start going on acting auditions.


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Pamela Horton talks about being Playboy’s Miss October 2012

Pamela Horton is a model that was recently crowned Playboy’s Miss October 2012.  Besides modeling Pamela is also an avid gamer and a big fan of MMORPG games.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Pamela about being Miss October 2012 and her current favorite game.

Mike Gencarelli: Give us some background about yourself?
Pamela Horton: I was born and raised in LA. But I grew up as sort of a Tomboy. Playing in the mud, climbing trees, getting into trouble. I’ve always loves music and art and video games even at a young age.

MG: How did you end up as Playboy’s Miss October 2012?
PH: I had been modeling since I was 18, and a submitting photographer sought me out on Model Mayhem and asked if I would like to submit for Cyber Girl. He sent in my pics and they wanted to test me for playmate and here I am’

MG: Where you chosen or did you have to compete for it?
PH: I was chosen by Hugh Hefner himself!

MG: How did it feel to make the cover of magazine like Playboy?PH: It has been such a sincere honor! Not many playmates have had this privilege!

MG:Tell us about your photo shoot for the issue?
PH:It was unlike any I had done before. Every detail was looked at. The lighting had to be perfect. My positioning had to be perfect. It was hard work, but it paid off!

MG: I hear you are an avid gamer, specifically for RPG gaming and MMO?
PH: This is very true! I’ve been a gamer since my dad had me play Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on SNES! Although I own and adore all systems, I mostly play on my PC. League of Legends, WoW, Diablo 3, FFXI

MG: What is your favorite game currently?
PH: Currently I am loving the crap out of Theatrythm Final Fantasy. So much nostalgia in one game! And I was always a fan of guitar hero and rock band and to have that trigger interaction with final fantasy music is amazing.

MG: Now that you have been crowned Miss October 2012, what do you want to conquer next?
PH: Look out Riot Games, I plan on trying to work for you!