Our Last Enemy talks about their new album “Pariah”

On March 11th 2014, Australian industrial metal band Our Last Enemy released their newest album titled “Pariah” via Eclipse Records. Produced by Christian Olde Wolbers the album is a perfect melding of all things metal. Media Mikes had the chance to speak with the band recently about the album’s release and the bands plans for coming to the United States.

Adam Lawton: How did Our Last Enemy originally come together?
Matt Heywood: The band formed in 2006 in Sydney, Australia. Myself, Oli and Jeff’s previous bands had all broken up and we all ended up meeting through a mutual friend. Bizz joined the band in 2010 after leaving the Genitorturers and relocating to Australia. We had heard through friends that Bizz was looking for a band to jam with. Zot joined the band in 2013. He had actually played with Oli in another band.
Oliver Fogwell: The Australian music scene is just one big family so you eventually end up working with everyone.

AL: How would you describe the bands sounds to someone unfamiliar with the group?
MH: We use the term “Industrial Metal” to describe ourselves when we only have time for a short answer or when we know someone doesn’t have a long attention span. (Laughs) Maybe “Metal Industrial” would be better suited? When we have time for a longer description we like to say it’s a kick in the nuts with a brick on our collective shoe! Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. We like to blend genres with metal being the first and then mixing in electronic, punk, gothic and hardcore, etc.
Bizz Bernius: I would describe our sound as a horror movie soundtrack on steroids.

AL: What can you tell us about the band’s new album?
MH: Our debut North American album is titled “Pariah” It was released on March 11th via Eclipse Records. Christian Olde Wolders who used to be in Fear Factory produced the record along with some bonus remixes by Travis Neal (Divine Heresy), Angel (Dope) and Mortiis. The foundation of the album is “Industrial Metal”. We try to make each song have a particular feel, and throw in all kinds of different styles to achieve that. The album has everything from high level triplets and double kicks to slow brooding grooves. We want people to make up their own minds after hearing it and take from it what they want.
OF: Every review thus far has found something different in “Pariah” which is great. That’s what the album is. It’s a blend of heavy genres that we like to listen to.

AL: Are there plans to tour in support of the release?
MH: Yes! We hope to tour in North America as soon as we can. We want to get out there and play for as many people as possible. We are planning a tour but as right now we can’t yet announce the specifics.
BB: Absofuckinglutely! I can’t wait to tour my home country now that I am in an Australian band. How strange is that? (Laughs)

AL:  Coming from Australia, what do you feel is the hardest part about getting your music heard in different countries other than your own (for example the united States)?
MH: With so much of what a band does now being online, it makes the world a smaller place. Getting our music out on the radio, TV, YouTube or online in general is just as easy for us as it would be for any other band foreign or not. The hardest part for us is getting to play live in other countries and giving people the opportunity to hear our songs in their raw form. We pride ourselves on our live shows. That distance between North America, Australia or Europe is the hardest thing. It costs a lot more money for us to get places so it’s an uphill battle in those terms but, we like it that way.
BB: The expense of touring outside Australia is very high. Flights alone are just ridiculous! (Laughs)