NYCC 2012 – Adult Swim’s “Children’s Hospital” and “NTSF:SD:SUV” Panel

As part of this year’s New York Comic Con cast members from Adult Swims “Children’s Hospital” and “NTSF:SD:SUV” came together for a panel where they aired new promos for the coming seasons and answered a number of questions from the large group of fans who filled one of the convention hall rooms. Media Mikes was on hand to cover the panel which proved to be quite entertaining.

Question 1: Now that “Children’s Hospital” has won an Emmy do you think “NTSF” will be next?
David Wain: Highly unlikely.
Curtis Gwinn: It takes a lot of money to win an Emmy as you have to pay those people a lot.
Paul Scheer: Look, I don’t kiss the ass of Hollywood. I make shows for people. Not to win awards.
Rob Corddry: I feel like we won Paul. It’s all of ours Emmy.
PS: Whatever! (Laughs) At “NTSF” we have talked about this and we want to get a Grammy. We plan to work really hard at figuring out how to do that.
CG: I want to win an Obie.

Q2: In last season of “Children’s Hospital” you did an episode which told Chief’s back story. Do you have any plans to do more of those with other characters?
RC: The first episode next season will feature as much back story as we have. Lucky you guys, your winning! (Laughs)

Q3: What was Henry Winkler like to work with?
RC: He was a Bastard! (Laughs)
PS: I can tell you what he was like to work with. He’s coooool.

Q4: David you have established a specific style of making out. Do you tell the actors to make out a certain way?
DW: I don’t tell them I show them! (Laughs)

Q5: In the first season of “NTSV” how did you survive the Mustache dimension?
PS: In that episode we ended up in this alternate reality/dimension where everyone had mustaches. CG: It’s a television show. But who is to say that since we are playing with multiple dimensions like “Fringe” that who’s to say that the original trend from that episode is even the trend that the show is actually about? PS: Think about that. It goes deep.

Q6: Rob in the movie “End Game” did you ever find out what Tempest felt like?
RC: You are referencing a movie that only you and my Dad saw. I have no idea what you are talking about. (Laughs) I don’t feel anyone.
PS: I think he is asking what a woman feels like. (Laughs)
DW: Without going in to too much detail I will say that touching the boobs is so great. (Laughs)
PS: It’s like hot Jell-O. (Laughs)

Q7: Do you think there will ever be an episode made of “Children’s Hospital” that can be show to children?
RC: Not interested in children other than my own kids. I don’t have anything in common with them. They are not easy to talk to and don’t understand irony or sarcasm. They can be dicks! And I don’t have time for that whole genre. (Laughs)
PS: Most of the cast and crew on “Children’s Hospital” have children and yet we don’t make episodes they can watch.
RC: Zero interest.
PS: However I have no children and have been on “Yo Gabba Gabba” like 8 times. (Laughs)
RC: Is that even really for kids? I am not sure.
PS: No it’s for Brooklyn hipsters. (Laughs)

Q8: “NTSF” was originally a fake commercial during “Children’s Hospital”. How did you get from that to a real TV show?
PS: Adult Swim had some programming holes during the show so we shot a fake trailer and based on that they picked up the show.
RC: Paul basically saved our ass because we had a show that was under time.
PS: We filled that 90 second hole and then made a TV show out of it. (Laughs)
CG: It worked out so well that we do it at the end of every “NTSF” episode hoping that it will work out some more.

Q9: How did you come to cast Kate Mulgrew in “NTSF”?
PS: I can only tell you what it’s like to touch her. Curtis is the one who actually had the idea.
CG: I am a gigantic “Star Trek” nerd.
DW: That lady is a complete fox!
PS: We had the character of Kove and we couldn’t figure out whom to play her. We went through all these lists of names and then Curtis brought up Kate. We thought she was great but didn’t think she would ever do a comedy on Adult Swim. Especially wearing an eye patch and smoking a pipe. We ended up calling her and she said she would do it. She only said no to one thing and that was saying the word vagina. However she would use another word to convey that same message. That was the only thing that she said no to.
RC: What was the word she ended up saying?
DW: Cunt I think it was. (Laughs)

Q10: Will there ever be an episode of “Children’s Hospital” featuring the Insane Clown Posse?
PS: Season 2 featured the Boom Town Break Down Crew so what’s the difference?
RC: I assume because they also wear clown makeup? Yeah I get what you’re saying. I never thought about it before only because it would never make any sense and there is no relation to the show. It would be kind of annoying to have them around.
PS: Have you ever thought of having Ronald McDonald on the show?
RC: That is another clown and I am terrible at this!
DW: I think we should have the crew from “Mad Men” come on the show because they all wear ties. (Laughs)
RC: I have been thinking about this all wrong. Thank you.
PS: Adult Swim would probably have to take out a big Faygo sponsorship.

Q11: Will Jason Mantzoukas be doing any more episodes of “NTSF”?
PS: This season of “NTSF” has no more Jason Mantzoukas because we are done filming it. He is definitely on “The League”.
DW: If you want to see more of Jason he will be in the movie I am editing right now titled “They Came Together” which comes out in June.
CG: He is my neighbor in Hollywood and if you want to meet him I will take you to his house. (Laughs)

Q12: With both of these shows having similar DNA will we ever see Trent go to “Children’s Hospital”?
DW: It could happen.
RC: We talk about that a lot and we just want to make sure if and when we do it that it’s done in a cool way. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves.
PS: Maybe we could do just a half assed version?
DW: That’s what my girlfriend said. (Laughs)

Q13: Will there be any more cult show reunion’s happening on “Children’s Hospital”
RC: We don’t have plans for anything but, that was one of the most satisfying shooting experiences on the show. I was a big fan of “Party Down” except for Adam Scott who is a dick! (Laughs)
PS: “NTSF” has been trying to do “Different Strokes” but it has been very hard. No one returns phone calls.

Q14: Is there any chance we will see a Frank Wrench cameo in the upcoming “Arrested Development” episodes?
RC: I assume I would have been called already. I was not like an important character in the “Arrested Development” mythology. Thank you for remembering his name.

Kate Mulgrew talks about her role in Adult Swim’s “NTSF:SD:SUV::”

Kate Mulgrew is known best for playing Captain Kathryn Janeway in “Star Trek: Voyager”. She is also taking the leadership role in her role in Adult Swim’s “NTSF:SD:SUV::” playing Kove. In one of the funniest shows on television shows on the station, the show just started its second season. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Kate (while I was attending “Star Wars” convention, sorry Kate) to chat about this great show and how she keeps it serious.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us how you got involved with this crazy yet amazing unique show “NTSF:SD:SUV::”
Kate Mulgrew: The comedic genius otherwise known as Paul Scheer called me up and told me they want me to play this sort of Captain for a terrorist strike force. They wanted me to pattern myself after M from James Bond. I said immediately “Count me in, say no more”. Of course I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew nothing about these 15 minute episodic shows or procedurals for that matter. But I said “If he is setting it up I am along for the ride”. I am so glad I did because it such a great group.

MG: How do you keep it serious when giving some of your hysterical lines?
KM: You can imagine what the discipline is like. Sometimes it is agony in order to get those lines out without cracking up. It’s agony to keep a straight face. Some of the things they ask us to do is crazy. I am surrounded by really comedically gifted people and am always on my toes. I am the only straight man in the group and I think that is what works about it.

MG: How do you feel season two compares to the first?
KM: This is the better season in every sense. We had to take the first season to get our “sea-legs”. Everyone was shooting blind. This is far more grounded. WE were more relaxed. Everything was in place. The writing was there. The characters has been developed. So we just went for it. Adult Swim is just the best.

MG: Do you feel that due to the 15 minute format, does that pose any challenges for you?
KM: I think that is the beauty of it. For some odd reason – or maybe all the right reasons, if you’ve only got 15 minutes to tell a story and the audience is aware of that, not only is the story going to be tight and very funny but the audience is going to be extra attentive. If you use those two things in combination, and in generally speaking, you will have a success.

MG: Sticking with the leadership role; can you reflect your role in this show to playing Captain Kathryn Janeway in “Star Trek: Voyager”?
KM: Mike, whether it is a Starship or a terrorist strike force. I take my duties equally serious. You understand? I save the day…and this time I am doing it with an eye patch! [laughs]

MG: What else can we expect from you upcoming?
KM: I just did a wonderful movie this Spring called “Drawing Home”. Next year, I am doing a play in New York called “Somewhere Fun”. I also have a recurring role as Jane Lattimer on “Warehouse 13”. So I am keeping real busy!

Brandon Johnson talks about working on Adult Swim’s “NTSF:SD:SUV::”

Brandon Johnson is the co-star of Adult Swim’s “NTSF:SD:SUV::” He is joined by Paul Scheer, Kate Mulgrew, Rebecca Romijn, Martin Starr, June Diane Raphael and Rob Riggle. The show has just started its second season and already is shaping up to trump its first.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Brandon to find about what he like most about playing Alphonse and what we can expect this season.

Mike Gencarelli: What do you think makes “NTSF:SD:SUV::” so unique?
Brandon Johnson: I feel like you get a lot of bang for your buck. We think our audience is really smart. We know they are. We don’t try and hit it over their head, in terms of “Do you all get what a crime procedural is?”. One of the coolest things about Adult Swim and their shows is that they get really amazing talent to be able to come in and do these shows. What separates us from everyone else is our cameos. We have Ray Liotta in there. I have no idea how they got Kate Mulgrew, but she is hilarious. You look at it and it seems like just a little show but then you look closer and realize we have every member of “The Office”, the members of “Human Giant” and most of cast from “Freak and Geeks”, including Paul Fieg. If you are a nerd, we will appeal to you.

MG: If I wasn’t already a big fan, that is really a great sale for the show.
BJ: [laughs], I know right. If you are a computer nerd…we have a robot. If you like “Star Trek”…we have Kate Mulgrew. We are taking care of you nerds.

MG: Where do you get inspiration for Alphonse?
BJ: I love the contrast of LL Cool J and Ice-T as cops on television. Alphonse has these great one-liners that are pretty potent but he is terrified of everything. I like to be the basic cop like “Hey man, I may not have gone to college and don’t understand words on paper but I know your a criminal” [laughs]. As much as David Caruso believes that sunglasses improves his skills — LL Cool J believes that flexing his pecks makes him a better cop. I try to do the best I can to convey “I really don’t know what doing on here but I don’t like it”. [laughs]

MG: Have you gotten a script and just thought it was too over-the-top?
BJ: No. We are really happy that the writers are really really good at what they do. I am just really trying to keep up with them. The creators knew what they wanted to do with the show, so by the time we got there it was really tight.

MG: What can we expect from season two of “NTSF:SD:SUV::”
BJ: Season two you get to see the lovely NTSF:AK:CANOE, which is another NTSF in Alaska. We are going to Alaska to meet my father, who is being played by Steven Williams.

MG: How do you compare this season to the first season?
BJ: The first season, I think we were trying to win you. We went to different locations in each episodes and there wasn’t a lot of focus on some of the other characters. This season your are going to get more of June (Diane Raphael), a lot of Rebecca (Romijn), and Martin (Starr) gets his own episode. One of the things we wanted to do this season was say “Look now that you know how crazy we are, let’s go ahead and give you a look at each of the characters”. I mean there will always be (Paul) Scheer, since we need him and he is just amazing.

MG: Any room for improv?
BJ: It is a weird thing. It is like a Jeter situation [laughs]. “We know that you were a great baseball player once and still are and if we ever need those skills that will be amazing, but you trust the skipper on this one and just do your job” [laughs]. I thankfully don’t have to improv that much. The writers are really good and help me out on that.

MG: What else do you have planned next?
BJ: I do but I have to be loyal to this one. I think this show is going to be awesome this season!