How to measure your performance on Twitter

Twitter has 187 million daily active users and is a popular place for people, brands and businesses to market. Brands use twitter to engage with their audience and this is an effective marketing strategy. Twitter allows you to increase brand awareness, keep up with the latest trends in your industry, promote your brand, drive website traffic and get instant feedback about your product or service.

For you to grow on twitter you need to measure your progress. This is important because it helps you gain insight into the quality of your audience and how many followers are engaging with your content. It also tells you how well your content is doing with your followers and if you need to adjust your strategy or not.

If you have never measured your performance on twitter before, it might be a bit confusing. Here are a few ways to measure progress:

Keep up with follower count and engagement rate

Another important way to measure your performance on twitter is to measure your follower count and how it grows over time. You should create a timeline to compare your followers past and present. It’s also important to check how much engagement you get compared to your follower count. Engagement is important because it helps you connect and establish a relationship with your followers which is good for your brand and business, and there are many growth services similar to Twesocial that can help you with that. If you engage, you will gain followers. It is better to connect and engage with your followers than it is to have a huge number of people following you that you do not engage with. Engagement establishes loyalty from your audience.

Use analytics on twitter

A good way to measure your performance on twitter is by using analytics. Twitter analytics gives you details and summaries about individual tweets, media and ad campaigns. You need to understand how your content is being received and you can use this information to measure success, formulate a strategy and make money.

There are also different twitter metrics that you need to track. The top 10 metrics include:

  1. Average tweet performance: Includes average engagement rate, average shares and average retweet numbers.
  2. Audience type: What is the primary gender of your audience? Where are your followers from, what are their hobbies and interests etc.
  3. Engagement rate: tracking your engagement rate will show you whether you are successful in connecting with your audience.
  4. Type of engagement: You want your audience to like, retweet or comment on your tweets to show their commitment. Retweets and comments are more valuable than likes.
  5. Content performance: Look for a good impression to engagement ratio.
  6. Brand follower growth: analytics enables you to track how quickly you are growing your follower base by looking at your performance on a week-by-week basis.
  7. Impressions: Shows you how many people see your account each day.
  8. Video completion rate:  Video views on your twitter analytics shows how many people have seen and played your videos and completion rate shows how many people watched the whole video.
  9. Hashtag performance: Gives insight into your most used hashtags and most engaging terms.
  10. Return on investment: To make sure the money you are putting into twitter campaigns are coming back to you in the form of new customers and conversations.

The most important metric is engagement rate, hashtags, follower growth and impressions.

Check which tweets are most popular

You should always check which tweets perform the best and are the most popular. Pay close attention to the time that the post was tweeted, what the tweet was about and what the format was (whether it was an image, video or meme), as this can help you to get Twitter followers easily and effectively. Also check if tweets that are similar are as popular and keep in mind that there are different times where followers are more active.

Track hashtags

Hashtags are twitters most popular creation. It is not possible to run a social media Champaign without hashtags. Stick to a few popular tags to help gain your tweets more attention and then over time you can experiment with different hashtags to see which ones are best received.

To track your hashtags use Sprouts Social outbound. They provide insight into your hashtags and most engaging terms. Tracking hashtags shows what people are talking about and how many of your hashtags are used. This helps you strategize which hashtags to gain the most engagement.