Escape the Fate’s Robert Ortiz talks about new album “Ungrateful”

Robert Ortiz is the drummer for the heavy metal band Escape the Fate who in May of this year released their fourth studio album titled “Ungrateful”. Media Mikes had the chance to speak with Robert recently to discuss the album and the bands current tour with Five Finger Death Punch.

Adam Lawton: What have things been like for the band since signing with Eleven Seven Music?
Robert Ortiz: Well it’s been interesting. They have really backed us as we have had a rough year sorting out new management and it’s been kind of hard to get all of our visions across. We are now with 10th St. which is kind of like a partner with Eleven Seven. Since joining with them full force, everything has been moving forward and on track. It’s obvious that they are working hard to make sure that all of our art gets out to as many people in as many ways as possible.

AL: Can you tell us about the bands current tour with Five Finger Death Punch?
RO: Well were really fucking stoked on it! Five Finger Death Punch is personally one of my favorite bands out right now. They are really killing it right now and it’s a huge opportunity that they are giving us. So far their fans are definitely connecting with us and it feels like our first tour again. Were having to win new fans over again every night and it’s been just amazing.

AL: Now that the album “Ungrateful” has been out for a bit are there any songs from the album that you really enjoy playing live and if so why?
RO: It’s very weird because there are songs you love to play because of the energy and there are songs you like that are slower but more emotionally involved. The songs off “Ungrateful” are very uncomfortable to play. They are not hard but just awkward. I can’t play them as freely as most our old shit. While I love playing the songs I am thinking a lot while I am playing them. “Fire It Up” is probably my favorite though. It’s the epitome of what I just explained.

AL: Can you tell us what it was like working with Patrick Stump and Mick Mars? And will the track you did with Mars ever be available?
RO: The track we did with Mick will most likely not ever see daylight. It’s very rough and we have kind of moved on from where our heads were at during that time. But I can tell you it was fucking amazing working with him. It was crazy to be around such a character. Patrick Stump is a fucking genius. He looks at music in such a different way. Patrick focuses so much on the heart of the song and what it is about. We sat down and figured out exactly what we wanted to say. From there the melodies came very easily. It was just so simple but, coming from guys who love to riff it was such a different approach. He is so fucking good!

AL: Does the band have any other plans for the remainder of 2013?
RO: As far as I see right now tour, tour, tour. We have a very special one coming up early next year that has yet to be announced. I know our diehard fans will lose their when the news is released so be on the lookout for that.