Growth Factor Plus vs. Peak Height – Growing Tall Pills Review

Believe it or not, there are plenty of supplements out on the market today that are geared towards helping to make you taller.

Most of these – Height Pills include plenty of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other components that work together to help you maximize your height, usually through encouraging additional development of human growth hormone, or HGH.

Two of the most popular options are Peak Height and Growth Factor Plus, which we’ll review, compare, and contrast.

Peak Height

Peak Height includes plenty of essential nutrients. This includes calcium, vitamins D and B12, and essential amino acids L-Arginine and L-Ornithine.

Calcium and vitamin D are vital to bone strengthening and growth, while vitamin B12 largely focuses on bone repair. Both amino acids are all about helping your body produce higher levels of the all-important human growth hormone.

Peak Height includes the exact right amount of each of the above ingredients, among others, and encourages them to work together and with your body to create an environment conducive to growth.

It’s important to note that Peak Height is best used by adolescents — that is, individuals who are at least 10 years of age but still in the midst of puberty. The supplement is designed to encourage bone growth during a period when they’re already growing, and Peak Height includes the perfect mix of ingredients to do just that.

Outside of the age restrictions, the only real potential downside to Peak Height is that you must be sure to not take more than the recommended dosage, as the ingredients are measured out to specific and exact amounts.

Growth Factor Plus

While Peak Height is designed specifically for adolescents, Growth Factor Plus is the opposite and should not be used by anyone under the age of 18.

You’ll find a different ingredient list in Growth Factor Plus, including HGH to supplement your bodies existing store, as well as essential amino acids such as L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, and L-Glycine. While you won’t find human growth hormone pills for adolescents, Growth Factor Plus isn’t a straight HGH supplement for adults, either, and is constructed much more carefully to ensure that optimal results are achieved.

Growth Factor Plus works by stimulating osteoclasts and osteoblasts, essential bone cells within your spine. The stimulated cells will help with transforming lengthened cartilage tissue into bone tissue, ultimately increasing the length of the bone.

Again, the only real negative to this supplement is the age restriction and the dosage limits, so be sure that you’re reading everything on the labels of the supplements your considering.

The Verdict

Peak Height and Growth Factor Plus are two very different supplements that both aim to do the same thing.

They have different target age ranges and include plenty of varying ingredients. But this just goes to show us that no matter your age or status in life, you can find a supplement to help you out. And, combined with an improved diet, more sleep, and an increase in exercise, you just might be able to add an inch (or two, or more!) to your frame.

Film Review “The Viral Factor”

Starring:  Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse and Bing Bai
Directed by:  Dante Lam
Not Rated
Running time:  2 hours 2 mins
China Lion Film Distribution

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

It would be fair to say that the majority of great action films have taken their cue from the creators of Asian Cinema.  Directors like Tsui Hark, John Loo and Ringo Lam have influence American directors like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and the Wachowski brothers.  Add to the list director Dante Lam who, with “The Viral Factor,” may have created the best action film of 2012.

As the film begins we learn that, though it was thought that Smallpox had been eradicated from the planet decades ago, a scientist had found a way to mutate it into an even deadlier virus.  Hoping to keep the scientist out of enemy hands, a group of agents from International Security Affairs attempts to escort him and his family to safety.  Betrayed by one of their own, the agents find themselves under attack.  During the firefight, Jon (Chou) is shot in the head, hit by the same bullet that also kills Ice (Bai), his fellow agent and girlfriend.  Jon is told that, because of the location of the bullet, surgery would be useless.  He is also told that the constant brain pressure on the bullet will cause him to be paralyzed in two weeks.  Jon goes home to inform his sick mother but, before he can tell her, she tells him that the father he thought had abandoned the family is still alive…and that he has an older brother, Yeung (Tse).  She begs Jon to find them.  And so the adventure begins.

Beautifully shot in such exotic locations as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Jordan and Singapore, “The Viral Factor” is two hours of non-stop, kick ass action.  The main plot consists of an arms dealer hoping to get his hands on the smallpox virus, create a vaccine for it, and then infect just enough of the population so that the demand for his vaccine makes him wealthy.  While searching for his father Jon recognizes one of the men that ambushed his group.  A spectacular fight inside a moving car takes place with Jon pretty much on the losing side.  But, right before he puts a bullet in Jon’s head the baddie  catches a glimpse of a photo in Jon’s wallet featuring Jon and his mother.  Did I mention Jon had an older brother?

The action sequences are incredible.  Though there is a little bit of camera trickery the majority of the action is live and man to man.  According to a story I read, lead actors Chou and Tse were insured for a combined $150 million to ensure if they were hurt the film would continue.  I’m not sure what the premium for that coverage was but it was truly money well spent.  The film moves quickly, thanks to director Lam’s flowing camera work and sharp editing.  The acting is also strong, especially Chou, who was the best thing about last year’s “Green Hornet.”  Chou has announced that “The Viral Factor” would be his last action film.  If this is true he’s going out on top!

“The Viral Factor” opens March 9 in the following cities:  Atlanta, Buffalo, Bloomington, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Miami, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia and Phoenix, with more cities to be added later.