Why Computer Hardware Maintenance is Crucial for Businesses

Our computers are truly a very important part of our lives – we use them each and every day, they help us keep our work and personal lives organized, and we would be pretty much lost without them! Whether you use a PC, laptop, tablet, or all three at different times of the day, keeping your hardware running smoothly and your devices healthy is something you should be thinking about. As an award-winning provider of IT Support London businesses use to maintain their hardware, we know just how important it is and what goes into keeping all of your devices in tip-top shape.

These machines are used to do some pretty crucial tasks – things like paying your bills for example. You will also be using them for entertainment such as streaming videos online, playing games, or just browsing on the internet. You most likely use them for your everyday work tasks too, so they are holding vital information and documents that you rely on to get your work done. You can understand why maintaining your devices is so important. There are many IT Support Companies London residents use to ensure that all of the devices they use for work are, firstly, backed up and that they are also receiving the proper maintenance and security protection to keep them safe. Businesses will partner with IT Support Providers on a contract basis which allows them to take advantage of IT Services such as a 24-hour remote support helpdesk, training on how to use applications on systems for their teams, and complete management of their companies IT Infrastructure.  

As a business, having the right maintenance plan and security essentials in place for your employee equipment and hardware is one of the most important things to take care of. If a laptop or PC were to be attacked by malware due to not having the correct security and anti-virus protection in place, having the kind of Managed IT Services London businesses can depend and rely on to take care of these things is truly an essential must-have for business owners.  Without regular maintenance and updates, you will not be getting the most of your device. Get in touch with your current IT Support Provider and see what they are doing to help keep your devices protected and running smoothly.

5 Reasons Your Game Isn’t Loading on Your Computer

5 Reasons Your Game Isn’t Loading on Your Computer

You (or your little one!) sit down at your computer, excited beyond measure to start playing. The new game you’ve been waiting for released and it’s finally finished downloading. You click on it. Boot it up. Eager to capture the first impression of the user interface. Seconds pass and nothing happens, perhaps you even encounter some sort of error. You click again only to experience the same outcome. For whatever reason, your game isn’t loading and even after rebooting your gaming system, nothing changes.

To a gamer, nothing is more frustrating. However, before you panic or dive headfirst into the depths of frustration, it’s important to note that there are a host of reasons this could be occurring and, for the most part, it’s an easy problem to rectify. The below are common reasons why your game isn’t loading on your computer.

Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware Programs

Current anti-virus and anti-malware software is complex, deeply integrated, and often overruling. Being that these programs work in the background, often their basic setup will debilitate other software from running. Mostly, this is because the anti-virus solution deems this new software (in this case the new game you’ve installed) as a possible threat. In other cases, it is simply a communication issue between the different types of software. It’s encouraged, if you’re running into this problem, to temporarily disable the anti-virus solution while you run your game. If this rights the problem, then reach out to the anti-virus solution’s support team, or do some research to understand why it’s inhibiting your game from running properly.

Graphics Driver

New, trendy video games tend to stay at the forefront of graphics hardware and software. This is to say that, when graphics cards improve, so too does the game—aiming to complement the new capabilities of current units. Sometimes, your hardware is sound but the game still won’t run. In which case it’s wise to look into your graphics driver and discern whether you’re up-to-date or not. Simply installing the latest driver can fix bugs, patch issues, and bring your software up to speed in order to run the game properly.


Graphics cards are not necessarily jargon in the computer world, being that they’re commonly referenced regarding games, design, and digital aesthetics. This may have you asking: what is a graphics processing unit (GPU)? Think of GPU as a part of the computer responsible for ensuring that your content displays and renders properly on screen. This includes games, applications, and webpages. If your GPU is outdated and can’t process or render the game at hand, it simply won’t load. This could very well be indicative of a hardware issue and it just might be time to replace your GPU. This point is increasingly relevant if the game which errored is brand new.

The Operating System (OS)

Although these cases are less common than others (especially if it’s a desktop you’re playing on and not a mobile device), there are circumstances in which a game has been engineered for a certain operating system that succeeds your current gaming technology. This usually occurs with massive changes, not updates; think Windows XP or Vista versus Windows 10. While this perhaps has nothing to do with your current situation, before researching other issues it’s wise to see if the game at hand has been formatted for a specific operating system—Mac or Windows alike.



Lastly, although this should error in the download stage, it’s paramount that you identify whether or not you have enough space on your hard drive to download and run the game. Without the proper storage, the game may download improperly and run incorrectly or not at all. This is where upgrading RAM can be beneficial to your computer’s processing speed as a whole and allow your game, at last, to boot up and run.

It’s Often an Easy Fix

Computers are complex, multifaceted, and downright overwhelming to the novice user. With so many parts communicating simultaneously, identifying root problems that are causing issues can be a daunting task. Yet, when it comes to games not loading, the reasons are often common, easy to identify (especially through the process of elimination), and even easier to fix. Don’t let your current situation frustrate you and know that there is, most likely, a quick and easy solution to your problem.

Probabilities Understand Your Chances of Winning Online Games

Probabilities of Winning in Computer Games

We all know that when we’re playing our favorite video game, all that we want is to win. When we’re playing our favorite strategy games, fighting games or RPGs, winning rests on our skill and knowledge of the game. However, casino games are another thing altogether – here the rules of probability can help us a bit when we’re trying to win. But how does probability work in different casino games?

It isn’t called gambling for nothing you know – of course there’s never a guarantee, or else casino or bingo sites would never make any money!  Although this is the case – there are definitely some probabilities that if you are aware of could tip some of the bets in your favor!

Bingo Probability

Online bingo fans, we all know you have asked yourselves how much you could win whilst playing your favorite bingo and slot games, right?  At an established online bingo site – the average return to a player is somewhere between 40 and 50%.  Essentially that should tell you that bingo should be played as a pastime rather than as a way to win money.  As the probability of you leaving a bingo site with a profit is low – it’s a good idea for you to spend only what you can afford.

Dice Probability

When playing a dice game it’s definitely a good idea to try and figure out the probability of each throw to allow you to make an informed decision when betting.  There are a total of 36 combinations and the probability ranges from 2.78% up to 16.67% – as you can see there is quite a difference there – so it’s best to swot up!  What is also handy to calculate is the “House Edge”. For example in Craps the field bet is even money, however on the next throw if a 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 comes out – it would double the bet on a 2 and treble the bet on a 12. The average probable return for craps is quite low as for every $1 a player spends – they can expect to lose 28 cents – and of course whatever the player loses – the house gains.

If you think that this is complicated, think about the different probabilities in D&D games, where the dice have up to 20 sides. This article offers more information regarding the probabilities when dealing with such dice. You can also use an online calculator.

Casino and Table Games

A common technique used when playing Blackjack is what is known as card counting. It tends to be very experienced gamblers that do this and it’s a way for them to try and gauge the probability of a winning card coming out the pack.  The object is to get your hand as close to 21 as possible without boing “bust”.  To count cards – you would need to keep track of the cards that are already dealt – to see what could be coming next.  This could be useful as the probability will change depending on the cards that are dealt.

Roulette is completely different.  There are 38 spaces and after the wheel is spun a ball will be dropped into one of them.  You can bet on colours, numbers, combinations, odd and even and ranges.  The safest bet would be to bet on a colour or odd and even as they are evens.

One thing both video games and casino games have in common is the ability to find help online. There are hundreds of thousands of sites out there that give you cheats and walkthroughs of the video game you’re obsessed with. Maybe you’ll be surprised to learn that there are similar casino and bingo sites, that offer advice on your favorite games. You can check this out on bananasforbingo.com, for instance. Good luck, and remember that playing online games isn’t all about winning – it’s also about enjoying the game.


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