Probabilities Understand Your Chances of Winning Online Games

Probabilities of Winning in Computer Games

We all know that when we’re playing our favorite video game, all that we want is to win. When we’re playing our favorite strategy games, fighting games or RPGs, winning rests on our skill and knowledge of the game. However, casino games are another thing altogether – here the rules of probability can help us a bit when we’re trying to win. But how does probability work in different casino games?

It isn’t called gambling for nothing you know – of course there’s never a guarantee, or else casino or bingo sites would never make any money!  Although this is the case – there are definitely some probabilities that if you are aware of could tip some of the bets in your favor!

Bingo Probability

Online bingo fans, we all know you have asked yourselves how much you could win whilst playing your favorite bingo and slot games, right?  At an established online bingo site – the average return to a player is somewhere between 40 and 50%.  Essentially that should tell you that bingo should be played as a pastime rather than as a way to win money.  As the probability of you leaving a bingo site with a profit is low – it’s a good idea for you to spend only what you can afford.


Dice Probability

When playing a dice game it’s definitely a good idea to try and figure out the probability of each throw to allow you to make an informed decision when betting.  There are a total of 36 combinations and the probability ranges from 2.78% up to 16.67% – as you can see there is quite a difference there – so it’s best to swot up!  What is also handy to calculate is the “House Edge”. For example in Craps the field bet is even money, however on the next throw if a 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 comes out – it would double the bet on a 2 and treble the bet on a 12. The average probable return for craps is quite low as for every $1 a player spends – they can expect to lose 28 cents – and of course whatever the player loses – the house gains.

If you think that this is complicated, think about the different probabilities in D&D games, where the dice have up to 20 sides. This article offers more information regarding the probabilities when dealing with such dice. You can also use an online calculator.

Casino and Table Games

A common technique used when playing Blackjack is what is known as card counting. It tends to be very experienced gamblers that do this and it’s a way for them to try and gauge the probability of a winning card coming out the pack.  The object is to get your hand as close to 21 as possible without boing “bust”.  To count cards – you would need to keep track of the cards that are already dealt – to see what could be coming next.  This could be useful as the probability will change depending on the cards that are dealt.

Roulette is completely different.  There are 38 spaces and after the wheel is spun a ball will be dropped into one of them.  You can bet on colours, numbers, combinations, odd and even and ranges.  The safest bet would be to bet on a colour or odd and even as they are evens.

One thing both video games and casino games have in common is the ability to find help online. There are hundreds of thousands of sites out there that give you cheats and walkthroughs of the video game you’re obsessed with. Maybe you’ll be surprised to learn that there are similar casino and bingo sites, that offer advice on your favorite games. You can check this out on, for instance. Good luck, and remember that playing online games isn’t all about winning – it’s also about enjoying the game.


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