“Atrocious” Team Crafting “21 Days” of Horror

21 Days is a new psychological horror flick in the wave of the Found Footage genre and it’s being produced by the team who created the disturbing Spanish film Atrocious in 2011; Fernando Barreda Luna and Jessica Villegas. This time they are partners with Writer/Director Kathleen Behun, to bring this terrifying and intense ride that promises to chill the nerves of all the genre fans. “The script is very creepy and full of suspense. I think we are crafting something very perverse” – Fernando Luna. The premise runs around a presumed haunted house which no one has been able to live in more than 21 days. The website will explore more the mythology that surrounds this story. The project has started Pre-­‐Production and plans to be completed in the Fall.

Synopsis: Three filmmakers embark on a paranormal challenge by barricading themselves in a house so haunted, no family has been able to live in more than 21 days, in order to film the supernatural phenomena which presumably occur… but nothing can prepare them for the evil that lies in wait… There are some places so dark, so evil, where no human-­‐ no living thing-­‐ should dwell…

Title: 21 Days
Year of Production: 2013
Writer/Director: Kathleen Behun
Cast: TBD
Producers: Kathleen Behun, Jessica Villegas, Fernando Barreda Luna
Website: www.21daysthefilm.com

More information will be released as the production continues development


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DVD Review “Atrocious”

Director: Fernando Barreda Luna
Starring: Rafael Amaya, Jose Masegosa, Chus Pereiro, Cristian Valencia
Studio: The Collective
MPAA Rating: R
Run Time: 74 minutes

Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Sure, every films wants to be like “Paranormal Activity”, this one isn’t but doesn’t disappoint either. Bloody Disgusting Selects picks up this Spanish shakey cam film and they should be proud with their decision. This film is creepy and very suspense. It doesn’t show much and leaves you want more but that is what adds to the suspense. It runs a very short 70 minutes put I feel it works well and doesn’t overstay it welcome.

The story is about about a family who is spending the holiday at their summerhouse.  Cristian and July Quintanilla, brother and sister, start investigating a local urban legend in a wood maze close by.  It turns out that the legend might be real and the kids are in for more than they expected.

The first half of the movie sets up and introduces us to the characters. The last half hour grabs you and doesn’t let you go. The ending is not expected and really awesome. Even though the film is supernatural it is believable and scary. The only extras on the disc is a short 15 minute making of feature hosted by director Fernando Barreda Luna. He talk about the the production, casting, shooting and locations. Even though it is short it definitely informative and enjoyable.


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