Product Review: Donner DMK-25 Pro MIDI Keyboard Controller

Donner DMK-25 PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller with Personalized Touch Bar -  Donner Musical instrumentDonner DMK-25 Pro USB Midi Keyboard Controller


• 25 Keys, 8 touch Pads, Innovative Wheels, Personalized Touch bar w/ Light Scale
• High-Definition OLED Screen Display
• 4 Exquisite Velocity-Sensitive Curves
• Small and Lightweight
• Intelligent Dynamic Scale Mode
• Real-time Multi-Mode Control
• Compatible with a Variety of DAW
• 40 Free and Entertaining Keyboard-Teaching Courses

Our score 4.5 out of 5 stars

Since 2012 Donner Music has been making affordable, quality instruments for all level of musicians. New from the company is the Donner DMK-25 Pro USB Midi Keyboard controller. This compact USB powered unit features 25 keys, 4 sliders, 8 touch pads, 4 Innovation wheels, a Personalized Touch bar with light scale and to top it off a High-Definition OLED display screen. The unit is compatible with a variety of DAW’s and its simple plug and play operation will have you creating and arranging in no time.

Having been in the market for a new Midi controller I was quite anxious to check out the DMK-25 Pro from Donner. Packed with an overflowing number of features and control options the small yet formidable controller upon first look had me a little nervous to start however after simply plugging the unit into my computer with the included USB cable I was up and running in no time. Gone was the need to search for the appropriate driver downloads and operating software and the absence of another power supply cluttering my work area helped put me a little at ease before really diving in. I paired up the unit with Garage Band and after a couple quick settings changes, I was up and running. (The DMK-25 Pro is compatible with a number of DAW’s) Right away the OLED screen grabbed my attention as the High-Definition display proved to be quite helpful across the board when setting parameters as it allows user to pull up settings such as speed, arpeggio, and velocity all in real-time. The Touch Bar and innovation wheels are another nice addition to the controller as both features brought an added level of control to the product. The 25 velocity sensitive keys and 8 velocity sensitive pads seemed to offer the same feel as other models on the market but with a bit more response which was a welcomed surprised. Now this could be attributed to the product still being new so I am going to be curious to see if that feel will remain after several months of usage. Another feature worth noting is the Intelligent Dynamic Scale Mode. This feature allows you to play essential bass lines, melodies, and leads with ease and the 16-scale tones enable you to switch between a variety of sounds and genres and when enable you no longer have to worry about tuning issues while working on your arranging. That feature alone makes this unit worth every penny of its sub $100 price tag.

From its ease of use and wide array of features to its vast DAW compatibility Donner’s DMK-25 Pro Midi Controller is a near perfect unit for those looking for a Midi controller. The unit’s small footprint makes both travel and home set up a breeze and the simple USB-C power feature means one less cord to remember and no bulky power supply taking up valuable space. If that was not enough as a bonus each DMK-25 Pro comes with 40 free teaching courses which range from beginner to advanced so there is a little something for everyone here. If you are in the market for a new controller or getting ready to purchase your first unit, I highly recommend checking out the Donner DMK-25 Pro as you will not be disappointed.

To purchase the DMK-25 Pro visit or the Donner Amazon Store.

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