MESA/Boogie Announces A New Mark Icon, the Mark VII Series, Available Now

Available Now on
A New MARK Icon, MARK VII Series Offered in Head, 1×12 Combo, and Rackmount


Explore the new MESA/Boogie® MARK VII in the video above, HERE.

Introducing the MESA/Boogie® MARK VII.

A new MARK, icon with nine amps all-in-one, and a simple design, that can be used anywhere.

From humble beginnings to worldwide recognition, MESA/Boogie® has remained the original boutique Home of Tone, hand-crafting amplifiers of uncompromising quality from the world’s finest materials in California, USA. Founder Randall Smith instilled basic principles into MESA such as passion, drive, integrity, and excellence, and his insistence on making the best amplifiers has guided half a century of breakthrough innovations, elevating the amplifier into an instrument in its own right–one with the power to shape and create musical genres. MESA/Boogie is proud to announce the new MARK VII series, available now at authorized MESA/Boogie dealers and on

The MARK VII is the Magnum Opus, the flagship of Randall Smith’s 50+ year career in one visionary amp design. The new MARK VII takes the knowledge, history, innovation, and performance and distills it into the simplest, most versatile, and smallest 90-watt Mark series amplifier ever. The 3 Channel, 9 Model Preamp, coupled with our legendary Simul-Class Power section that offers three distinct characters across its three wattage ranges, creates a new MARK icon in terms of adaptability, soulful tube tone, and magic. Joined by iconic features that put Boogies at the top of every player’s dream list, such as on-board Graphic EQ, lush reverb, a seamless effects loop, and innovative power switching, the MARK VII features a CabClone IR™ DI Direct Interface. With identical features and great sounding IRs from our standalone Cab Clone IR, this built-in version allows individual assignment of 8 Rectifier Boogie Cabinets per channel for unmatched tunability of direct sounds.

The long-awaited “Simul-Seven,” aka the new MARK VII, leapfrogs its predecessor, the Mark Five, and the secret Mark Six prototype to arrive at the most power-packed Boogie Mark model ever created in terms of tone, flexibility, compact design, and interfacing. The MARK VII is a do it all tone machine that delivers legendary Mark performance and adds two new sounds. Within the MARK VII’s 3 channel, 9 mode preamp are the iconic circuits of the Mark IIB, Mark IIC+, and Mark IV, the legendary Mark Series Clean, Fat and Crunch modes, and a new modern high-gain Mode full of character and attitude (more shredding than previous Mark amps and more vocal than a Recto), aptly named MARK VII.

We have been working on the evolution of the Mark for several years. In fact, it started before Mesa Boogie joined the Gibson family,” says Cesar Gueikian, Gibson Brands President. “At one point in the process of testing, Second Gear (aka Randy Smith), James Aschow, Doug West, Tommy Waugh, Steve Mueller and I got together, and we all agreed this Mark blew our prototype Six away and is a massive leap forward for Mesa Boogie in function and design.”

“The Mark VII has been a goal of ours and discussed for years, well before joining Gibson, and part of our concentrated R&D efforts since 2016 although under the Mark VI moniker,” says Randall Smith, founder of Mesa/Boogie. “I finished the preliminary great sounding circuit board in 2018. Refinement continued from that moment on until late ’22 when release preparation began. It became obvious about halfway through the R&D we had a Mark amplifier worth skipping a generational number for. We had leapfrogged our beloved prototype Mark VI mule by such a large margin, it was truly fitting to rename it the Mark VII.

The VII is by far the best amplifier I’ve ever done in terms of good design and editing, our Design Team at MESA is great at that, and it’s created an amplifier that not only contains the best of our entire Boogie history, but also manages to do so with a purer signal path and 2 less preamp tubes than its predecessor the Mark Five! The first comment players we’ve shared the VII with have made throughout development, is how incredible the Tone is and how they ‘can’t believe an amp with this much going on can sound so pure and legit in all Modes’. The key to that is signal path optimization, the knowledge, and tricks I’ve accumulated over the last 55 years and near impossible to please cohorts here like Doug West, Steve Mueller and Jim Aschow, who’ve been doing this with me for four decades. I also have to say that Cesar Gueikian at Gibson’s steadfast belief in us and the Mark VII assured at every step it got the highest level of support and priority. At almost 77 now, I still love what I do, pursue it daily, and foresee doing it as long as I can, but I have to say …after the VII, I’ve been enjoying working on some easier projects, Ha!”

The MARK VII offers discerning players analog, all-tube sound, soul, and feel in a smaller more compact, yet more comprehensive package. With a focus on perfecting icons, bringing back beloved classics, and introducing new realms of modern high gain, all while improving the interface and the performance across all mediums, the MARK VII offers inspiration and freedom across all musical styles. The MESA/Boogie MARK VII is now available in Head, 1×12 Combo, and Rackmount Head formats.

Explore and shop the MESA/Boogie MARK VII series on and at all authorized MESA/Boogie dealers.


The MARK VII Head gives users all the benefits of the new MARK VII and can be paired with the user’s speaker cabinet(s) of choice. Use a MESA 1×12 cabinet for portability, or one (or two!) MESA 4×12 cabinets for maximum punch and projection. You can use different cabinets for each gig, depending on your preferences and needs – the choice is always yours.


The MARK VII 1×12 Combo is the classic wolf in sheep’s clothing Boogie configuration. It delivers more power and Tone than you’ve ever heard coming from such a compact 1×12 platform. It can also be paired with external cabinets when even more punch and projection are desired. The MARK VII 1×12 Combo is the classic MARK configuration that made MESA/Boogie the world standard in professional amplification.


The MARK VII Rackmount Head has all the Tone, features, and power of both of its MARK VII stablemates, along with the cabinet-selection and pairing benefits of the MARK VII Head, but in a 19” wide rackmount configuration that is ideal for rackmounted rigs, including recording studio installations, as well as rack-based touring rigs.

Product Review: Donner DED-80 Electronic DrumSet

We unbox and review the Donner DED-80 Electronic Drum Set.

Donner DED-80 electronic drums offer authentic play and feel which essential to skill building. Designed for beginners the DED-80 features 180 Built-in sounds&15 drum kits, with 30 demo songs covering multiple music styles. The training and recording functions of kids drums will allow beginners to improve their playing skills and enjoy every note!

Donner has developed a new structure hi-hat pedal, which is a combination of comfort and durability. The new design is lightweight and avoids most of the noise, giving you the best experience . Double-layer mesh heads and a high-density structure, guaranteed the service life, and close to restoring the real drum hitting experience. Also, the 10″ cymbal provides a precise strike area.

Ideal for Apartment Home& Outdoor performers Donner has developed a more stable drum stand, the size is more suitable for teenagers Youth. Portable and foldable, suitable for home and outdoor performances! (Drum Set Expanded size: 39.37in*17.72in*43.31in)

DED-80 drum sets can be linked to DAW software through the USB MIDI interface, as a tool for your music creation, use our headphones for silent practice. Package includes: 7’’ drum pad x4, 10’’ cymbal padx3, kick pedal x1, hi-hat pedal x 1, audio cable x1, drum throne x 1, headphone x 1, drumstick x1.

40 Free and Entertaining electronic drums -Teaching Courses. We have carefully created drums for kids teaching courses for users ranging from beginner to advanced, which are ideal for zero-based players who want to try arranging music. 40 free and entertaining courses are sufficient to master all aspects of arrangement creation.

For more Information or to Purchase the DED-80 visit:

Product Review: Donner DJP-1000 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

Donner DJP-1000 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar

A classic body that sings the Blues Wonderful Versatility and Playability Advanced Neck-through Craftsmanship Faithfully Reproduce the Sound of the 70s Exquisite Details with A Delicate Touch SPECS Body Material: Maple Neck Material Type: Maple Neck Shape: Rounded C Fretboard Material: Rosewood Top Material: Maple Guitar Pickup Configuration: H-H Guitar Bridge System: Tune-O-Matic bridge

To Purchase:…


Product Review: Donner DTC-100 Electric Guitar

We review the Donner DTC-100 electric guitar

Guitar Specs:
25.5″ Scale
Poplar Body
Bolt on AAA Canadian Maple Neck
Purple Heart Fretboard
22 Frets
9.5″ fingerboard radius
Donner Standard Series T pickups
1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 way switch
6 Saddle Vintage Style String Through Body
Includes Gig Bag, Cable and Strap

Click Here To Purchase the Donner DTC-100

Adam Jones Unveils “The Berserker” Epiphone Les Paul, Featuring Iconic Sci-fi and Fantasy Artist Frank Frazetta’s Masterpiece “The Berserker”

Epiphone: Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection

Legendary Fantasy Artist Frank Frazetta’s Epic Work
“The Berserker”
Available Worldwide on

Collection Features Seven, Limited-edition Epiphone Les Paul Silverburst Models Featuring the Artwork of Five World-Renowned Visual Artists: Curated by Adam Jones of TOOL

Above: Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection: Frazetta “The Berserker.”

For 150 years, Epiphone has been a leading innovator in instrument design. By leveraging its iconic past and leaning into the future, Epiphone has now set the stage for the next era of sound for present and future generations. Epiphone is proud to announce the long-awaited Adam Jones and Epiphone partnership has now arrived with the release of the Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection. This unprecedented, limited-edition collection blends Adam’s love of fine art and music, resulting in seven, iconic and unique Les Paul Custom Silverburst masterpieces which feature the artwork of five distinguished visual artists curated by Adam Jones of TOOL. The Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection is now available worldwide at authorized Epiphone dealers and on

The second model to debut in the Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection is Frank Frazetta’s “The Berserker.” Known as the Godfather of fantasy art, acclaimed artist Frank Frazetta was an illustrator of comic books, movie posters and paperback book covers whose visions helped define fantasy heroes like Conan, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, and more. This guitar displays Frank Frazetta’s masterpiece, “Berserker” on the back of the guitar, artwork on the rear headstock is designed by world-renowned artist Korin Faught. The artwork “Berserker,” also known as “Conan The Conqueror,” was painted by Frazetta in 1968, for the cover of the Conan The Conqueror paperback novel by author Robert E. Howard. The original artwork is currently owned by Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Conan® is a registered trademark of Conan Properties International LLC.

Frank Frazetta was born in Brooklyn on February 9, 1928, and as a boy studied art at the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts. He began drawing for comic books of all stripes–westerns, mysteries, fantasies–when he was still a teenager. He was also a good enough baseball player to try out for the New York Giants. Frazetta was a versatile and prolific comic book artist who, in the 1940s and ’50s, drew for comic strips like Al Capp’s “Lil’ Abner” and comic books like “Famous Funnies,” for which he contributed a series of covers depicting the futuristic adventurer, Buck Rogers. Explore the artwork of Frank Frazetta, HERE.

“My exposure to Frank Frazetta began early in my life. There’s something about his artwork that has spoken to me for as long as I can remember,” says Adam Jones. “When I was very young, I would save money to buy his adult comic art and pulp novel covers without my parents’ knowledge, sneaking them into the house undetected. To this day, as I work on my own projects, I’m transported back to those moments of discovery and influence. Frank’s technical prowess is unmatched in his genre (I’m such a proud nerd…) and he continues to be one of my heroes.

When Cesar at Gibson and I discussed a line of fine art-enhanced guitars, I hoped we would get permission to use one of Frank’s images, and I am so grateful to his estate for allowing us to use ‘Berserker’ on this Epiphone Les Paul.”

“I was 13 years old when I first heard the TOOL song ‘Schism,’ it immediately resonated with me on a spiritual level and I’ve been a fan ever since,” adds Sara Frazetta, Granddaughter of Frank Frazetta. “To collaborate with Adam Jones and my Grandfather’s artwork on this gorgeous new Epiphone Art Collection of guitars has been amazing and seeing the guitars, it’s clear Frazetta’s art was destined for guitars.”

Watch the video for the Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection, HERE, and explore the collection HERE.

The Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection: Frank Frazetta’s “The Berserker” isn’t just an art piece to hang on the wall; it’s an exceptional instrument for players to craft their own masterpiece. The Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection has a bound mahogany body with a maple cap, a three-piece bound maple neck with an Adam Jones Custom profile, and an ebony fretboard. It is equipped with a reverse-mounted Epiphone ProBucker™ Custom humbucker™ in the neck position and a Seymour Duncan® Distortion in the bridge; both are wired to CTS® potentiometers and Orange Drop® capacitors. A Marquee Back Plate with Frank Frazetta’s name and the title of the artwork, “The Berserker” is also included. The guitar is finished in Antique Silverburst as an homage to Adam’s beloved original Silverbust 1979 Gibson® Les Paul Custom, a Protector hardshell case is also included.

The Epiphone Adam Jones Art Collection consists of seven, Silverburst Les Paul™ Custom models, each featuring reproductions of different works of fine art on the back. Adam curated all of the featured artwork, and selected five distinguished artists Mark Ryden, Frank Frazetta, Julie Heffernan, Korin Faught, and Ernst Fuchs for the collection; additional artwork designed by world-renowned artist Korin Faught, adorns the back of the headstock of each model. Only 800 guitars of each model from this unprecedented, extremely limited edition run will be produced.

One of the rock’s most talented and sonically innovative guitarists, Adam Jones is renowned as the guitarist for the band TOOL, as well as his work as a visual artist, sculptor, videographer, producer, and special effects designer (Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Edward Scissorhands, Ghostbusters II, Batman Returns, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, 4 and 5, Dances with Wolves, Bride of the Re-Animator, Pet Sematary, Shocker, and License To Kill).

The Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection guitars are a new take on Adam’s #1 guitar, his prized original Gibson Silverburst 1979 Gibson Les Paul, and Adam was heavily involved in creating the new guitar. Utilizing his extensive experience in visual art, special effects and design, Adam Jones is both the director of the majority of Tool’s music videos and creates the visual experience on stage for the band. For the world premiere of the Gibson Custom Shop Adam Jones Les Paul, Adam composed and scored “The Witness” a new song and animated short film. Watch/share the “The Witness,” on Gibson TV, HERE.

Explore the Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection “The Berserker,” HERE.

Product Review: Steel Panther “1987” Effects Pedal

Steel Panther

1987 Delay/Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

Our score 3.5 out of 5 stars

Behold, the Radness that is the 1987 Delay/Distortion Pedal! Steel Panthers latest and possibly greatest guitar effects pedal harness’s all the hairspray-soaked sounds of the Sunset Strip as the “1987” attacks with the grit of 100 chainsaws and the ability to repeat itself more than that super stoned dude you sat next to in Chemistry Class. The “1987” could just very well be the key to time traveling your tone back to arguably one of the greatest decades ever.

Everyone’s favorite spandex clad rockers Steel Panther are back with, yet another signature guitar effect pedals the “1987”. The dual effect pedal features both delay and distortion effects which can be utilized together or separately. Each effect has its own heavy duty on/off footswitch and LED’s along with separate tone controls (Delay: Level/Feedback/Delay Distortion: Level/Tone/Gain) which operate independent from one another. The “1987” follows the over-the-top aesthetics of its pedal predecessor’s (P#$$y Melter, Butthole Burner, Poontang Boomerang) with a plum-crazy purple w/ black panther striped steel housing which is accentuated by six over the top, day glow green knobs and matching lettering. On the top of the unit are your standard ¼” single input and output jacks as well as the input for a 9v power supply (power supply not included). As a bonus for those who have ordered one of the pedals from the first production run you will also receive a velvet like pedal bag and numbered certificate of authenticity.

From a sound standpoint I found the “1987” to has some pros and cons. I really enjoyed the sound of the delay. Despite the limited control functions, I was able to dial in a nice array of delay’s which ranged from short and slap-backing to long airy droning while touching on all points in between. Letting the guitar ring out while simultaneously twisting the feedback and delay knobs induced some crazy, over the top spaceship like noises which were quite fun to try and harness. Where I found the pedal to be lacking was in the distortion section. While the gain stage was much more akin to an overdrive than that of a full-on distortion pedal the tone comes off thin and rather lackluster. What was even more disheartening is that the overall tone is nearly identical to the previously released “Bunghole Burner”. Adding in the delay did liven things up a little as it does an ok job replicating the tone of the era the pedal is named for however if you are going for that true classic 80’s tone you’re going to need to combine this with a chorus and using the distortion as more of a boost to the front end of your amps gain section as the tone from just from the pedal alone probably won’t cut it.

If you are looking for ways to save space on your pedal board while also wanting to add a little or in this case a lot! Of color to your arsenal then the “1987” has you covered. The great sounding, no frills delay will be a welcome addition to your tonal pallet and with a little work the distortion side of the pedal could be just as equally effective in helping you relive and recreating a by-gone era. For those Fan-thers who have already amassed the previous three pedals then the “1987” is a no brainer. Head over to and grab yours today.

Donner’s DPB 510 electric bass is highly recommended by Berklee Professors and ideal for players of all levels

The beautifully-appointed, great-sounding four-string comes bundled with a gig bag, cable and strap, all for an incredibly affordable price

If you’re looking to get started on bass guitar with a pro-level package that puts everything you need right at your fingertips – and at an affordable price, to boot – look no further than the Donner DPB-510 electric bass bundle, which comes practice- and- gig-ready with a high-quality gig bag, guitar cable and strap.

As for the DPB-510 itself, this is a high-quality, lightweight and beautifully appointed instrument, boasting a poplar body, comfortable AAA Canadian maple neck with a “Modern C”-shaped profile and topped with a AAA purpleheart fingerboard with 21 copper-nickel alloy frets.

You also get open-gear tuning machines for sturdy tuning stability and a through-body fixed bridge-“4-SADDLE BRIDGE,” with each string able to be independently adjusted in height and intonation, and features slotted saddles for enhanced tuning stability and punchy attack.

Electronics-wise, the DPB-510 offers plenty of punch, clarity and versatility, courtesy of a pickup specially adapted for bass that ensures a clean and warm low frequency and a wider range of sound dynamics. The single volume and tone knobs are easily adjustable, allowing you to quickly dial in your exact desired sound.

“I’m not a bass player, but it seems easy to play,” said Claudio Ragazzi, Grammy Award recording artist and educator. “It plays in tune, has a good sound and looks good.”

Added Oscar Stagnaro, Grammy & Latin Grammy award winning artist and educator, “The 4 string PB is super easy to play. Very comfortable neck. I did adjust the front pickup closer to the E string to obtain more bass. It will be great to have a Jazz Bass version and also 5 strings option. Sound is good, simple to add more treble or bass with the tune knob. It is a great bass for a beginner student. It is also super light. With the EQ from the amp there are lots of possibilities for sounds. Also the string spacing is super easy to adapt. ”

To pick up the Donner DPB-510 for yourself, we recommend you head over to Amazon now.

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MESA/Boogie Unveils New Badlander 25 Head & 1×12 Combo

Available Now on

From humble beginnings to worldwide recognition, MESA/Boogie® has remained the original boutique Home of Tone, hand-crafting amplifiers of uncompromising quality from the world’s finest materials in California, USA. Founder Randall Smith instilled basic principles into MESA such as passion, drive, integrity, and excellence, and his insistence on making the best amplifiers has guided half a century of breakthrough innovations, elevating the amplifier into an instrument in its own right–one with the power to shape and create musical genres. MESA/Boogie is proud to announce that its new Badlander 25 Head & 1×12 Combo amplifiers are available now at authorized MESA/Boogie dealers and on

The Rectifier® Badlander™ 25 represents decades of research and refinement and is the latest in a long line of iconic Rectifier products that carry the tradition of high performance, high gain forward with tight low end, an aggressive midrange character, and enhanced harmonic content. This tonal updating is accomplished by mating Badlander preamp circuits to a switchable 25 to 10 Watt EL84 loaded power section based on MESA’s patented Dyna-Watt™ power. This dynamo delivers its own blend of Badlander tone with aggressive attack and percussive midrange while tucking up the low end in a definitive way that is addictive in both sound and feel. And best of all, this Badlander provides stunning performance in a package that is lightweight, compact and more clip-able than its higher power siblings, for times when power section character and/or overdrive is the call. While cut from much the same cloth as its forbearer, the original Dual Rectifier Solo Head from the early 90s, this model stakes new ground and pays homage to rock and heavy sounds in its own new distinctive and more percussive way.

Explore and shop the Badlanders on and at all authorized MESA/Boogie dealers.

Watch and share the new demo of the MESA/Boogie Badlander series: HERE.

Click to listen to the Mesa/Boogie Badlander demo.

Badlander 25 Head:
MESA/Boogie’s Badlander Series of amplifiers draw inspiration from MESA’s legendary Dual Rectifiers, paying homage to rock and heavy sounds in their own distinctive and percussive way, with a focus on today’s musical genres. Its tight low end, refined top end, and defined mids combine with MESA gain for huge tones that will appeal to rock leaning guitarists who like a bit of Brit influence with their American-voiced gain. The Badlander 25 Head uses the same straightforward channel format as its 50 and 100 Watt siblings, with 2 identical, footswitchable channels each containing Clean, Crunch, and Crush modes that feed an EL84 power section to deliver an unprecedented fierceness and harmonic complexity. The Badlander 25 Head combines these ingredients in a small package and power range that adds a raw character all its own, offering the essential voice, performance, and features of the Badlander 100 and 50 in a fiery-sounding, ultra-portable low-power format that’ll gratify those not seeking big horsepower.

Badlander 25s employ a pair of EL84 power tubes operating in MESA’s proprietary Dyna-Watt™ Class A/B Pentode for maximum power, punch, and clarity, producing 25 Watts or switched to its 10 Watt Class A/B Triode setting for lush harmonics and a sweet, liquid feel at lower volumes.

The Badlander 25 Head packs a built in CabClone IR Direct Interface making recording and cab-less live capture consistent and easy. Players can choose from a preloaded collection of eight Rectifier Closed-Back and Boogie Open-Back Cabinets IRs from MESA’s standalone CabClone IR for a wide array of sounds and responses.

A Tube-Driven, Series Effects Loop acts as a circuit bridge, permitting players to patch their favorite outboard effects between the preamp’s end to just before the Driver tube feeding the power section.

For guitarists seeking the tone and feel of an all-tube amplifier with huge sounding gain that is voiced to handle the demands of today’s musical genres, the Badlander 25 Head delivers from a package that fits in an overnight bag.

Badlander 25 1X25 COMBO
MESA/Boogie’s Badlander Series of amplifiers draw inspiration from MESA’s legendary Dual Rectifiers, paying homage to rock and heavy sounds in their own distinctive and percussive way, with a focus on today’s musical genres. Its tight low end, refined top end, and defined mids combine with MESA gain for huge tones that will appeal to rock leaning guitarists who like a bit of Brit influence with their American-voiced gain. The new Badlander 25 1×12 Combo uses the same straightforward channel format as its 50 and 100 Watt siblings, with 2 identical, footswitchable channels each containing Clean, Crunch, and Crush modes that feed an EL84 power section to deliver an unprecedented fierceness and harmonic complexity. The Badlander 25 Combo combines these ingredients in a small package and power range that adds a raw character all its own, offering the essential voice, performance, and features of the Badlander 100 and 50 in a fiery-sounding, ultra-portable low-power format that’ll gratify those not seeking big horsepower.

Badlander 25s employ a pair of EL84 power tubes operating in MESA’s proprietary Dyna-Watt™ Class A/B Pentode for maximum power, punch, and clarity, producing 25 Watts or switched to its 10 Watt Class A/B Triode setting for lush harmonics and a sweet, liquid feel at lower volumes.

A UK-made Celestion Creamback 65 Watt speaker is MESA’s driver of choice for this 1×12 Combo amp. G12M-65 Creamback is ideally suited for the Badlander 25 as its power handling permits added low-end grunt complementing the warm and vocal mids, crunchy upper-mids and sweet, refined highs.

The Badlander 25 Combo packs a built in CabClone IR Direct Interface making recording and cab-less live capture consistent and easy. Players can choose from a preloaded collection of eight Rectifier Closed-Back and Boogie Open-Back Cabinets IRs from MESA’s standalone CabClone IR for a wide array of sounds and responses.

A Tube-Driven, Series Effects Loop acts as a circuit bridge, permitting players to patch their favorite outboard effects between the preamp’s end to just before the Driver tube feeding the power section.

For guitarists seeking the tone and feel of an all-tube amplifier with huge sounding gain that is voiced to handle the demands of today’s musical genres while being incredibly portable, the Badlander 25 1×12 Combo delivers.

About MESA/Boogie:
Since 1969, MESA/Boogie amplifiers have shaped the evolution of electric guitar tone with innovation and features that can be found in most every guitar amplifier made today. Handcrafted in Petaluma, California, each individual component is selected in pursuit of the purest tone in its category. Uncompromising construction quality, with the world’s finest materials, MESA/Boogie’s attention to detail is second to none. The choice of world-renowned artists and tone enthusiasts for decades, MESA/Boogie’s award-winning Boogie® and MESA Engineering® guitar and bass amplifier collections include the MARK SERIES, RECTIFIER®, FILLMORE™, CALIFORNIA TWEED™, SUBWAY® bass series, and a full line of pedals and signal management solutions. For more information visit:

Product Review: Donner Arena 2000 Multi-Effects Processor

Donner Arena 2000 Multi-Effects Pedal

• FVACM (Analog Virtual Circuit Modeling)Technology
• 150 Presets (50 Banks x 3 Presets)
• 80 Hi-res Amp Models
• 50 Built-in Cab IR Models + 50 Slots for Loading 3rd Part IRs
• A Total of 278 Effects
• Built-in Drum Machine with 40 Patterns, and 60s Looper
• USB Audio/Recording supports recording dry and effect signals simultaneously
• MIDI IN for External Switching Devices
• Computer Software for Tone Editing, Backup, and Firmware Update
• Mobile App for Bluetooth wireless Tone Editing

Our score 4.5 out of 5 stars

Since 2012 Donner Music has been making affordable, quality instruments for all level of musicians. New from the company is the Donner Arena 2000 Multi-Effects Pedal. Sporting a simple user interface and an impressive array of features including 80 Amp models, 50 Cabinet models and over 270 effects including a built-in drum machine and looping capabilities the Arena 2000 is a robust all in one unit capable of high-level performance from the bedroom to the stage and all places in between.

Donner’s Arena 2000 sports three lighted multi-switches, one expression pedal design which is housed in a sleek heavy-duty frame complete with a 3.5-inch TFT color screen and adorned with only the bare minimum of knobs allowing for easy navigation among features and settings. The back of the unit includes a variety of connectivity options including both XLR and quarter inch outputs along with Midi In, ground lift, an expansion input for addition controllers, aux, and headphone inputs and to top it all off a Type-C USB port which supports simultaneous dry and wet recording signals. The power supply also plugs in to this area of the pedal. One would think a pedal of this size would require a bulky power supply however the Arena 2000 runs off a standard 9v 500ma power supply. This feature is really helpful especially if you are looking to add this to a powered pedal board as the need for additional supplies is not necessary.

Over the years I have tried products from all the major makers of multi-effects processors and the consensus tended to be the same for all of them. A few good tones packed between a bunch of others that were just too over the top to even use. Though not every effect is a hit with the Arena 2000 I found myself enjoying a good majority of what the pedal had to offer. From rich choruses and springy reverbs to sprawling spacey delays, crunchy overdrives and wailing wah’s all the standards and then some are included and can be dialed in with one of the seven control knobs located the unit or via the downloadable wireless control App which allows for even deeper customization. Amplifier models run the gambit of Fender like cleans to Mesa-esque distortion and when paired with one of the 50 different cabinet IR models’ tonal options are nearly endless thanks to another slew of customizable features. Once you have settled on a sound you can pair it up and jam along to one of the 40 drum patterns also included. What I really liked here is that these drum patterns were not just a bunch a pre-programmed kicks and snares. Yes, those are present however thanks to the varying intensity of the patterns within each pre-set genre and the addition of controllable BPM players are only limited by their imagination. Those wanting to take their jamming experience even further can incorporate the 60 second looper feature to create a layered backdrop to play over all with the press of one of the designated multi switches.

The multi-effects pedal’s small footprint and standard power requirements make for an easy integration to any pedal board or as a stand-alone unit. Though the smaller expression pedal does take some getting used and is quite stiff I was used to the feel after just a few sessions. The basic user interface posed only a slight learning curve and after a few minutes I was able to put away the sparse manual which only provided the basics of operation and connection. The TFT screen works well in all conditions and is just big enough to be able to read when standing and looking down. I did find myself attempting to use the screen as a touch pad as that seems to be the norm nowadays and that may have been a nice feature to include here however it wasn’t a deal breaker by any means as the basic single control knob was much more user friendly than other more robust layouts.

The Arena 2000 is a sleek all in one unit that is great for any musician on the go. From the bedroom to the stage this multi-effects unit will not let you down. Whether it’s the expansive tone and effects banks or the additional drum machine and looper the Arena 2000 is a user-friendly unit which looks just as good as it sounds and with a price tag of under $300 you will be hard pressed to find a better pedal on the market with this type of value! For more info on the Arena 2000 Multi-Effects Pedal or to pick up one for that special someone this Holiday season head over to Donner’s Amazon store here.

Check out our overview video of the Arena 2000 here .

Product Review: Donner Dobuds One Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Donner Dobuds One Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Retail Cost: $49.99

• 12mm high-quality dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver to fully support the high frequency range.
• Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) function can reduce the noise by 30dB from 80Hz to 2KHz range.
• Beamforming noise cancelling technology for clear and wind resistant calls.
• 5 different sizes of ear tips are available (including XS, S, M, L and XL). The comfortable and waterproof design will keep you free of concerns about drizzle, rain or sweat.
• 32 – hour battery life, With a Type-C port and rapid charging technology.
• Donner Control APP allows customization of (EQ, power display, headphone name, noise reduction transparency mode switching, UI customization, etc.).

Our score 4.5 out of 5 stars

Since 2012 Donner Music has been making affordable, quality instruments for all level of musicians. The company is now branching out into the audio market with the release of their “DoBuds One” wireless earbuds. Available in a variety of colors the earbuds come packed with an abundance of top end features including 12mm dynamic drivers, digital noise cancelling, 32 hr. battery life and 5.2 Bluetooth connectivity. To coincide with the release of the “DoBuds One” Donner has also developed a corresponding app which allows users to fully customize their listening experience.

It seems like every-day new earbuds are popping up on the market all boasting a bevy of features so when it comes time to purchase a new pair buyers often don’t know where to start. Donner has recently thrown their hat into the ring with the release of their “DoBuds One” active noise cancelling headphones. The stereo earbuds come packaged in a heavy-duty Type-C charging case along with cable and a 5-piece set of ear tips (XS/S/M/L/XL). Getting the right fit is crucial when it comes to earbuds and it can sometimes be difficult to do so as not all brands offer a variety of tip sizes. This can severely affect sound quality and leave users a bit frustrated. Donner does an excellent job here as not only do they include a full-size range of tips but the tips they include are dual hardness which provides a very secure and stable fit while also providing maximum comfort. The earbuds matte finish is easy to clean and features a IPX4 Waterproofing which eliminates worry of light water or sweat exposure when being used in a gym or outdoor setting however they are not for underwater use. The DoBuds One offer an impressive 32-hour battery life which is maximized by use of a 5.2 Bluetooth connection. Though the case does not feature its own built-in cable you can still charge through the case with the included cable or with any comparable type C-cable. For charging times you can expect around two hours of music play time per every ten minutes of charging. This allows for very short overall charging times which is something earbud users (myself included) tend to worry about as you can quickly get back using your device with minimal downtime.

The Dobuds One come equipped with 12mm dual hybrid drivers which can be easily tailored by the listener via the Donner Connect app. Here users can select from six pre-set EQ settings or they create their own setting via the App’s customizable 8 band EQ making for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Within the App users can also select their desired level of noise reduction as well as their preferred tap control options via the gestures tab. I found this feature to be very useful as I often forget how many taps access what feature. After a couple quick EQ tweaks, I was able to get a great sound out of these earbuds which remained consistent across several different music genres and podcasts. Low, Mid and High frequencies all presented themselves equally while listening to recorded material as well as while on phone/video calls. Another feature worth mentioning is the environmental noise cancellation. This feature when used along with the Donner App allows for wind resistant calls which is something I have struggled with while using other brands. The Dobuds One made a huge difference in the clarity of both incoming and outgoing audio in a variety of environmental settings.

The Dobuds One from Donner are an affordable, well-made product that offer a robust number of customizable options. From the included sizing kit, easy one button Bluetooth pairing and expansive in App customization I think you will be hard pressed to find a better Earbud system in this price range. Yes, the addition of another app to your device might be a bit annoying as is the need for yet another charging cable (thankfully the use of Type-C will eliminate this for most) these small inconveniences are easily outweighed by how many positives this product has to offer. If you are in the market for a new set of earbuds you can’t go wrong with the Donner Dobuds One and with the holidays right around the corner these would be a great idea for that special someone.

To find our more about Donner products visit and to purchase a pair of Dobuds One visit their Amazon store here

Product Review: Donner Hush-I Silent Guitar

Donner Hush Series Silent Guitar Kit Mahogany

• Headless Design and Bone Nut
• Mahogany Body and Neck
• Asymmetrical Neck Profile
• Piezo Pickup
• Onboard Custom Designed Preamp with Phase Button
• All in One Onboard Magnetic Hex Wrench

Our score 4 out of 5 stars

Since 2012 Donner Music has been making affordable, quality instruments for all level of musicians. New from the company is the Donner HUSH-I Silent Guitar. The ultra-compact and lightweight full-scale guitar is perfect for travel and practice featuring a headless and detachable bar-frame design for extreme compaction and quietness with the least amount of wood. The onboard custom-designed piezo pickup and preamp delivers ideal tone via headphones and traditional cable output while also giving you control of Volume”, “High”, and “Low” Knobs as well as an onboard “Phase” button.

Donner’s HUSH-I Silent guitar features a small paddle like mahogany body and a headless mahogany neck which comes standard in a matte finish and features an HPL fingerboard, 20 rounded end frets and a bone nut with truss rod access at the body. The natural finish body features an HPL bridge with a bone saddle, custom designed brushed metal barrel tuners and an onboard board preamp with Phase, Volume, High and Low tone settings. The body also features removable ergonomic upper and lower frames which can be installed for a more traditional guitar feel or left off for a more compact footprint. Right out of the included gig bag I could instantly tell that this was a well-built instrument. The neck through construction was nearly flawless and all of the hardware seemed to be of good quality. Though some of the components were a little stiff at first after a couple minutes of play things began loosened up and moving as they should. The hidden magnetic hex- wrench was a nice added touch however if you are moving around a lot the magnet might not be strong enough to keep the wrench fully in place for when you need it next.

Though the guitar is marketed as a silent guitar that proved not to be completely the case as prior to plugging in I had to hear just how silent things were going to be. The guitar is considerably quieter than a standard acoustic guitar however given the designs natural acoustic qualities you should expect volumes like that of a highly resonant unplugged electric guitar. With the included in-ear headphones the HUSH-I Donner designed Preamp has a nice mid to high tone with all the EQ’s at noon. If you want a little more low end, I suggest leaving the High at the noon position and turning the Low to around the 3 o’clock position as this creates a nice even tonal blend across all six strings. Upon switching to an amp, I found I was able to achieve a similar balanced tone by dialing the bass back a touch on the guitar as the amp provided more lower frequencies than the headphones provided. The phase button was a nice addition to the pre-amp as it helped eliminate feedback when playing at a louder volume while still allowing for adequate resonance

The 25.5” scale gives the HUSH-I a familiar feel despite its drastically unique look. The matte finish and highly polished rounded frets made moving up and down the neck effort free while the near black HPL fretboard simulates ebony quite nicely. I did find the guitar to play a bit stiff with the included strings however a simple change to a lighter gauge should take care of the feel issue and given the guitars silent design the smaller strings should cause for any tonal loss. I also found that when using the guitar with the upper frame bar you have somewhat limited access to the tuners as the lower bout of the bar extends down almost touching B string tuner. The included magnetic wrench did help out in the instance as it just fit in the given space, but I feel shortening the brace all together would have made for a better design.

The HUSH-I’s unique minimalist look might be a little bit too modern for acoustic purists but playing one will quickly make you a believer in that “Looks aren’t everything”. From its rich natural mahogany finish to the superb fret work and versatile onboard preamp Donner’s latest stringed offering is a well-made, nice looking and sounding instrument that won’t break the bank. Guitarist of all levels will enjoy the compactness and sounds that this product offers. Who may even enjoy this product more are parents, loved ones and/or neighbors as the near silent operation make practicing anytime day or night a reality.

For more information on Donner or to Purchase a HUSH-I visit

Guitar Icon Zakk Wylde To Release Online Guitar Course “Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp” On October 14th

Guitar Icon Zakk Wylde Partners With Riffhard For Online
Instructional Guitar Course Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp
Scheduled For Release On October 14th

The In-Depth Guitar Course Teaches Fans Some Of Zakk’s Most-Popular Songs and Personal Techniques – Now Available For Pre-Order at

As teased over social media this summer, guitar icon Zakk Wylde is putting on his instructor hat and offering musicians a chance to learn guitar from the man himself.

Taking a break from his guitar duties with Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne and Pantera; Zakk has partnered with the team at Riffhard (the world’s best online school for rock and metal guitarists) to create the Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp.

The online course – it is not really a camp – is suitable for guitar players of all levels, from beginners to advanced guitarists. Zakk teaches his signature techniques like pinch harmonics and vibrato as well as many of his most famous songs and solos. He’s joined by Black Label Society guitarist Dario Lorina to round out the course with his own perspective on how to replicate Zakk’s style.

All lessons in this course will be available to stream forever. Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp is now available for pre-order pricing of $79 until October 14, when the course moves to the full price of $99. Go to to order now.

The online course is broken down in to 10 sections with over 94 individual videos and over 12-hours of lessons for the student to dive in to. In each section, Zakk and Dario offer insight to each topic being explored and show first-hand how they play and learned these integral parts of guitar playing. The lessons will enhance all players knowledge of the guitar in fun and informative videos as only Zakk can deliver.

Zakk and Dario also show exactly how to play solos and rhythm parts from Zakk’s work with Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society and Pride And Glory: “Suicide Messiah,” “Stillborn,” “No More Tears,” Angel of Mercy,” “Lost Prayer,” “Mama, I’m Coming Home” and “Losing Your Mind.”

A trailer video for the course can be seen here:

“We’re gonna be going through a whole bunch of stuff. We’re gonna be going through scales, diatonic, pentatonic, intervallic studies, chords, a whole bunch of songs and stuff like that. Nowhere in this course is going to help your bench press or your deadlift and it definitely won’t help you pick up any chicks or get a date. Welcome to Zakk Wylde’s berserker guitar course,” states Zakk Wylde.

The course breakdown for the Zakk Wylde Berzerker Guitar Camp is:

Section 1: Welcome
Section 2: Palm Muting and Power Chords
Section 3: Harmonics
Section 4: Open Chords/Inversions
Section 5: Scale Basics & Pentatonics
Section 6: Diatonic Modes & Licks
Section 7: Bending And Vibrato
Section 8: Arpeggios, Triads & 7TH Chords
Section 9: Putting It All Together
Section 10: Bonus Section – Chicken Picking

Product Review: Donner DST-400 Electric Guitar


Donner DST-400 Electric Guitar

• Alder Body with Transparent Finish
• One DONNER Seeker Series Pro Humbucking Bridge Pickup with Coil-Split System; Two DONNER Seek Series Pro Single-Coil Middle and Neck Pickups
• AAA Canadian Maple Neck
• Satin Slim-C Neck Profile
• 9.5” Radius Fingerboard
• 2-Point Tremolo Bridge with Vintage-Style Saddles
• Vintage-Style Tuning Machines
• Includes Gig Bag, Strap, Cable, Set Up Tools

Our score 4.5 out of 5 stars

Since 2012 Donner Music has been making affordable, quality instruments for all level of musicians and they continue that with the release of their Seeker Guitar model. Based on the popular S-Style guitar The DONNER Seeker Series DST-400 sports a two-single coil, 1 tapped humbucker pickup configuration which offers players sonic flexibility capable of both traditional single coil twang and modern humbucking crunch all one instrument making it the perfect tool to express your musical vision without breaking the bank.

I had been aware of the Donner company since the company’s introduction in 2012 however I had never tried one of their products until recently. Given the vast number of manufactures trying to enter the music gear market it can be a little daunting when trying to search for that new piece of equipment. Many companies offer lower to mid-priced options while sadly sacrificing tone and quality. I can safely say that the Donner DST-400 does none of those things. Right out of the box the instrument looked great. From its high-quality chrome parts and high gloss transparent teal finish to the satiny smooth neck I could tell this was not just another run of the mill sub $300 priced guitar. Aside from finding a small gap in the neck pocket, several dull frets and the rosewood fret board needing some oil the guitar structurally is solid and almost ready to go right out of the box

Before plugging the DST-400 in I wanted to check out the guitar’s overall resonance. A feature common with budget line guitars is a thicker polyurethane finish which while providing a stronger finish can deaden some of the guitar’s natural resonance and tone. After just a few strums I was hooked as both single notes and chords rang out with impressive volume and sustain with an excellent level of clarity. Plugged in the DST-400 continued to accel. The single coil tone is what is to be expected as both the neck and middle position pickups provided a nice mid to low level sound with just the right amount of snappy treble twang. The bridge position humbucker can cover everything from over-driven sizzle to molten high gain and with the pull of the second tone pot you can expand your tone pallet even further as your humbucker is now a single coil allowing you to cover even more tonal territory without switching guitars.

Even with higher end guitar models you must allot for a break in period. Frets need to be worked in, adjustments need to be made to various components and players must get comfortable with the over all feel of an instrument. My first sit down with the DST-400 was as though I had been playing this guitar for years. The neck had a nice smooth feel with no rough fret ends whatsoever. The 9.5” radius allowed for fast runs and effortless string bending. The body contours were all in the correct spots making sitting or standing feel very nature. The guitar is not overly heavy and is balanced nicely. The traditional control layout puts your volume, tones, and switch all with in easy reach while the polished, rolled edge, two-point bridge provides a nice resting spot for your palm. The only issues I came across here was that the pull knob to engage the humbucker coil tap can be a little difficult to operate due to the knobs lower profile and the fact that it is a pull pot as opposed to a push pot. The other flaw I noticed was based around the tremolo bar. I loved that it’s a simple push in bar and not a screw in type however the bar can get pushed down a little bit too far which results in less bridge travel due to the bar hitting on your control knobs. I as was able to remedy this issue with just pulling out on the bar some after which it seemed to stay in place without any problems.

The musical gear market can be very daunting. As more and more companies look to capitalize and expand their budget friendly offerings it can add to the confusion of where to start and who to buy from. I would highly suggest starting with the Donner brand. If you are looking for an S shaped guitar that offers high end features and top-notch craftsmanship all while not breaking the bank, then the DST-400 should be at the top of your list. The company may not have the name recognition like some other instrument makers but what they do provide is a comfortable, great sounding instrument at an affordable price.

For more information on Donner or to Purchase a DST-400 visit

Product Review: Loog Pro VI Acoustic and Pro VI Electric Guitars

Loog Guitar

Pro VI Acoustic and Pro VI Electric


Our Score:  Pro VI Acoustic 4 out of 5 stars

                     Pro VI Electric 3.5 out of 5 stars

Loog Guitars burst on to the musical instrument scene in 2011 with a unique 3 stringed guitar design which utilizes the G, B and E strings and is set on a smaller scaled neck and body making it ideal for learners of all ages. In 2017 after a second successful Kickstarter campaign earning Loog the title of “Best-Selling Guitar Ever on Kickstarter” the company has yet to slow down or stop evolving their ever-growing product line.

The latest Loog offering is that of the Pro VI Acoustic and Electric models. Both guitars feature the companies first 6 string configurations which are set on larger scales and designed for guitarists ages 12 and up. Having purchased the 3 string Loog Pro for my son about a year ago both he and I were anxious to check out both new models, so we decided to start with the Pro VI Acoustic first as it was the most like our previous Loog.

After a quick tune up the Acoustic Pro VI was virtually ready to go right out of the box (something you do not often see from guitars in this price range). The overall feel of the guitar was quite good, and the added size of the neck and body balanced nicely in both sitting and standing positions. Where I felt the guitar really excelled was in the sound and projection. The parlor sized basswood body (available in 6 colors) has a mid-high tone range which helps each chord and note ring out loud and clear while the maple neck provides a solid fretting surface for both small and large hands. Though the fret ends could use a little work in the finishing department the guitar stays in tune quite well (a definite plus for younger players) and the overall playability and look of the guitar is quite good which made for an enjoyable playing experience.

Next, we fired up the Pro VI Electric guitar. After a quick install of a 9-volt battery (not included) via the compartment on the back and a flick of the micro switch located on the front of the guitar we were up and rocking. Though this is not Loog’s first attempt at amplification it is their first 6 string attempt and I have to say it is not half bad! The guitar features a paulownia body (available in 6 colors), 19 fret maple neck, volume & gain controls and an input jack for external amplification. Playability wise the Pro VI Electric has a comfortable feel with consistent balance despite the unique body shape. The maple neck has a straight, fast feel which will only get better the more you play it. Much like the Acoustic Pro VI and the Standard Pro I previously purchased I did find the fret work a little disappointing. The fret ends on both the upper and lower edge of the neck were rough and a bit inconsistent in length. This does seem to be a common flaw with Loog guitars and one I hope they look to address on future models. Sound wise it may take newer plays a little bit to adjust to the internal speaker sound when attempting to dial in a sound they like. Due to the limited controls (volume & gain) of the internal amp and the limited sweep of the knobs players basically get an all or nothing distorted tone which for some may be a little off putting and unusable especially if you are wanting a clean tone at higher volumes. Bypassing the internal amp via the front mounted input jack and plugging into an external amp did give the guitar a whole new feel and sound but not without a few quirks as using that input disables the volume and tone controls which may cause a bit of confusion for newer players. 

From head to toe the Pro VI Acoustic and Pro VI electric and great additions to the Loog line up. Yes, the guitars could benefit from some better finish work as both examples featured rough fret ends and inconsistent body finishes however you will be hard pressed to find anything as nice as what Loog offers in this price ( Pro VI Acoustic $149, Pro VI Electric $199). Not only does Loog offer solid instruments for all ages but the included flash card set and downloadable Loog learning app is a fun and interactive way for all ages to learn. For players wanting to expand their learning outside the App Loog lessons of all ability are offered in both group and private formats via Loog is more than just another guitar company with a product to sell. Along with providing an affordable, quality instrument the company is heavily invested in music education for both young and old so if you are looking to learn or want to expand your music knowledge then give Loog a look. You will not be disappointed. 

For more information visit

Author Bio:-  Rachael is a content writer at, who has written on a Ultimate Resume Guide, from colored diamonds to SEO software. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, sketching, cooking, and video games.

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