March Madness – What to Expect

It’s basketball at its purest – March Madness is almost here!

It’s often asked what’s the best way to end a basketball season, and there are quite a few opinions out there. Some live for the NBA playoffs, while others prefer March Madness. You even have those who ignore the real game and instead prefer to play the likes of NBA2K19. For us, it’s all about the college game and March Madness.

So what can we expect this year? Well, the answer to that is to expect anything. It really is one of those seasons when anything can happen and that’s why there’s so much excitement around this year’s finals. It also makes it one of the most interesting NCAA tournament for those who like a little wager on the game.

Of course, while betting on the NBA is a thing, the NCAA is new ground for some. Even so, it’s one of the busiest periods of the year for sportsbooks, as fans bet on who will be the next shining light to make the step up to the NBA.

This year we’re likely to see Baylor as the overall top seed, while the Bears are running them pretty close, as are San Diego State.

Interestingly, neither San Diego nor Baylor have ever been No.1 seed, so this throws up all kinds of questions. Can they handle the pressure? Will the weight of expectation be too much for them? It’s too early to call a winner or even who will progress beyond the first game, but it sure will be a great tournament to watch with several teams in incredible form.

As for players, there are a few individuals worth keeping an eye on even if their teams don’t go too deep in the tournament. James Wiseman of Memphis is expected to be the top-ranked prospect when it comes to the NBA draft. Cole Anthony of the Tar Heels and Isaiah Stewart of the Huskies are also exciting players to watch and could pull their teams through single-handedly!

But you know what? We could sit here and analyze the hell out of player stats and team form, but that’s not what this tournament is all about. It’s called March Madness for a reason, and the excitement that builds up around the tournament is like nothing else you’ll experience. So grab your popcorn and sodas, and settle in for a wild few weeks of incredible basketball and a few surprises. Pure entertainment at its very best. 

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