Win Passes to See the New Film “mother!” in Kansas City

MediaMikes has teamed up with our friends at Paramount and AMC Theatres to give five readers and their guest a chance to see the new film “mother!” during its run in Kansas City.

All you have to do is let us know below your favorite screen mother. Was it Bambi’s mom? How about Stifflers? Or maybe you prefer John Connor’s bad-ass mom Sarah from the “Terminator” films.

On Sunday, 9/17, we will choose five random entries. Those chosen will be notified by email and will be sent their run-of-engagement passes.

“Mother!,” starring Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, opens nationally on Friday, September 15th. Good luck!


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135 Replies to “Win Passes to See the New Film “mother!” in Kansas City”

  1. Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter! She took care of everyone, took no gaff from anyone and in the end showed she could also kick everyone’s *ss!

  2. Sally Fields as M’Lynn in Steel Magnolia ” I want to know why Shelby’s life is over!” (great, now I’m going to tear up.)

  3. Really love Sally Fields, she has played the mom in so many films and even TV series and always with such compassion and understanding. She has my vote for number one MOM .

  4. there are way too many to name. one that comes to mind is the mother in the original Poltergeist horror movie. She loved her kids

  5. Anthony Perkins as Mother in ‘Psycho’ 1960. What more of an IMPACT could a mother have on her child!!

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