Win an Autographed Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of “Tornado Chasers” [ENDED]


Media Mikes is teaming up with the team at TVNweather to give or fans a chance to win an Autographed Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of “Tornado Chasers (2013)”. If you want to win this great prizes, please leave us a comment below or send us an email with what fascinates you most about Tornadoes. This giveaway will remain open until January 2nd at Noon, Eastern Time. This is open to our readers in US and Canada only. One entry per person, per household. All other entries will be considered invalid. Media Mikes will randomly select winners. Winners will be alerted via email.

For the first time on Blu-ray, the Limited Collector’s Edition of Tornado Chasers, signed by Reed Timmer and select members of the cast and crew, is now available while supplies last. Tornado Chasers (a two-time Webby Award Honoree*) is widely recognized as the best, most authentic series about storm chasing.

This Blu-ray edition features the acclaimed 2013 season, which follows extreme storm chaser Reed Timmer as he intercepts some of the biggest tornadoes in history. The 12-episode season features rare and breathtaking coverage of tornadoes including: Young County, TX (5/17/13), Rozel, KS (5/18/13), Edmond, Fallis, and Shawnee, OK (5/19/13), Moore, OK (5/20/13), Cora, KS (5/27/13), Bennington, KS (5/28/13), and El Reno, OK (5/31/13).

The Tornado Chasers Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray includes the following:
Two-disc collectible Blu-ray box signed by Reed Timmer and team.
Fully remastered for Blu-ray with lossless audio.
English subtitles (main program).
All 12 episodes of the 2013 season of Tornado Chasers in stunning 1080p high definition with lossless audio.
“Behind the Scenes of Tornado Chasers”: an in-depth, two-part documentary about the making of the series.
“Storm Science”: a two-part education program hosted by Reed Timmer
More than 50 minutes of deleted scenes.
Collection of promos and season trailers.


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101 Replies to “Win an Autographed Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of “Tornado Chasers” [ENDED]”

  1. Tornadoes seem to be the endless enigma for me. The uniqueness of each one, in shape, size, and power are fascinating, exciting, and sometimes scary. I’ve always wanted to go on a chase in the plains, but until my funds and my wife allow me to do it I’ll enjoy the adventures of Reed and the Tornado Chasers Team.

  2. Actually what intrests me is the time right before the tornado….. you can feel the air pressure change, there is no animal noises and you get that feeling.

  3. I Find It Fascinating How The Tornado Transforms Within The Core Causing The Outrage On The Outer Part Of The Tornado

  4. with what fascinates you most about Tornadoes

    not a whole lot..i tend to hide…I don’t like anything about them..ill say the wizard of oz..does that work?

  5. What fascinates me most about tornadoes is the sheer creepy might of them, and our inability to control them in any way.

  6. A woman I knew who survived a tornado described it as sounding like “a living, breathing monster”.

  7. What fascinates me about tornado’s is the speed they have and how unpredictable they are. It’s incredible!

  8. I’m fascinated by the people who are fascinated by tornadoes to the extent that they will risk their lives to get them on camera. My instinct says to run away, but these people need to run TO the tornadoes!

  9. Tornadoes are fascinating in that some houses are spared and some houses are destroyed sometimes right next to each other. If only the movie “twister” could actually happen to where someone can put up transmitters to see inside, that would be fascinating.

  10. Tornadoes are deadly and distructive, however they are a beautiful creation of nature and still have unknown element.

  11. Our son home was hit by a tornado several years ago and it skipped across the road and then 25 miles away. Amazing!

  12. I cannot believe how unpredictable they are even with all of our technology. thank you

  13. What fascinates me about them is how they can completely destroy one house and then leave the next one untouched.

  14. The phenomenon of leaving a track of destruction with minimal damage on both sides of the track of the tornado. The feature of developing, dropping to the ground, then drawing back up and skipping miles before touching down again.

  15. tornados are wicked cool to watch because they are able to move and often pick up really large objects with theyre super speed

  16. What fascinates me is how something that destructive is so compelling to watch or witness!

  17. The things that fascinate me most about tornadoes are the sounds that they make and what the color of the sky tends to be when they form.

  18. what fascinates me about them is how they can just spring up with really no warning – not like a hurricane where you can follow that for days on the map

  19. How vast they can be. I grew up in the country and we use to watch them until it was too unsafe and we had to go indoors.

  20. These have always been amazing storms to me! We don’t get them here, so I’m sure this flick would be eye opening!

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