Product Reviews: Recent Releases from Running Press

What is Running Press you ask? Whenever you go to a book store or any entertainment store and go to check out it is impossible to pay at the check out without passing their products. They consists of little toys, gadgets and mini-books. Check out below some of their recent releases, which I wanted to highlight to all of our fans!

Doctor Who: K-9 Light-and-Sound Figurine and Illustrated Book
Kit includes a miniature figurine of K-9, the Doctor’s trusty robotic canine, complete with audio of his catchphrase, “Affirmative, Master!” and light-up eyes. Also included is a 48-page book on Doctor Who and K-9, featuring full-color photos.

Everyone is in Doctor Who fever right now with the entrance of the new Doctor this month! But let’s not forget the classic characters like “K-9”. He is really cool. I love the “Affirmative, Master!” catchphrase, but I wish he had a few more saying though since my daughter loves to push the button…ALOT!


Elf Snow Globe with Magnets
Buddy the Elf is a Christmas classic! Keep him around all year long with this kit containing a snow globe featuring Will Ferrell as Buddy. Also included are two magnets featuring artwork and two of Elf’s most famous quotes: “I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite!” and “Son of a Nutcracker!”

Fall is here and that means Christmas is just around the corner. What is Christmas without “Elf”!? This is a must own for any Christmas fan…if not then consider yourself a Cotton-Headed Ninnymuggins! That’s right I said it 😉


Harry Potter Voldemort’s Wand with Sticker Kit: Lights Up!
This commemorative kit includes an 8-inch light-up replica of the wand belonging to the evil Lord Voldemort. The kit also includes a book of photographic stickers highlighting the most memorable battles with the Dark Lord.

Let’s give some respect to the Dark Lord. He is not only bad-ass but also packs a kick-ass wand. This item is some high quality craftsmanship…and looks so dark cool. Did I also mention it lights up?!


Planet of the Apes: Mini Replica of Statue of Liberty Scene
George Taylor’s discovery that the strange planet ruled by apes was earth all along is a classic moment in movie history. Recreate the scene with this kit! It includes: Mini replica of the Statue of Liberty, Audio of the movie’s last lines, Packet of sand with mat, Figurine of Taylor on horseback, 32-page book of quotes and full-color photos

YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! OH, DAMN YOU! GODDAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! I can listening to this all day long! Great job Running Press, this is like a mini Zen garden…with Apes.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutagen Ooze and Illustrated Book
This kit includes a canister of green glow-in-the-dark mutagen ooze, ten temporary tattoos, two magnets, and a 48-page full-color book on the history of TMNT.

TMNT is one hot topic right now. My daughter, who is two, makes it her duty to stick anything she can find in the ooze every night before bed. Super cool for any TMNT fan!! Ninja ninja rap!…sorry…couldn’t help myself!


Transformers: Light-Up Optimus Prime Bust and Illustrated Book: With Sound
This collectible kit includes a miniature bust of the iconic and powerful leader Optimus Prime, with eyes that light up and a sound feature that plays seven of his classic lines! Also included is a 48-page book with quotes and illustrations from the 1980s animation.

Optimus Prime the coolest dude ever…when it comes to Transformers! This awesome toy plays some great clips. I just wish it would have, I don’t know maybe, transformed a little or something 😉


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