Product Review “VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Playset”


When you have a kid, it is very important for parents to buy them the right toys. You want toys that are going to challenge your kid and also teach them in the process. Enter VTech. They are responsible for tons of great learning products for kids. Their products are fun and yet just drive the kids to the next level and keep their minds thinking. Their latest product that I came across is the Go! Go! Smart Animals™ Zoo Explorers Playset. With this playset, you are able explore and learn about animals, colors and more.

There are SmartPoint locations for the rhino and this also recognizes other SmartPoint locations as well. This helps to teaches your child not only the respective animals name but also the colors and additional fun facts. Plus this is also able to be connected to other playsets including Go! Go! Smart Wheels, so it is expandable for your kids. I hope you have a big spot for it though because without being connected to other playsets it already takes up a nice chuck of space.

There are 80+ sing-along songs, melodies, short tunes, sounds and phrases. There are 13 track pieces, which can be put together in multiple configurations. In the week that we had had this, I have reconstructed it twice so far. So you are able to keep it fresh for your kids and they don’t get tired of the same thing. The playset comes with the rhino but there are a bunch of other animals you can purchase including a lion, monkey and zebra to expand this playset.

Parents if you are concerned about putting this big playset together, relax cause is very easy to do and because like I said it has different ways to be setup…you really can’t screw up too bad. I would have liked VTech to have listed a few different ways to setup since the box shows one way and the directions show another. I just winged it. My daughter still has not stopped playing with this playset and I have a feeling we are going to be adding on some of the other sets very soon.

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