CD/DVD Review “Ministry: Last Tangle in Paris Live 2012”

ministryparis2012“Ministry: Last Tangle in Paris Live 2012”
Number of discs: 3
Rated: Unrated
Director: Zach Passero
Producer: Angelina Lukacin Jourgensen
Studio: UDR Music/ 13th Planet Records
DVD Run Time: 105 minutes
CD Tracks: 18

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

“Ministry: Last Tangle in Paris Live 2012” was recorded primarily at the Vic Theatre in Chicago, IL during the bands 2012 “DeFiBriLa Tour“. The disc’s feature a variety of live performances, in-studio, rehearsal and backstage footage, and one-on-one interviews with the “godfather of industrial metal”, Al Jourgensen. Produced by Angelina Lukacin Jourgensen and Directed by Zach Passero “Last Tangle in Paris” is being released via UDR Music/ 13th Planet Records on a number of formats including 2 CD/DVD Digi Packs, BluRay, 2-CD Amaray, 2 X vinyl Gatefold, digital audio/video and standard CD.

Announced as the “last live Ministry release” “Ministry: Last Tangle in Paris Live 2012” fires on all of its industrial fueled cylinders. Candid behind the scenes footage blends with flawless live performances giving the viewer/listener a package they can really sink their teeth into. After the death of longtime Ministry guitarist Mike Saccia in December of 2012 founder and lead vocalist Al Jourgensen disbanded the group in 2013 following the release of their 13th studio album titled “From beer to Eternity”. This package marks Saccia’s last run with the band and stands as a fitting tribute to his musical legacy. Everything from the explosive “Ghouldiggers” to “Psalm 69”, New World Order (NWO) to “Just One Fix” is featured on the DVD portion of this film.

When you get in to the audio portion of the release which is spread over 2 discs you are thrown further into the realm of Ministry as it features a retrospective of live tracks dating back to 2006 including live versions of “Rio Grande Blood”, Let’s GO and “So What” among many other Ministry staples.
The only thing I found to be missing from this release is the always entertaining “Jesus Built My Hotrod” however hardcore Ministry fans probably already have several live versions of this popular track tucked away in their closets next to their studded black leather boots. With the absence of that track aside you really couldn’t ask for a better release to go out on. The audio tracks on all three discs leap out of the speakers while the visual elements of the DVD keep your attention even after multiple viewings making “Ministry: Last Tangle in Paris Live 2012”a must have!

DVD Track Listing:
1.) Ghouldiggers
2.) No “W”
3.) Senor Peligro
4.) LiesLiesLies
5.) 99%ers
6.) Life Is Good
7.) Relapse
8.) The Last Sucker
9.) Psalm 69
10.) New World Order
11.) Just One Fix
12.) Thieves

Disc 1 Track Listing:
1.) Ghouldiggers
2.) No W
3.) Senor Peligro
4.) Rio Grande Blood
5.) LiesLieslies
6.) 99 Percenters
7.) Life Is Good
8.) Relapse
9.) The Last Sucker

Disc 2 Track Listing:
10.) Psalm 69
11.) New World Order (NWO)
12.) Just One Fix
13.) Thieves
14.) Khyber Pass
15.) Fear Is Big Business
16.) Let’s Go
17.) Watch Yourself
18.) So What

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