Ciscandra Nostalghia talks about band’s new album “Chrysalis”

Ciscandra (pronounced Casandra) is the front woman for the 3 piece electronic act Nostalghia. The group is set to release a new album in April titled “Chrysalis” and Media Mikes spoke with Ciscandra recently about the new album, the group’s foundation and how different audiences respond to the group’s unique sound.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us how you first met up with Roy Gnan?
Ciscandra Nostalghia: I was looking for a band mate who wasn’t going to waste my time. There are a lot of people out here in Los Angeles that aren’t super passionate about what they do. I was really looking for someone who was attached to their art and music as much as I am. I posted a very simple add with what I was looking for and Roy found that add via Google. He sent me some of his music and I thought it was very beautiful. I sent him some of mine after that as I didn’t want to meet in person until we worked back and forth some. We made our first song together via emails and when it was all completed is when we actually met in person for the first time.

AL: How would you classify your sound?
CN: We have an orchestral electronic sound. The music is very organic as there are strings and piano mixed with these electronic elements. There some very interesting programming stuff going on as Roy Chrysalisis a genius when it comes to that sort of thing.

AL: Can you tell us about your upcoming album?
CN: We have a new album coming out titled “Chrysalis” which will be released on April 8th. I am really excited about this release. However prior to the release will be in Australia playing the Sound Wave festival with Thirty Seconds to Mars.

AL: How does the process work between you and Roy when working on new material?
CN: Typically I will write a song very quickly and then take it to Roy and visual explain to him what I am seeing through the song. We will then collaborate on the production and orchestration of the track.

AL: Has there been talks of releasing a single along with a corresponding video?
CN: I actually just finished shooting a new music video. There is already a video out for the song “Cool for Chaos” which is off the new album. The new video has some really cool old style footage that I edited together to give it this vintage feel that is both heavy and dark. I don’t want to give too much away just yet though.

AL: What type of tour plans do you have in place for this year?
CN: After Sound Wave we will be most likely jumping on another tour. We aren’t sure which one yet but we will definitely be out on the road. With the album coming out in April we will be touring a lot. I also am always writing and creating so I will be quite busy.

AL: Having played all over the world what type of differences do you notice in the various audiences?
CN: We played a show in Mexico that was just so warm and welcoming. The audiences there are curious fans that love music especially music that is dark and emotional like ours. You certainly get different reactions in different places. I think that it’s due in part largely to what’s happening within the country itself. There’s a reason Mexico loves dark, moody, emotive music. The vibe is different in each country we go to.

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