Monte Pittman talks about newest solo album “The Power of Three”

Monte Pittman is an accomplished solo artist/guitarist who has played with everyone from Adam Lambert and Prong to being a part of Madonna’s touring band since 2001. Monte’s newest solo titled “The Power of Three” is melding of styles which were produced by legendary heavy metal producer Flemming Rasmussen. Media Mikes had the chance to speak with Monte recently about the new album and how he diversifies his playing style.

Adam Lawton: What was it that first inspired you to pick up the guitar?
Monte Pittman: The first thing that sparked it all was being 3 years old and discovering my sister’s Kiss records. I’ve wanted to play music since I can remember. I don’t recall ever wanting to do anything else. When I was 13, I finally got my first guitar. A year later I started taking lessons with the best guitar teacher in the area, started my first band, and played my first gig.

AL: Can you give us some background on your new album “Power of Three”
MP: It combines some of the styles that I grew up listening to and that I still listen to today. Sometimes as the years pass by you can fall out of touch with a band you grew up listening to but there are also albums that are just as good as the first time you heard them when listening today. I looked at the kind of songs I was missing in my live set and wrote them.

AL: Your previous solo release was also titled “Power of Three” Are there any links other than the name between the two?
MP: Originally, it was going to be 3 EP’s and that would be my third album. A couple things changed all of that. One was when Flemming Rasmussen pushed me to focus on the heavy material I was writing. Another was playing when Flemming and I recorded for Brian Slagel and him signing me to Metal Blade. If I had to do it all over again, I would have called it “Another Lesson I’ve Learned” which is the first acoustic song on that EP. Also, retailers don’t want you to call a recording a title that is a music format. “M.P.3: The Power of Three, Pt. 1” meant “Monte Pittman 3”. Now I look at it as that EP ends the chapter, or Part 1, of my previous releases and Metal Blade’s “The Power of Three” begins a new dawn.MontePittman-ThePowerOfThree

AL: Can you tell us about the video for “Before the Mourning Son” and what made you choose that song to release as a single
MP: When I played the album for Brian Slagel, he wanted to play “A Dark Horse” & “Before The Mourning Son” for the rest of the Metal Blade staff. That’s why I chose those as the first two singles. We had done an “artwork / order now” video for “A Dark Horse” so when it came time to make a “performance” video, I went with “Before the Mourning Son”. The song showcases a lot of different things too so it was the perfect choice.

AL: Being a metal guitarist what types of steps to do you take to adjust your sound/style when working with acts like Adam Lambert and Madonna?
MP: Madonna has just about every style you can play with well over 30 years of an outstanding career. I just approach each song with a fresh outlook on what it needs for the time we are doing it. We rarely repeat ourselves. For Adam, I wanted his band to have as much balls as I could bring to the table. I was concerned with other singers from that show having bands that almost reminded you of karaoke and I thought he should have a strong band that worked for the venues he was playing. It has to have attitude and passion behind the music because that’s what translates to the audience. Just playing the overproduced multi tracks and trying to pass that off to the audience doesn’t cut it. I wanted the band to be a “band”. Not some people way back there in the dark. That came back to bite me in the end but it is essential to play to your crowd and be one with your audience.

AL: Are there plans to tour behind the release and what other plans do you have for 2014?
MP: I’m playing March 12 in Austin for SXSW. I’m playing March 14th in Dallas and March 16th in Longview. Now I’m connecting the dots there and back. On April 5th at The Whisky, it’s me, Holy Grail & Gypsyhawk. Keep checking in at for all of the latest news.

11 Replies to “Monte Pittman talks about newest solo album “The Power of Three””

  1. Monte wants to be star, well, he’s a guitar player behind the star. Get over yourself.

  2. A rewrite of history? Monte was the one doing the biting where Adam wad concerned. But only after Adam fans paid for his album through his kick starter. Watch out Madonna.

  3. Poor Monte was jealous he wanted to be the star but in all reality, he was just the guy doing karaoke backup to the star, so he backstabbed the nicest guy in the industry, Adam, he didn’t do that to Madonna because she wouldn’t have been so nice, she would have ate him up for breakfast. May he rest in peace, the douche.

  4. It’s interesting to me that Adam Lambert has never once spoken negatively about Monte Pittman, he’s just tried to move on from what was an extremely painful & difficult time in his life when his “best friend” went behind his back and collaborated with greedy bootleggers. Yet Pittman seems to take every opportunity he can to try and rewrite the truth and back-stab Lambert yet again, even all this time after it all went down. I’m so glad Lambert discovered how toxic this man is before Pittman could dig his way any further into Adam’s life and career. Pittman should be happy he managed to scam tens of thousands of dollars out of Lambert’s fans who generously donated to his album funding, trips home to visit his family during Adam’s GNT tour and so many other gifts & things Pittman said he needed. Shame on Mr Pittman for his continuing shabby treatment of a guy who was once his close friend and trusted him to have his back, not stab it. The fact is, contrary to what Pittman implies in this interview, Lambert has always worked with a band (even before he was on Idol – Pittman was in the band with him at the time) and is well known for his commitment to making sure his band is spotlighted and appreciated at his gigs.

  5. Monte Pittman really needs to get over himself.

    Adam Lambert is an extremely talented SOLO ARTIST, and is one of the nicest persons in the music industry. While Monte was just a backing musician in Adam’s band, Adam had given him (and the other backing musicians) spotlights in all of Adam’s concerts. I guess that it was still not enough for the greedy and ungrateful Monte!

  6. It’s funny that people commenting think Adam has enough influence on the industry to even help somebody’s career. Where is Adam now even? I haven’t heard anything about that Karaoke show loser in years. Seriously… why is he even mentioned?

  7. It just so happens that Adam will be singing as the frontman for Queen, rock royalty, on the US summer tour. A collaboration that started years ago when Mr. May and Mr. Taylor first saw Adam’s vocal talent on that Karaoke show and wanted him to sing with Queen. So, Gate, this is where Adam is now. The visiting frontman for an amazing, famous rock band. He’s also a guest actor in Glee and is recording his third album.

    Sorry, Monte, you lost. Ever wonder why?

  8. The whole Adam / Monte rift showed me just how ugly people can be, and I’m not talking about Adam. Very disillusioning. And still having repercussions.

  9. Adam always has a real band, never overproduced backing tracks. Just making this statement makes it sound as if Adam would use backing tracks over a live band. Adam interacts with his band members, singers, dancers etc on stage the entire show. He makes sure everyone is a part of the performance, though he is the star, he doesn’t act like it. From his first night on Idol he thanked the people that helped him arranged songs and played with him on stage. Please don’t get the idea from what Monte says here that Adam pushes people to the back, more so he pushes people to the front!

  10. To “Gate” no-one in the comments said Adam helped Monte with his career. They did, however, all point out the VERIFIABLE facts that when he toured with Adam, Monte constantly begged Adam’s fans for money for a new guitar/trips home to see his family/kickstarter campaigns/funding for his album etc etc ad nauseum & Monte used Adam’s early songwriting and vocal material for his own benefit, against Adam’s wishes and to Adam’s detriment. This was Monte trying to further his career at Adam’s expense. Adam is a well respected and successful artist who could have been a great ally for Monte. Sadly Monte chose to use and abuse his old friend instead of supporting him and it’s a shame he continues to try and undermine Adam at every opportunity. It’s time Monte grew up.

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