CD Review: Tom Keifer “The Way Life Goes”

TheWay LifeGoesTom Keifer
“The Way Life Goes”
Merovee Records
Produced by: Chuck Turner, Tom Keifer, Savannah Keifer
Tracks: 14

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Tom Keifer is probably best known for his work as lead singer of the popular 1980’s blues/rock band Cinderella who’s hit song “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)” is still being played on countless classic rock stations around the world. “The Way Life Goes” is Keifer’s first release as a solo artist and features 14 hook heavy blues/rock tracks that showcase Keifer’s gritty yet melodic voice.

Very rarely do you see artists venture out on a solo career some 20 years after their initial success. What’s even rarer is when the artist is able to pull it off. Tom Keifer has done that and more with the release of “The Way Life Goes”. Tracks like “It’s Not Enough” and “Cold Day in Hell” do a great job setting the tone of the album as they snake back and forth with driving, upbeat instrumentation which captures and holds the listeners attention.

Tracks like “Ask Me Yesterday” and “You Showed Me” are more ballad like numbers featuring piano and acoustic guitars. The icing on the cake is Keifer’s vocals. For a guy who at one time was unable to sing due to a paralyzed left vocal cord you would never be able to tell listening to this record. From low to high Keifer shows great range and strength making “The Way Life Goes” an enjoyable listen. Whether you a fan of Cinderella in the bands glory days or you’re just looking to check out some new music that covers a lot of territory then this is the album for you.

Track Listing:
1.) Solid Ground
2.) A Different Light
3.) It’s Not Enough
4.) Cold Day In Hell
5.) Thick and Thin
6.) Ask Me Yesterday
7.) Fools Paradise
8.) The Flower Song
9.) Mood Elevator
10.) Welcome to My Mind
11.) You Showed Me
12.) Ain’t That a Bitch
13.) The Way Life Goes
14.) Babylon


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